History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi

Vol.49 Ch.461 The Next Assassin

Vol.01 Ch.001 The High School Girl Who Is Like an Assassin Vol.01 Ch.002 The Big Incident! Vol.01 Ch.003 Defence for Now! Vol.01 Ch.004 The Hidden Meaning Vol.01 Ch.005 From Defense to Assault! Vol.01 Ch.006 Go to That Place! Vol.01 Ch.007 Ryozanpaku Dojo Vol.02 Ch.008 He Becomes the Disciple! Vol.02 Ch.009 There's No Time! Vol.02 Ch.010 The Face I Do Not Wish to See! Vol.02 Ch.011 Sakaki-sensei! Vol.02 Ch.012 First Strike! Vol.02 Ch.013 Weightless! Vol.02 Ch.014 Fight's Inferno! Vol.02 Ch.015 Honoka's Price Vol.02 Ch.016 The Dream Vol.02 Ch.017 Caught During a Stroll Around the Neighborhood!! Vol.03 Ch.018 Are You Just Going to Leave?! Vol.03 Ch.019 Small Seedling Vol.03 Ch.020 Genius of Weaponry Vol.03 Ch.021 I Stand Corrected Vol.03 Ch.022 Pink Coloured Muscles Vol.03 Ch.023 Appachai's Training! Vol.03 Ch.024 Now, Dodge! Vol.03 Ch.025 Sakaki's Worry Vol.03 Ch.026 Takeda's Scheme Vol.04 Ch.027 In the Ring! Vol.04 Ch.028 Takeda's Past Vol.04 Ch.029 Consolation!! Vol.04 Ch.030 The Race Track and Families Vol.04 Ch.031 The Fate of Maskman Vol.04 Ch.032 A New Opponent Vol.04 Ch.033 Freedom? Vol.04 Ch.034 A New Killing Method! Vol.04 Ch.035 A New Ally Appears! Vol.05 Ch.036 Shady Plans?! Vol.05 Ch.037 The Plans for My Disciple Vol.05 Ch.038 Hot Springs...?! Vol.05 Ch.039 The Nosy Honoka Vol.05 Ch.040 The Search! Vol.05 Ch.041 Rapid Fall in Ranking Vol.05 Ch.042 Aim for the Blind Spot!! Vol.05 Ch.043 Dojo Hunting Vol.05 Ch.044 Best Disciple Vol.06 Ch.045 To Horinji Island! Vol.06 Ch.046 Escape! Vol.06 Ch.047 Acquaintances? Vol.06 Ch.048 Eight Fists League Vol.06 Ch.049 Mophead Conclusion Vol.06 Ch.050 Technique Traning! Vol.06 Ch.051 Tracking the Call! Vol.06 Ch.052 Kisara's Technique Vol.06 Ch.053 Niishira (The New 100 Group)!! Vol.07 Ch.054 The Rise of Haruo?! Vol.07 Ch.055 House of Youkai Vol.07 Ch.056 Juliet! Vol.07 Ch.057 A Flash of Melancholy Vol.07 Ch.058 Found Out?! Vol.07 Ch.059 Can't Pass Here!! Vol.07 Ch.060 Pierro?! Vol.07 Ch.061 Hermit's True Appearance!! Vol.07 Ch.062 Steel Fist Vol.08 Ch.063 Mountain Training... Begins!! Vol.08 Ch.064 The Difference Is Tactics!? Vol.08 Ch.065 The Talent of Hard Work Vol.08 Ch.066 Master Ba's Motive Vol.08 Ch.067 The Chinatown Conspiracy Vol.08 Ch.068 Blood Relative Vol.08 Ch.069 Thanks Vol.08 Ch.070 Shimpaku Rengou... Formation!! Vol.08 Ch.071 Battle of Deception! Vol.09 Ch.072 Niijima vs. the Zombie Vol.09 Ch.073 Because He's a Bad Friend!! Vol.09 Ch.074 Night of the Living Dead Vol.09 Ch.075 Drink the Whole Thing!! Vol.09 