How to Open a Triangular Riceball


Ch.001 The Triangular Riceball I ate today was very soft Ch.002 Why is the Triangular Riceball that I want to eat always sold out Ch.003 Because of the short duration until the expiration date, please consume the triangular riceball soon after the purchase Ch.004 You can’t call a Spherical Rice Ball a Triangular Riceball Ch.005 I saw the word tuna... Ch.006 I Ate the Triangular Riceballs Ch.007 I still can't forget that Triangular Riceball's... Ch.008 That Smell was A Sour and Bittersweet Smell Ch.009 The customer who got angry because of a triangular riceball's taste while I was on shift was actually an inspector from headquarters Ch.010 Dear customer, you may misunderstand, but it's not what you think, so please relax and enjoy the food Ch.011 Calorie 140KCA, Carbohydrate 30G, Sugar 0G, Protein 3G, Fat 1G, Saturated 0G, Trans Fat 0G, Colestrol 0G, Salt 165MG Ch.012 The thing that soldiers buy from the convenience store during their break for their commander Ch.013 So I tried the newly released triangular riceball, a nd what are these unexpected flavors and textures? Ch.014 Circular and Square Riceballs Keep Increasing and Threatens The Triangular Riceball Ch.015 Out of all the people that say that they win the lottery, 70% don’t actually buy tickets Ch.016 Heating up the triangular riceball in the microwave vs eating the triangular riceball cold Ch.017 He has yet to find out how to unwrap a triangular riceball Ch.018 While opening my triangular rice ball what was i thinking opening it using the tag labelled 3 before the one that says 2 Ch.019 How did your first riceball taste? Ch.020 The First Riceball Was So Soft Ch.021 There Is An Average Amount Of 2600 Rice Pebbles In A Riceball Ch.022 If You Go ToThe Convenience Store At Midnight, You Can Get Fresh Rice Balls. Ch.023 They Keep Asking For Rice Balls That Are Out Of Date, When They're The Only Meals That Part Timer Gets. What Are They Suppose To Eat Then? Ch.024 I Still Remember The Clerk's Face When I Took Out The Fresh Riceball From The Back Of The Stand. Ch.025 Why do customers keep showing up whenever I'm trying to clean up. Ch.026 Is there anyone who actually buys the toys in the convenience store? Ch.027 Whoever buys a riceball that's 2 for 1, aren't expecting them to be tasty. They just look at the quantity. Ch.028 A BUY 2 GET 1 FREE DEAL ISN'T ALWAYS THE BEST Ch.029 IT'S OBVIOUS THAT YOUR FEELINGS WOULD CHANGE BETWEEN BEFORE AND AFTER HAVING A MEAL. Ch.030 I Heard Nowadays When You Buy A Pretty Small Box, You Get A Snack For Free? Ch.031 Just Because the Package Looks Nice, that Doesn't Mean that It Will Taste Good. Ch.032 Tuna Mayonnaise Ch.033 The Contents of What was in the Riceball Ch.034 What was Left Ch.035 WOULDN'T IT BE BETTER TO REGRET IT AFTER EATING IT, RATHER THAN REGRETTING NOT EATING IT.
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