I the Female Robot

Ch.154 Vol. 2 Ch. 107 - The Alliance of the Giants

Ch.001 Obtaining a New Body Ch.002 Intelligent Robot?Death! Ch.003 A Virus? Ch.004 Robot Factory Ch.005 First Battle! Part 1 Ch.006 First Battle! Part 2 Ch.007 Shoot! Barrage Attack! Ch.008 Emergency Self-Destruct Ch.009 Infighting Ch.010 Strange Mechanism Ch.011 The Inheritance of Will Part 1 Ch.012 The Inheritance of Will Part 2 Ch.013 Are You My Secret Ally? Ch.014 Cornered! Hope is Lost Ch.015 To the rescue! Ch.016 Out of the shadow Ch.017 Pre-War Entertainment! Ch.018 Time's Up Ch.019 The Devil's Symphony Ch.020 Project "MEET" Ch.021 My Fateful Encounter With Him (Part 1) Ch.022 My Fateful Encounter With Him (Part 2) Ch.023 Siding with the open-minded humans Ch.024 The first awakening Ch.025 A Novice in Life Ch.026 Stop, give your energy modules to me. Ch.027 Lv1 Lv2 play sb Ch.028 Lv. 30 and above Ch.029 Kyaaaaaaaa! Ch.030 Qiqi, show us your true self Ch.031 Being Targeted Ch.032 The Heavy-Handed Rescue Ch.033 An old friend Ch.034 Zhu Ge's Plan Ch.035 Chen the Geek and the Loli Mechanic Ch.036 There is another conscious robot Ch.037 The feelings I couldn't express Ch.038 Disaster Ch.039 Confessions Ch.040 A One-sided Battle Ch.041 Together 40 years Ch.042 Running Away Ch.043 He and Him Ch.044 Ready to Commence Ch.045 Surviving on Planet Ana Ka V2C1.1 Ch.046 A New Phase V2C1.2 Ch.047 Demon Coach V2C2 Ch.048 The more you sweat in peace the less you bleed in war V2C3 Ch.049 Development V2C4 Ch.050 Number 2's Strategic Operation V2C5 Ch.051 Invasion, Control v2c6 Ch.052 Let the fun begin! v2c7 Ch.053 An Unexpected Situation v2c8 Ch.054 Affected by my programs? v2c9 Ch.055 A New Story Arc begins The Fight for Soul Cores v2c10 Ch.056 Menage a Toi v2c11 Ch.057 It's really you, Miss Maid? v2c12 Ch.058 Second Battle Let's get it on! V2C13 Ch.059 Kill Butler V2C14 Ch.060 Still evil! V2C15 Ch.061 The Teenage Chen V2C16 Ch.062 Unreasonable V2C17 Ch.063 Caught V2C18 Ch.064 RHD! Here I am! V2C19 Ch.065 Giving up for you V2C20 Ch.066 The E-Team's New Mission V2C21 Ch.067 Caught in the act V2C22 Ch.068 Invitation V2C23 Ch.069 Despicable V2C24 Ch.070 High on battle till you take off your pants V2C25 Ch.071 Everything's seen through V2C26 Ch.072 The Impenetrable Defence V2C27 Ch.073 The Situation is Different V2C28 Ch.074 The Slaughter Machine V2C29 Ch.075 The ultimate backup v2c30 Ch.076 Forbidden from Town V2C31 Ch.077 Insert! Absorb! Burst! V2C32 Ch.078 Spectator's Dilemma Vol.2 Ch.33 Ch.079 The Shimmer From A Child Vol.2 Ch.34 Ch.080 In the face of the law, they could only...V2C35 Ch.081 A street full of actors and actresses v2ch36 Ch.082 Thank You! V2 Ch37 Ch.083 Appearance of 02 (v2 ch38) Ch.084 Found him! (v2 ch39) Ch.085 Catch 02! (v2 ch40) Ch.086 Killing Spree (Vol.2 Ch.41) Ch.087 Our beautiful reunion under the rising sun! (Vol.2 Ch.42) Ch.088 Qiqi, the female human(Vol.2 Ch.43) Ch.089 QiQi Effect(Vol.2 Ch.44) Ch.090 The Machiavellian(Vol.2 Ch.45) Ch.090.2 A Useless Technique with Zero Offensive Ability Part 2 Ch.091 A Troublesome Master (Vol.2 Ch.46) Ch.092 Freyer goes into action (Vol.2 Ch.47) Ch.093 Whose Fault Was It? (Vol.2 Ch.48) Ch.094 Lying To Myself All Along (Vol.2 Ch.49) Ch.095 Oh snap! What new technique is this? (Vol.2 Ch.50) Ch.096 The Prophecy Of Death (Vol.2 Ch.51) Ch.097 The Ultimate Boss Arrives!(Vol.2 Ch.52) Ch.098 Disaster(Vol.2 Ch.53) Ch.099 The Life-saving Device Left By 02(Vol.2 Ch.54) Ch.100 We Meet Again, At Last!