Ch.076 The Zero Beat Attack! Vol.09 Ch.077 Fierce Fight - Home Visit!! (Part One) Vol.09 Ch.078 Fierce Fight - Home Visit!! (Part Two) Vol.09 Ch.079 Until It's Worn Out!! Vol.09 Ch.080 The Face Is Nice!! Vol.10 Ch.081 Big Brother Vol.10 Ch.082 Crash Vol.10 Ch.083 Akisame's Wager! Vol.10 Ch.084 Hermit's Cross Vol.10 Ch.085 The First Talks...!! Vol.10 Ch.086 Kensei Vol.10 Ch.087 Take Him! Vol.10 Ch.088 Bloody Battle of Exhaustion!! Vol.10 Ch.089 Path of the Hermit Vol.11 Ch.090 The Stray Novice Vol.11 Ch.091 The Man from Ryouzanpaku?! Vol.11 Ch.092 Lets Believe in Our Masters!! Vol.11 Ch.093 My Finishing Move is.....? Vol.11 Ch.094 Miu-chan, Upset? Vol.11 Ch.095 Fierce Fight - Triangle Relationship!! Vol.11 Ch.096 Poolside Spirit Vol.11 Ch.097 Fight Skillfully...? Vol.11 Ch.098 The Terror of the Sumo Ring Vol.12 Ch.099 Pride of the Ring! Vol.12 Ch.100 Teacher vs. Student Vol.12 Ch.101 See You in the Alley Vol.12 Ch.102 Two for One! Vol.12 Ch.103 Tag... Me In? Vol.12 Ch.104 Mouse Flare? Vol.12 Ch.105 The Owner of Yourself! Vol.12 Ch.106 The Old Tale of the Elder Vol.12 Ch.107 The Sakura Giving Giant! Vol.13 Ch.108 Fierce Battle on the High seas! Vol.13 Ch.109 Secret Technique...? Vol.13 Ch.110 Battle Plan H! Vol.13 Ch.111 A Visit from Father! Vol.13 Ch.112 A Father's Punch! Vol.13 Ch.113 Days of Peace Vol.13 Ch.114 Meeting Place Vol.13 Ch.115 True Strength Revealed! Vol.13 Ch.116 Seikuken Vol.14 Ch.117 Elder in Action! Vol.14 Ch.118 Hunger Strikes! Vol.14 Ch.119 Outdoor Survival at Its Worst! Vol.14 Ch.120 Haunted Note!! Vol.14 Ch.121 The Limiter! Vol.14 Ch.122 Escape from Death! Vol.14 Ch.123 Party... Heaven and Earth Vol.14 Ch.124 The Hunt for Shinpaku Begins! Vol.14 Ch.125 Run Away, Niijima! Vol.15 Ch.126 Requiem Vol.15 Ch.127 That Guy's Ideals! Vol.15 Ch.128 Dance... Kisara! Vol.15 Ch.129 Niijima's Will! Vol.15 Ch.130 Revolution? Vol.15 Ch.131 Quick Turn for the Worse! Vol.15 Ch.132 Battle Places! Vol.15 Ch.133 Excitement and Stubborness Vol.15 Ch.134 Exterminating Evil Vol.16 Ch.135 Battle of the Aces! Vol.16 Ch.136 The One Who Decieves Vol.16 Ch.137 The Invisible Spear Vol.16 Ch.138 Meeting Vol.16 Ch.139 Nice Dodge, Kenichi! Vol.16 Ch.140 Ryozanpaku's Rhythm Vol.16 Ch.141 That Day... Vol.16 Ch.142 It's Time Vol.16 Ch.143 Result of the Promise Vol.17 Ch.144 One's Own Strength Vol.17 Ch.145 Business Vol.17 Ch.146 Assassin of Beauty Vol.17 Ch.147 Master Train Vol.17 Ch.148 Battle of the Twin Towers Vol.17 Ch.149 Interesting Disciple Vol.17 Ch.150 This Is Enough! Vol.17 Ch.151 Kind Legend Vol.17 Ch.152 Story about Shigure Vol.18 Ch.153 Hitogiri Bouchou Vol.18 Ch.154 