Iris Zero

Vol.07 Ch.033.5 Extra

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Things that Can't Be Seen Vol.01 Ch.002 The Thing Called Destiny Vol.01 Ch.003 The Things Called Lies Vol.01 Ch.004 Things Like a School Field Trip Vol.02 Ch.005 The One Who Sees Fate Vol.02 Ch.006 The Thing Known as the Meaning of Life Vol.02 Ch.007 The Thing Like the Student Council, Who's Good for Getting to Do the Random Jobs Vol.02 Ch.008 The Thing Called the Cultural Festival or Something Vol.02 Ch.009 The Thing I Wanted You to See Vol.03 Ch.010 Things You Saw Coming Vol.03 Ch.011 Things You Shouldn't Know Vol.03 Ch.012 The One Who Hunts Irises Vol.03 Ch.013 The Thing You're Planning Vol.03 Ch.014 The Thing Called Despair Vol.03 Ch.015 The Thing I Want to Tell You Vol.04 Ch.016 That Which is in Motion, That Which is Set in Motion Vol.04 Ch.017 The Thing You Must Protect Vol.04 Ch.018 The One Who Dispels The Curse Vol.04 Ch.019 The Thing You Really Wanted To Protect Vol.04 Ch.020 The Thing You Took Back Vol.04 Ch.020.5 Fancy Rangers Iris - Black Vol.05 Ch.021 The One Who Fell Ill Vol.05 Ch.022 The One Who Speaks His Mind Vol.05 Ch.023 The One Who Was Stuck With Labels Vol.05 Ch.024 The Thing That Doesn't Overlap Vol.05 Ch.025 The One Who Risks His Life Vol.05 Ch.026 The Thing That Must Be Defeated Vol.05 Ch.027 The One Who Continued To Look Away Vol.05 Ch.027.5 Fancy Rangers Iris - Black Vol.06 Ch.028 Vol.06 Ch.029 Episode 29 Vol.06 Ch.030 Episode 30 Vol.06 Ch.031 Episode 31 Vol.06 Ch.032 Episode 32 Vol.06 Ch.032.5 Extra Vol.07 Ch.033 Vol.07 Ch.033.5 Extra Vol.07 Ch.034 Vol.07 Ch.035 Vol.07 Ch.036 Vol.TBD Ch.037 Vol.TBD Ch.038 Vol.TBD Ch.038.5 Extra Vol.TBD Ch.039 Vol.TBD Ch.040 Vol.TBD Ch.041 Vol.TBD Ch.042 Vol.TBD Ch.043 Vol.TBD Ch.044
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