(Vol.2 Ch.55) Ch.101 Disappear from this world (Vol.2 Ch.56) Ch.102 A New World(Vol.2 Ch.57) Ch.103 The Reason We're Here(Vol.2 Ch.58) Ch.104 Master, Come On~(Vol.2 Ch59) Ch.105 Qiqi and 02 Have a Big Fight(Vol.2 Ch60.1) Ch.106 Qiqi and 02 Have a Big Fight -Part 2 (Vol.2 Ch.60.2) Ch.107 Me? Me? It's Me! (Vol.2 Ch.61) Ch.108 The Clash with Ka'More (Vol.2 Ch.62) Ch.109 02 VS 03 (Vol.2 Ch.63) Ch.110 Boss has Awakened!(Vol.2 Ch.64) Ch.111 The Extremely Confused Boss and the Female Riffraff.(Vol.2 Ch.65) Ch.112 Roxanne's Little Trickery(Vol.2 Ch.66) Ch.113 Boss, What Are You Doing?(Vol.2 Ch.67) Ch.114 QiQi's Deceiving Words(Vol.2 Ch.68) Ch.115 A Powerful Alliance(Vol.2 Ch.69) Ch.116 The Wings of Butterfly(Vol.2 Ch.70) Ch.117 According to 02(Vol.2 Ch.71) Ch.118 Old Hiding Place, Intercept, Report (Vol.2 Ch.72) Ch.119 Robbery(Vol.2 Ch.73) Ch.120 The King is Back (Vol.2 Ch.74) Ch.121 The Gentle Boss(Vol.2 Ch.75) Ch.122 (Vol.2 Ch.76) Ch.123 A Totally Different Chen(Vol.2 Ch.77) Ch.124 The End of The E-Team (Vol.2 Ch.78) Ch.125 Be Careful of Maria! (Vol.2 Ch.79) Ch.126 Vol. 2 Ch. 80 - Ka'More Wins Ch.127 Vol. 2 Ch. 81 - Troublemaker 02 Ch.128 Vol. 2 Ch. 82 - Exposed Ch.129 Vol. 2 Ch. 83 - I'm Waiting for the Ambush Ch.130 Vol. 2 Ch. 84 - It’s My Turn to Laugh Joyfully Now! Ch.131 Vol. 2 Ch. 85 - The Whispers of The Trafficker and The Devil Ch.132 Vol. 2 Ch. 86 - 100% Chance of Winning! Ch.133 Vol. 2 Ch. 87 - The Killing Plot! Ch.134 Vol. 2 Ch. 88 - Life-Saving Device Ch.135 Vol. 2 Ch. 89 - 02 Had Given Up Fighting Against the Virus Ch.136.1 Vol. 2 Ch. 90.1 - A Useless Technique with Zero Offensive Ability Ch.136.2 Vol. 2 Ch. 90.2 - A Useless Technique with Zero Offensive Ability Part 2 Ch.137 Vol. 2 Ch. 91 - Inside Qiqi Ch.138 A Fight Between The Remaining Energy (Vol.2 Ch.92) Ch.139 Vol. 2 Ch. 93 - Ka'More's Shining Blade Ch.140 Vol. 2 Ch. 94 - Rhythmic Meat Grinder Ch.140.2 Vol. 2 Ch. 94.2 - Rhythmic Meat Grinder part 2 Ch.141 Vol. 2 Ch. 95 - Tracking the Escapee Ch.142 Vol. 2 Ch. 96 - See You Next Time Ch.143 Vol. 2 Ch. 97 - The Turning Point Ch.144 Vol. 2 Ch. 98 - The Super Genius Scientist Became a Technology Noob Ch.145 Vol. 2 Ch. 99 - Frantically Researching while Getting Near the Truth! Ch.146 Vol. 2 Ch. 100 - Encounter with a Robbery Ch.147 Vol. 2 Ch. 101 - A Strange Encounter Ch.148 Vol. 2 Ch. 102 - Someone Important Ch.149 Vol.2 Ch.103 Not The Xiao Xia I Wanted Ch.150 Vol. 2 Ch. 104 - Resentment Ch.151 2-105 A Wavering Promise Ch.152 2-106 Rescue Mission Start! Ch.153 Vol. 2 Ch. 106.2 - Rescue Mission Start! (2) Ch.154 Vol. 2 Ch. 107 - The Alliance of the Giants Ch.155 Vol. 2 Ch. 108 - Taking Humans as Hostages Ch.156 Vol. 2 Ch. 109 - Secret Weapon! Ch.157 Vol. 2 Ch. 110 - The Flowing Undercurrent Ch.158 Vol. 2 Ch. 111 - Oh My Hero~ Please Don't Be So Modest~ Ch.159 Vol. 2 Ch. 112 - A True Nemesis Ch.160 Vol. 2 Ch. 113 - The Paper Box Freak! Ch.161 Vol. 2 Ch. 114 - Question Ch.162 2-115 Princess, The Child of God Ch.163 2-116 Xiao Hai, You Became A Pervert Ch.164 Vol. 2 Ch. 117 - History Has Changed, The Disappearance of QiQi Ch.165 Vol. 2 Ch. 118 - The Moment of Rebirth Ch.166 The Intersection Point of History Ch.167 2-120 The Intersection Point of History (2) Ch.168 2-121 The Problematic RHD Ch.169 2-122 Even More Terrifying Than The Terrorists Ch.170 Vol. 2 Ch. 123 - Ka'More and the 2nd War Soldier Frontline. Ch.171 2-124 Messing Around Ch.172 2-125 Biohazard! Ch.173 2-126 Killing the Child of God! Ch.174 2-127 The Worst Situation Ch.175 2-128 The Ultimate Body Bionics
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