He Is Awkward... Vol.18 Ch.155 As a Father... Vol.18 Ch.156 Your Name Is... Vol.18 Ch.157 The Flower Within Yami Vol.18 Ch.158 Meeting Again...!! Vol.18 Ch.159 The Fight's Presense Vol.18 Ch.160 The Assassin's Power!! Vol.18 Ch.161 The Disciple's... Arrival!! + omake Vol.19 Ch.162 Ghostly Attack Vol.19 Ch.163 The Battle's Stance Vol.19 Ch.164 The Flower Garden's Tears Vol.19 Ch.165 Missile Master!!! Vol.19 Ch.166 A Master and a Father Vol.19 Ch.167 The Nine Shadow Fists Vol.19 Ch.168 Worrying Youngsters Vol.19 Ch.169 Step into the Darkness! Vol.19 Ch.170 A Special Day Vol.20 Ch.171 Found Wings Vol.20 Ch.172 Don't Go!! Vol.20 Ch.173 God of Destruction That Lives under a Bridge Vol.20 Ch.174 The Gong of a Battle Vol.20 Ch.175 Soldier of Darkness Vol.20 Ch.176 Perfect Mission Vol.20 Ch.177 Master Trap Vol.20 Ch.178 The Battlefield Is Ryouzanpaku Vol.20 Ch.179 Impossible Analysis Vol.20 Ch.179.5 Omake Vol.21 Ch.180 All Out War Vol.21 Ch.181 The Lure on Top of the Snow Vol.21 Ch.182 Desperate Fight on Snow Vol.21 Ch.183 The King of the Snow Field Vol.21 Ch.184 The Declaration in the Blizzard Vol.21 Ch.185 Determination to Fight to the Death Vol.21 Ch.186 The Night of Revolution Vol.21 Ch.187 The Will of the King Vol.21 Ch.188 Tragic Disciple + Omake Vol.22 Ch.189 Who is Number 1...? Vol.22 Ch.190 Proof of Strength Vol.22 Ch.191 Master Children Vol.22 Ch.192 Everyone's Here Vol.22 Ch.193 Things I Am Capable Of Vol.22 Ch.194 Knives, Swords, and My Fists Vol.22 Ch.195 Diamond and Clay Vol.22 Ch.196 Invitation Letter Vol.22 Ch.197 Meaning of an Adventure Vol.22 Ch.197.5 Rain "The Missing Chapter" Vol.23 Ch.198 Cross the Line Vol.23 Ch.199 Paradise Vol.23 Ch.200 Shinpaku Alliance... Taking Control?! Vol.23 Ch.201 Night of Determination Vol.23 Ch.202 Continued Battle Vol.23 Ch.203 The Will of Defeat Vol.23 Ch.204 Takeda, Jump Vol.23 Ch.205 Don't Lose Even if You Die! Vol.23 Ch.206 Fierce Butterfly Vol.23 Ch.207 Lightning Lady Vol.24 Ch.208 Courage Controlling Techique Vol.24 Ch.209 I am the Super Teenager! Vol.24 Ch.210 The Three Greatest Martial Arts Vol.24 Ch.211 A Different Battle to the Death Vol.24 Ch.212 The True Meaning of 2 vs. 3 Vol.24 Ch.213 The Power of Friendship Vol.24 Ch.214 Fierce Taichi Vol.24 Ch.215 Flowing Water Headbutt Vol.24 Ch.216 Secret Move of Hatred Vol.24 Ch.217 After Struggling Through Vol.25 Ch.218 For the Sake of Getting Stronger... Vol.25 Ch.219 The Messenger from Yami Vol.25 Ch.220 Violet Moon Vol.25 Ch.221 The Man of Misfortune Vol.25 Ch.222 Fallen Wings Vol.25 Ch.223 A Fight During the Critical Moment… Vol.25 Ch.224 Each of Their Attacks Vol.25 