Vol.18 Ch.182 Legend

Vol.01 Ch.001 Downtown Boys Vol.01 Ch.002 A Person Vol.01 Ch.003 Resistance Vol.01 Ch.004 Fleeting Happiness Vol.01 Ch.005 Judo Vol.01 Ch.006 Determination Vol.01 Ch.007 Real Value Vol.01 Ch.008 Fear Vol.01 Ch.009 Conclusion Vol.01 Ch.010 Downtown Vol.02 Ch.011 Rumor Vol.02 Ch.012 Numbness Vol.02 Ch.013 Escape Vol.02 Ch.014 Change Vol.02 Ch.015 Real intention Vol.02 Ch.016 On the Road Vol.02 Ch.017 Advance and Retreat Vol.02 Ch.018 Soliloquy Vol.02 Ch.019 Footwork Vol.02 Ch.020 Karate Vol.03 Ch.021 Complications Vol.03 Ch.022 The Kick Vol.03 Ch.023 Best of Technique Vol.03 Ch.024 Winning Opportunity Vol.03 Ch.025 Tears Drop Like Rain Vol.03 Ch.026 Scar Vol.03 Ch.027 Trifle Vol.03 Ch.028 Question Vol.03 Ch.029 Tactics Vol.03 Ch.030 Will You Vol.04 Ch.031 Fleeting Vol.04 Ch.032 Eyes Vol.04 Ch.033 Angry Vol.04 Ch.034 Arms Vol.04 Ch.035 Mad Fight Vol.04 Ch.036 True Form Vol.04 Ch.037 Stealth Kick Vol.04 Ch.038 Howling Vol.04 Ch.039 One's Clan Vol.04 Ch.040 Advice Vol.05 Ch.041 One on One Vol.05 Ch.042 Sudden Attack Vol.05 Ch.043 A Desperate Struggle Vol.05 Ch.044 Fusion Vol.05 Ch.045 Darkness Vol.05 Ch.046 Friend Vol.05 Ch.047 Pursuit Vol.05 Ch.048 Only Space Vol.05 Ch.049 Perfect Vol.05 Ch.050 Bend Kick Vol.06 Ch.051 Drastic Measures Vol.06 Ch.052 Izawa Vol.06 Ch.053 Lamentation Vol.06 Ch.054 Reflection Vol.06 Ch.055 School Vol.06 Ch.056 Decision and Confusion Vol.06 Ch.057 Clothes and the Naked Fist Vol.06 Ch.058 Iwado Vol.06 Ch.059 Assassin Vol.06 Ch.060 Meaning Vol.07 Ch.061 Kendo Vol.07 Ch.062 Karate II Vol.07 Ch.063 Faith Vol.07 Ch.064 For Whom Vol.07 Ch.065 Surrounded Vol.07 Ch.066 Thugs Vol.07 Ch.067 Tactics Vol.07 Ch.068 Ambush Vol.07 Ch.069 Disillusion Vol.07 Ch.070 Reply Vol.08 Ch.071 Freeze Vol.08 Ch.072 Secret Plot Vol.08 Ch.073 Surprise Vol.08 Ch.074 Knife Vol.08 Ch.075 Jealousy Vol.08 Ch.076 Value Vol.08 Ch.077 Decision Vol.08 Ch.078 Best Friend Vol.08 Ch.079 Inconsistency Vol.08 Ch.080 Comrade Vol.09 Ch.081 Egoist Vol.09 Ch.082 True Colors Vol.09 Ch.083 Skill Vol.09 Ch.084 Wrestling Vol.09 Ch.085 Gap Vol.09 Ch.086 Enemy Country Vol.09 Ch.087 Osada Vol.09 Ch.088 Action Vol.09 Ch.089 Name Vol.09 Ch.090 Reason Vol.10 Ch.091 My World Vol.10 Ch.092 Street Fight Vol.10 Ch.093 Jab Vol.10 Ch.094 Concern Vol.10 Ch.095 Big Name Vol.10 Ch.096 Forked Road Vol.10 Ch.097 Ring Vol.10 Ch.098 Real Vol.10 Ch.099 Rule Vol.10 Ch.100 Surpass Vol.11 Ch.101 Self-Reproach Vol.11 Ch.102 Two Persons Vol.11 Ch.103 Monster Vol.11 Ch.104 Perplexity Vol.11 Ch.105 Nihilistic Vol.11 Ch.106 Questioning Vol.11 Ch.107 Nervous Vol.11 Ch.108 No Way Vol.11 Ch.109 Kick Boxing Vol.11 Ch.110 Belong Vol.12 Ch.111 Calling Vol.12 Ch.112 A Period of Time Vol.12 Ch.113 Application Vol.12 Ch.114 Pupil Vol.12 Ch.115 Lecture Vol.12 Ch.116 Memory Vol.12 Ch.117 Close Questioning Vol.12 Ch.118 Real image Vol.12 Ch.119 Represent Vol.12 Ch.120 Point Vol.13 Ch.121 Even Now Vol.13 Ch.122 Voice Vol.13 Ch.123 Speed Up Vol.13 Ch.124 Fierce Fight Vol.13 Ch.125 Cheers Vol.13 Ch.126 Next Vol.13 Ch.127 Two Years Ago (1) Vol.13 Ch.128 Two Years Ago (2) Vol.13 Ch.129 Two Years Ago (3) Vol.13 Ch.130 Two Years Ago (4) Vol.14 Ch.131 Two Years Ago (5) Vol.14 Ch.132 Two Years Ago (6) Vol.14 Ch.133 Two Years Ago (7) Vol.14 Ch.134 Two Years Ago (8) Vol.14 Ch.135 Evolution Vol.14 Ch.136 Changing Times Vol.14 Ch.137 Declaration of Love Vol.14 Ch.138 Body Temperature Vol.14 Ch.139 An Evil Vol.14 Ch.140 Bad Boys Vol.15 Ch.141 Mixed Martial Arts Vol.15 Ch.142 Demolition Man Vol.15 Ch.143 Tough Guy Vol.15 Ch.144 Wrestling II Vol.15 Ch.145 Wrestler Vol.15 Ch.146 Drug Vol.15 Ch.147 Petition Vol.15 Ch.148 Kidnap Vol.15 Ch.149 Blood Boils Vol.15 Ch.150 Return to Dark Side Vol.16 Ch.151 Rouse Vol.16 Ch.152 Tag Vol.16 Ch.153 Father Vol.16 Ch.154 Pressure Vol.16 Ch.155 Intent to Kill Vol.16 Ch.156 The Same Vol.16 Ch.157 Colluding Vol.16 Ch.158 King I Vol.16 Ch.159 King II Vol.16 Ch.160 Trap Vol.17 Ch.161 Wailing Vol.17 Ch.162 Predicament Vol.17 Ch.163 Doll Vol.17 Ch.164 Precious Vol.17 Ch.165 Karate Vol.17 Ch.166 A Painful Separation Vol.17 Ch.167 Backing Up Vol.17 Ch.168 Charisma Vol.17 Ch.169 Lie Vol.17 Ch.170 Rumor Vol.18 Ch.171 Leave Vol.18 Ch.172 Emotion Vol.18 Ch.173 First Time Vol.18 Ch.174 Martial Arts Vol.18 Ch.175 First Contact Vol.18 Ch.176 Settle Vol.18 Ch.177 Letter Vol.18 Ch.178 Answer Vol.18 Ch.179 Same Mind Vol.18 Ch.180 Yu & Masaki Vol.18 Ch.181 Holyland Vol.18 Ch.182 Legend
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