Honoo no Tenkousei

Vol.12 Ch.118 Farewell! We Will Meet Again!

Vol.01 Ch.001 Enter Noboru Takizawa Vol.01 Ch.002 The Man Who Calls Storms Vol.01 Ch.003 A Dreadful Conspiracy Vol.01 Ch.004 His Name Is Ibuki! Vol.01 Ch.005 The Night Before the Decisive Battle!! Vol.01 Ch.006 A Wild Beast in Both Hands !! Vol.01 Ch.007 Commence the Battle to the Death!! Vol.01 Ch.008 One in the Midst of the Storm!! Vol.01 Ch.009 Counter-Attack, Noboru Takizawa!! Vol.01 Ch.010 A Battle Without End! Vol.02 Ch.011 Enter Takizawa's Father!! Vol.02 Ch.012 When We Fight!! Vol.02 Ch.013 A Flash from Hell!! Vol.02 Ch.014 The Eagle Has Landed!! Vol.02 Ch.015 Goodbye, Takizawa Noboru! Vol.02 Ch.016 Enter Takizawa Noboru, Again! Vol.02 Ch.017 Destroy the Brainwashing Machine!! Vol.02 Ch.018 The Collapse of Bear Tail High School!! Vol.02 Ch.019 The Transfer Student of Certain Death!! Vol.02 Ch.020 Survival of the Fittest!! Vol.03 Ch.021 Yabuki Is Defeated!! Vol.03 Ch.022 The Decisive Match!! Jounouchi vs. Takizawa!! Vol.03 Ch.023 Messed Up Youth!! Vol.03 Ch.024 Ready for Battle!! Vol.03 Ch.025 The Storm's Letter of Challenge Vol.03 Ch.026 The Gong of Battle… Has Rung!! Vol.03 Ch.027 Near Loss!! Vol.03 Ch.028 Roar, My Punch of Death!! Vol.03 Ch.029 The Echo of Glory!! Vol.03 Ch.030 A New Journey!! Vol.04 Ch.031 Punch the Sky!! Vol.04 Ch.032 The Cross That Noboru Bears! Vol.04 Ch.033 Burn, Takizawa Kick!! Vol.04 Ch.034 New Ripples!! Vol.04 Ch.035 Takizawa, Caught in a Trap!! Vol.04 Ch.036 Blaze, Yukari!! Vol.04 Ch.037 Prelude to the Breakup!! Vol.04 Ch.038 Takizawa's Dash of Rage! Vol.04 Ch.039 Takizawa vs. the Waiting Army!! Vol.04 Ch.040 Declaration of War Vol.05 Ch.041 Fittest Academy Trembles!! Vol.05 Ch.042 Ibuki Rises!! Vol.05 Ch.043 Comrades Gather!! Vol.05 Ch.044 Oath on the Hill!! Vol.05 Ch.045 Namekata The Schemer!! Vol.05 Ch.046 Ibuki 100%!! Vol.05 Ch.047 The Match of Rage Postponed!! Vol.05 Ch.048 The Aquatic Showdown!! Vol.05 Ch.049 The Father-and-Son Showdown!! Vol.05 Ch.050 Wazakita's Identity!! Vol.06 Ch.051 Takizawa Noboru Revives!! Vol.06 Ch.052 Legend Of The Lion!! Vol.06 Ch.053 The Price of Betrayal!! Vol.06 Ch.054 I am Your Father!! Vol.06 Ch.055 Enter Continental Academy!! Vol.06 Ch.056 Rise, Fittest Academy!! Vol.06 Ch.057 The Invincible Continental Academy!! Vol.06 Ch.058 The Grappling Duo!! Vol.06 Ch.059 I Am the Don of the World!! Vol.06 Ch.060 Truth of the Student Council President!! Vol.07 Ch.061 Farewell, Warriors of Love!! Vol.07 Ch.062 Takizawa's Final Radiance!! Vol.07 Ch.063 The Man Who Returned from Hell!! Vol.07 Ch.064 The Guy that Came Back!! Vol.07 Ch.065 Duel! Secret vs. Inverse!! Vol.07 Ch.066 The Graceful Game-Changer!! Vol.07 Ch.067 The Lethal Dark Shooting Star!! Vol.07 Ch.068 Continental Academy Eliminated!! Vol.07 Ch.069 Birth of a New Member of the Secret Board of Education!! Vol.08 Ch.070 The Climactic Self-Introduction!! Vol.08 Ch.071 Takizawa Stands in Shikoku!! Vol.08 Ch.072 Destroy the Shikoku Conspiracy!! Vol.08 Ch.073 A Flash! The New Special Kick!! Vol.08 Ch.074 No Tears at the Year's End!! Vol.08 Ch.075 Build A Shelf For Takizawa!! Vol.08 Ch.076 The Assassins, The Fighting Four!! Vol.08 Ch.077 His Father Is Your Master Vol.08 Ch.078 Master! I'm in a Corner!! Vol.08 Ch.079 Yukari The Scorer Goes Vol.09 Ch.080 A Black Shadow Draws Near!! Vol.09 Ch.081 Calamitous Transfer Student!! Vol.09 Ch.082 Swear To the Roaring Seas Vol.09 Ch.083 The Black Bullet Runs Vol.09 Ch.084 Fall As Far As You Can Vol.09 Ch.085 The Last Day of Takizawa Noboru!!! Vol.09 Ch.086 Re-Enter the Tanned Master!! Vol.09 Ch.087 Revive From In the Light!! Vol.09 Ch.088 Here's the Last 1%!! Vol.10 Ch.089 Revived as a Street Performer!! Vol.10 Ch.090 This Is My Answer!! Vol.10 Ch.091 The Man Who Wouldn't Turn Back!! Vol.10 Ch.092 Presented By Vol.10 Ch.093 Glitter in the Moonlight!! Vol.10 Ch.094 The Leaflet Slices the Air!! Vol.10 Ch.095 See the Light in the Darkness!! Vol.10 Ch.096 The Dreadful Past!! Vol.10 Ch.097 The Man Who Makes Rainbows!! Vol.10 Ch.098 Make Up for Lost Time!! Vol.11 Ch.099 I See the Crescent Moon!! Vol.11 Ch.100 This is The Mightiest Horse!! Vol.11 Ch.101 Fallen in Hokkaido!! Vol.11 Ch.102 Use Takizawa!! Vol.11 Ch.103 You're All Worn Out!! Vol.11 Ch.104 The Point Allocation Revealed! Vol.11 Ch.105 Black Takizawa's True Form!! Vol.11 Ch.106 The Enemy Is Over Your Head!! Vol.11 Ch.107 This Is Adult Love!! Vol.11 Ch.108 Pay Goji a Visti,You Two! Vol.11 Ch.109 The Man Adrift by Destiny!! Vol.12 Ch.110 Where Are the Wedding Bells!? Vol.12 Ch.111 Ibuki's Love!! Vol.12 Ch.112 The Stage Set at Jackal!! Vol.12 Ch.113 Our Destiny!! Vol.12 Ch.114 That Technique Is Incomplete!! Vol.12 Ch.115 Blow,Wind of Happiness!! Vol.12 Ch.116 The Man Who Risked His Life!! Vol.12 Ch.117 Now Mature!! Vol.12 Ch.118 Farewell! We Will Meet Again!
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