Ch.225 Show Time Vol.25 Ch.226 Showing Off... Vol.25 Ch.227 Bitter Memories Vol.26 Ch.228 A New Promise Vol.26 Ch.229 The Suitable Martial Arts Vol.26 Ch.230 Mysterious... Hell!!! Vol.26 Ch.231 Garyu X 2 = !? Vol.26 Ch.232 Awakening from Beyond Vol.26 Ch.233 Supreme Teaching Vol.26 Ch.234 Result of the Sparring... Vol.26 Ch.235 Our Bond Vol.26 Ch.236 Descend of Friendship Vol.26 Ch.237 Plan Failed!? Vol.27 Ch.238 Nirvana No Canon Vol.27 Ch.239 Invincible Siegfried! Vol.27 Ch.240 Kisara's Will!! Vol.27 Ch.241 Asamiya Ryuuto Vol.27 Ch.242 The Kuremisago Vol.27 Ch.243 Source of Movements Vol.27 Ch.244 Ray of Hope Vol.27 Ch.245 Winner of the Brawl Vol.27 Ch.246 Beginning of a Tragedy! Vol.27 Ch.247 Fists of Fury! + omake Vol.28 Ch.248 The Great Raid! Vol.28 Ch.249 "The Person I Made a Promise With" Vol.28 Ch.250 Direct Teaching Vol.28 Ch.251 Fortuna's Counterattack Vol.28 Ch.252 Dance with the Superhumans Vol.28 Ch.253 Fortuna, Master Class Vol.28 Ch.254 Concert of Friendship Vol.28 Ch.255 SHINPAKU Alliance Gathered!! Vol.28 Ch.256 Combined Strength Vol.28 Ch.257 Awakening Vol.29 Ch.258 Ryusui Seikuken Vol.29 Ch.259 Martial Arts Without Feelings Vol.29 Ch.260 Test Subject Vol.29 Ch.260.5 Omake Vol.29 Ch.261 Ryusui Seikuken's True Meaning Vol.29 Ch.262 Disciples of Two Masters Vol.29 Ch.263 The Result of the Death Match... Vol.29 Ch.264 Flight Towards Freedom Vol.29 Ch.265 Return of the Winners Vol.29 Ch.266 Kajima Satomi Vol.29 Ch.267 New Semester New Enemies Vol.30 Ch.268 Enlightenment of the Satujin Ken Vol.30 Ch.269 Yomi in High School Vol.30 Ch.270 Fist of Destruction, Alexander Gaidar Vol.30 Ch.271 Determination as a Martial Artist Vol.30 Ch.272 Night of the Super Masters Vol.30 Ch.273 Complete the Mission! Vol.30 Ch.274 Quality of a Disciple Vol.30 Ch.275 Bond Between Master and Desciple Vol.30 Ch.276 Capability of a Disciple Vol.30 Ch.277 United We Stand Vol.30 Ch.277.5 Volume 30 Bonus Story Vol.31 Ch.278 In the Same Boat Vol.31 Ch.279 Battle on the Horse Vol.31 Ch.280 House of Battle Vol.31 Ch.281 The Person Knows About Weak Points Vol.31 Ch.282 Terror! The Killing Fist Vol.31 Ch.283 Seed of Terror Vol.31 Ch.284 Rules Your World Vol.31 Ch.285 Pick Up Your Sword! Vol.31 Ch.286 The Man of Tsubanari Vol.31 Ch.287 Armguards of Determination Vol.32 Ch.288 Fear Detector Vol.32 Ch.289 Blade of Condolence Vol.32 Ch.290 The Unforgivable Person Vol.32 Ch.291 Heart and Blade Become One Vol.32 Ch.292 The Blade that Cannot Be Broken Vol.32 Ch.293 Return of the Soldiers!! Vol.32 Ch.294 In the Same Boat Vol.32 Ch.295 Mountain Unit Vol.32 Ch.296 Begin the Operation! Vol.32 Ch.297 Forceful Breakthrough!! Vol.33 Ch.298 Summoning Flute of the Demon Vol.33 Ch.299 Undercover Man Vol.33 Ch.300 Vs. Mission Vol.33 Ch.301 Ultimate Partnership! Vol.33 Ch.302 The Evolutionary Mankind Vol.33 Ch.303 Determination of a Fight to Death Vol.33 Ch.304 Decision of the Master and His Disciple Vol.33 Ch.305 The Lingering Sound of Victory Vol.33 Ch.306 Things the Eye Cannot See Vol.33 Ch.307 Worst Mismatch Vol.33 Ch.308 Fighting in My Own Way Vol.34 Ch.309 Omen of Oncoming Catastrophe Vol.34 Ch.310 Crucial Situation Vol.34 Ch.311 Attack Trail Fight Vol.34 Ch.312 Death God of the Underground Muay Thai Vol.34 Ch.313 To Each His Own Vol.34 Ch.314 Troublemaker Vol.34 Ch.315 True Self Vol.34 Ch.316 A Small Change Vol.34 Ch.317 The Best Training Vol.34 Ch.318 Underground Boxing Vol.35 Ch.319 Biggest Weakness Vol.35 Ch.320 Tenacity Towards Victory Vol.35 Ch.321 Full Power Vol.35 Ch.322 Moustaches and Bonds Vol.35 Ch.323 Good Fortune Comes to Those Who Smile! Vol.35 Ch.324 Their Respective Intentions Vol.35 Ch.325 The Sinister Party Vol.35 Ch.326 Things That Should Be Protected Vol.35 Ch.327 Master Match! Vol.35 Ch.328 Full of Openings Vol.36 Ch.329 Angry Masters Vol.36 Ch.330 Timer Activated Vol.36 Ch.331 Can't Hold Back Vol.36 Ch.332 On Top of the Sea Vol.36 Ch.333 Entertainer Vol.36 Ch.334 Finale Vol.36 Ch.334.5 Omake Touchuumaru's Refined Lifestyle Vol.36 Ch.335 Get Stronger! Vol.36 Ch.336 Normal Girl Vol.36 Ch.337 The Long Awaited Chance Vol.36 Ch.338 Proposal Vol.37 Ch.339 Counter Strategy Vol.37 Ch.340 Theory of Development Vol.37 Ch.341 The Wall That Must Be Overcome Vol.37 Ch.342 The Sprouts of Effort Vol.37 Ch.343 The Strength of His Balance Vol.37 Ch.344 The Day Before the Fight!! Vol.37 Ch.345 Slow Starter!? Vol.37 Ch.346 The Seeds of Fear Vol.37 Ch.347 Trump Card Vol.37 Ch.348 Korui Nuki Vol.38 Ch.349 Commence the Break In Vol.38 Ch.350 Rescue Mission Vol.38 Ch.351 Goodbye Vol.38 Ch.352 Tanimoto Natsu Vol.38 Ch.353 True Form Vol.38 Ch.354 Death Match Vol.38 Ch.355 Yomi, The Decider!! Vol.38 Ch.356 The Promise Made to Honoka Vol.38 Ch.357 Kenichi's Choice Vol.38 Ch.358 The Weapon Users and the Unarmed Division Vol.39 Ch.359 Red Feather Sword Vol.39 Ch.360 The Struggle for the Excellent Swords Vol.39 Ch.361 Setsunamaru vs. Akabanetou Vol.39 Ch.362 And a Hero Comes Along!? Vol.39 Ch.363 Local Battle!! Vol.39 Ch.364 The Real Masters Vol.39 Ch.365 Kushinada's Juujutsu Vol.39 Ch.366 Inauspicious Word Vol.39 Ch.367 Power to Face It Vol.39 Ch.368 Level-Up? Vol.40 Ch.369 Tanaka Tsutomu Vol.40 Ch.370 Interdisciplinary Sparring Match Vol.40 Ch.371 Two Similar Fighters? Vol.40 Ch.372 Anti-Weapon Battle Vol.40 Ch.373 Comrade in Arms Vol.40 Ch.374 Versus Weapons Vol.40 Ch.375 All Out War Vol.40 Ch.376 The Unexpected Obstacle Vol.40 Ch.377 Cut Down!? Vol.40 Ch.378 A Disciple of the Armed Division Vol.41 Ch.379 Kugatachi Style Jou-Jutsu Vol.41 Ch.380 House Arrest Vol.41 Ch.380.5 The Boy Who Came from the Mountain Vol.41 Ch.381 Reaction Vol.41 Ch.382 To Okinawa Vol.41 Ch.383 Anxious Friends Vol.41 Ch.384 Front-on Attack Vol.41 Ch.385 Base Invasion Vol.41 Ch.386 Battles on All Fronts Vol.41 Ch.387 Shigure vs. the Lance of the West Vol.42 Ch.388 Ma vs. Akisame Vol.42 Ch.389 Akisame vs. "the Spear of the East" Vol.42 Ch.390 Ma vs. Kyouken no Izayoi Vol.42 Ch.391 Sakaki vs. the Spear of the Core Vol.42 Ch.392 Start of the Decisive Battle Vol.42 Ch.393 Akisame Style Information Confrontation Vol.42 Ch.394 A Meeting in the Underground Muay Thai World Vol.42 Ch.395 Underground Muay Thai World Vol.42 Ch.396 Muay Boran Vol.42 Ch.397 Revenge Vol.43 Ch.398 Spirit of the Disciple Vol.43 Ch.399 Screams of the Heart Vol.43 Ch.400 The Grand Conclusion Vol.43 Ch.401 A Crashed Soul Vol.43 Ch.402 The Abyss of the Heart Vol.43 Ch.403 The Ones that Stand Up Vol.43 Ch.404 The Fundamental Technique Vol.43 Ch.405 Even in Death Vol.43 Ch.406 The Path of Strength Vol.43 Ch.407 The Parting of the Shinigami Vol.44 Ch.408 The End of the Fight Vol.44 Ch.409 The Wanted Men Vol.44 Ch.410 Young Detective Squad Vol.44 Ch.410.1 Omake History's Strongest Peach Boy Vol.44 Ch.411 Time to Fulfill That Promise Vol.44 Ch.412 Priest Soldier Vol.44 Ch.413 The Traitor Vol.44 Ch.414 Tiger at the Front Gate, Wolf at the Back Gate Vol.44 Ch.415 Battle for the Disc Vol.44 Ch.416 Reinforcements Arrive! Vol.44 Ch.417 The Girl that is Way Too Fast Vol.45 Ch.418 Sense of the Sixth Virtue Vol.45 Ch.419 Friendship's All Out War Vol.45 Ch.420 The Location of the Data Vol.45 Ch.421 V.S. Mastermind Vol.45 Ch.422 Sakaki's Rage Vol.45 Ch.423 Progress Vol.45 Ch.424 Common People Observing Journal Vol.45 Ch.425 I Want to Ask! Vol.45 Ch.426 The Mystery of the Kuremisago Vol.45 Ch.427 Uninhabited Village Vol.46 Ch.428 Revenge Vol.46 Ch.429 Why is He Dead? Vol.46 Ch.430 Saiga and Shizuha Vol.46 Ch.431 An Approaching Life or Death Battle Vol.46 Ch.432 The One Shadow Nine Fist's Scheme Vol.46 Ch.433 The Two Rivals Start to Move Vol.46 Ch.434 Yami's Chivalrous Order Vol.46 Ch.435 The True Karate Vol.46 Ch.436 The Battle of Shockwave's Orbit Vol.46 Ch.437 The Three Men of Valour Vol.47 Ch.438 Diligent Study Vol.47 Ch.439 Ambush Vol.47 Ch.440 Suzuki Hajime's Dream Vol.47 Ch.441 Man of Darkness Vol.47 Ch.442 Death Match Vol.47 Ch.443 Selfishness Vol.47 Ch.444 Katsujin and Satsujin Vol.47 Ch.445 Lump of Martial Arts Vol.47 Ch.446 Miu's Fury Vol.47 Ch.447 Fight for Miu Vol.48 Ch.448 Miu's Whereabouts Vol.48 Ch.449 A Village Deep in the Mountains Vol.48 Ch.450 Tidat's Kingdom Vol.48 Ch.451 To Tidat Kingdom Vol.48 Ch.452 Follow the Lead Vol.48 Ch.453 Successor to the Throne Vol.48 Ch.454 Oath of the Queen Vol.48 Ch.455 Clue Vol.48 Ch.456 Bulu Indah Vol.48 Ch.457 Common Front Vol.49 Ch.458 Junazard's Expectations Vol.49 Ch.459 A Heartless Opponent Vol.49 Ch.460 A Fractured Heart Vol.49 Ch.461 The Next Assassin Vol.49 Ch.462 pride and faith Vol.49 Ch.463 Things You Should Protect Vol.49 Ch.464 Promise Vol.49 Ch.465 Welcome Back Vol.49 Ch.465.5 Omake Vol.49 Ch.466 The Gauntlet Mementos Vol.49 Ch.467 "Fuurinji Saiga" Vol.50 Ch.468 "Fist of Killing Vs Fist of Killing" Vol.50 Ch.469 "Front Kick" Vol.50 Ch.470 Checkmate!! Vol.50 Ch.471 Master and Disciple Vol.50 Ch.472 Dimensions Apart Vol.50 Ch.473 Life Within Death Vol.50 Ch.474 The Abyss of Death Vol.50 Ch.475 Tenacity Towards Martial Arts Vol.50 Ch.476 Martial Arts for Beliefs’ Sake Vol.50 Ch.477 Outbreake of a Civil War Vol.51 Ch.478 Return of the King Vol.51 Ch.479 In the Far East Vol.51 Ch.480 Distance Between Two Vol.51 Ch.481 Double Date Vol.51 Ch.482 Secret Meeting at the Aquarium Vol.51 Ch.483 Aquarium Showdown! Vol.51 Ch.484 Even If This Body Of Mine Is Vol.51 Ch.485 Doki Doki (Beating Heart) Vol.51 Ch.486 Each To Their Own Motives Vol.51 Ch.487 Those With and Those Without Vol.52 Ch.488 The Duel Vol.52 Ch.489 The Cycle of Martial Arts Vol.52 Ch.490 Because I'm Lonely Vol.52 Ch.491 Ryozanpaku Moves Out! Vol.52 Ch.492 A Bad Premonition Vol.52 Ch.493 Can't Grasp its Nature! Vol.52 Ch.494 Submission Man Vol.52 Ch.495 Match Up Vol.52 Ch.496 The Light of the Katsujin Ken Vol.52 Ch.497 Kensei's Plan Vol.53 Ch.498 Before the Storm Vol.53 Ch.499 What Lies in the Shadow of Martial Arts Vol.53 Ch.500 Start! Vol.53 Ch.501 Each to Their Own Fight Vol.53 Ch.502 For Love Vol.53 Ch.503 In Order to be Loved Vol.53 Ch.504 Yomi's Strength Vol.53 Ch.505 Constant Attachment Vol.53 Ch.505.5 Suparna and Hermit II Vol.53 Ch.506 Devouring Each Other Vol.53 Ch.507 Shiba's Hint Vol.53 Ch.507.5 Suparna and Hermit III Vol.53 Ch.514 To the End of Love Vol.54 Ch.508 Arrival of the Mastermind Vol.54 Ch.509 A Moment of Life and Death Vol.54 Ch.510 Ki Gone Berserk Vol.54 Ch.511 Fly! Vol.54 Ch.512 That Technique Vol.54 Ch.513 Each to Their Own Limits Vol.54 Ch.515 The Evil Path Vol.54 Ch.516 What It Means To Practice Martial Arts Vol.54 Ch.517 30 Seconds of Offense and Defense Vol.55 Ch.518 The Limits Of Risking Your Life Vol.55 Ch.519 The Results of the Local Battles Vol.55 Ch.520 A Guide To The Darkness Vol.55 Ch.521 The Truth Behind Tanaka Tsutomu Vol.55 Ch.522 Tragedy Brought Forth by Thought Vol.55 Ch.523 Unstoppable Vol.55 Ch.524 Protect Vol.55 Ch.525 Aftermath of the Deathmatch Vol.55 Ch.526 Those That Escaped The Darkness Vol.55 Ch.527 The Footsteps of the Armed Group Vol.56 Ch.528 Shigure-Chan Special Vol.56 Ch.529 Arming The Shinpaku Alliance! Vol.56 Ch.530 Something to Pass On Vol.56 Ch.531 Hachiou Danzaiba Vol.56 Ch.532 Something You Can't Defy Vol.56 Ch.533 Yami's Greatness Vol.56 Ch.534 The True Form Of Unease Vol.56 Ch.535 Head-on Assault Vol.56 Ch.536 The Power Of The Katsujinken Vol.56 Ch.537 Their True Aim Vol.57 Ch.538 Distraction Vol.57 Ch.539 The Meaning of the Diversion Vol.57 Ch.540 The Void of Power Vol.57 Ch.541 The Work of a Professional Vol.57 Ch.542 Kousaka Style Final Technique Vol.57 Ch.543 Long Lasting Battle Vol.57 Ch.544 Witch Vol.57 Ch.545 The Man That Knows The Mouse Vol.57 Ch.546 Shigure, her Master and her Brother Vol.57 Ch.547 Yami's Assault Vol.58 Ch.548 Intel Division of the Shinpaku Alliance Vol.58 Ch.549 Wild Masters Vol.58 Ch.550 Leads Vol.58 Ch.551 Sextant Vol.58 Ch.552 Kiyoi Kidou Vol.58 Ch.553 Confrontation in the Telecommuications Office Vol.58 Ch.554 Cultural Gaps Vol.58 Ch.555 The Third World War Vol.58 Ch.556 Resolute determination Vol.58 Ch.557 Outbreak of War! Vol.58 Ch.568 How The Path Should Be Vol.58 Ch.569 Mid-air Disintergation Vol.59 Ch.558 Master Ba's Wrath Vol.59 Ch.559 Divide Vol.59 Ch.560 Disciple's Mission Vol.59 Ch.561 Each And Every Role Vol.59 Ch.562 Two Masters' Orders Vol.59 Ch.563 Two Orders Vol.59 Ch.564 The Time of Demise Vol.59 Ch.565 Facing the Killing Fist's Attack Vol.59 Ch.566 Cage of Battle Vol.59 Ch.567 Life and Honor Vol.59 Ch.567.5 Volume 59 Bonus Story Vol.60 Ch.568 Methods Vol.60 Ch.569 Mid-Air Dismemberment Vol.60 Ch.570 Of Martials Arts Vol.60 Ch.571 Nijima's Offense and Defense Vol.60 Ch.572 Merciless Confrontation Vol.60 Ch.573 Ichiei's True Self Vol.60 Ch.574 I Do Believe Vol.60 Ch.575 The Kuremisago Rebellion Vol.60 Ch.576 The Kuremisago's Darkness Vol.60 Ch.576.5 Volume 60 Bonus Story Vol.61 Ch.577 Disciple vs. Master Vol.61 Ch.578 Battleground of the Gods Vol.61 Ch.579 New Technique Vol.61 Ch.580 Ki Holding Vol.61 Ch.581 Missile Course Vol.61 Ch.582 Those Who Persist Vol.61 Ch.583 The Path to Becoming the Strongest Vol.61 Ch.583.5 Volume 61 Bonus Story
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