Vol.15 Ch.080 The Path Toward The Superhuman Association

Vol.01 Ch.001 A Psychokinetic Girl Appears! Vol.01 Ch.002 The World of Adults Vol.01 Ch.003 Suddenly A Parent's Day Vol.01 Ch.004 Tonight, Saturday Night's Fever Vol.01 Ch.004.5 This Tongue Tells Nothing Apart Vol.01 Ch.005 It Is Not A Good Time For Fishing Vol.01 Ch.005.5 Da Dan Dan Da Dan Vol.02 Ch.006 This Is How They Fight with Psychokinesis! Vol.02 Ch.007 A Beginner's Guide To A Homeless Life Vol.02 Ch.008 Nitta is in Big Trouble Vol.02 Ch.009 Disowned Rock 'N Roll Fever Vol.02 Ch.010 The Road to Dominion Vol.02 Ch.010.5 No Matter What, You Should Teach Them Right Vol.03 Ch.011 A Middle School Student Bartender HITOMI! Vol.03 Ch.012 Nitta-san's Father Is Dandy Vol.03 Ch.013 Hitomi-chan, Good Work Vol.03 Ch.013.5 Mister No. 72 Vol.03 Ch.014 A Group of Three Women Can Outfox Minerva in Wisdom Vol.03 Ch.015 A Glorious Day of Nitta-san's Life Vol.03 Ch.016 This Is Actually Parents' Day Vol.03 Ch.016.5 Wish Them Happiness in Their Lives Vol.04 Ch.017 Worship the God of Rock´n Roll Vol.04 Ch.018 A Debt Collection Rhapsody Vol.04 Ch.018.5 Extra Vol.04 Ch.019 Captain! Apparently We’ve Got a Serious Crime at Hand! Vol.04 Ch.020 Mika's Wild Adventure to Tokyo Vol.04 Ch.021 The Limits and Abuses of Education Vol.04 Ch.021.5 The Result of Putting a More Capable Subordinate in Charge Vol.05 Ch.022 A Guide to Get Out of a Homeless Life Vol.05 Ch.023 Anzu, Kanbanshojyo, Begins Working Vol.05 Ch.024 There Is No Surprise, After All Vol.05 Ch.024.5 Welcome to Little Song, a Healing Place Vol.05 Ch.025 My Daughter, This Is Your Papa! Vol.05 Ch.026 While Talking to Kidnappers Vol.05 Ch.027 We Wanted to Be Called "Kidnappers..." Vol.06 Ch.028 And Hina Acts as Usual Vol.06 Ch.029 The Birth Of An Esper Girl Vol.06 Ch.029.5 Cry For Freedom Vol.06 Ch.030 Cheer Up, Hitoshi-kun! Vol.06 Ch.032.5 The Man Who Brought To Tears By His Syndicate, The Mass Media And His Child Vol.07 Ch.031 Like the Flow of the River Vol.07 Ch.032 A Man Thirsting for Blood, Violence and Money Vol.07 Ch.033 Cinderella Vol.07 Ch.034 Ikaruga Kei's Report On Hina's Behaviour Vol.07 Ch.034.5 For the Sake of My Beloved Dog, I Can't Quit My Job Vol.07 Ch.035 Her First Pocket Money. Vol.07 Ch.036 A Case of Disloyal Succession Vol.07 Ch.037 Busted Vol.07 Ch.037.5 My Eyesight Has Started to Become a Little Worse Lately Vol.07 Ch.038 Nitta And Hina Ch.078 Vol.08 Ch.039 Life Is A Survival Vol.08 Ch.040 Housework Master 2 Vol.08 Ch.040.5 Housework Master Vol.08 Ch.041 Mishima Hitomi's Short-Term Study-Abroad ~ The English Speaking Class is Painful~ Vol.08 Ch.041.5 One woman at the bar (LOL) Vol.08 Ch.042 One-Day Trial Run at School Vol.08 Ch.043 China Cops Vol.08 Ch.044 A Woman Named Mishima Hitomi Vol.08 Ch.045 At the Boundary between Reality and Fantasy Vol.09 Ch.044.5 The Pair Who Can't Meet Each Other Vol.09 Ch.046 Yuki-Matsuri Vol.09 Ch.046.5 The Pair Who Can't Meet Each Other Vol.09 Ch.047 Rock 'N Roll x Illusion Vol.09 Ch.048 Indispensable Man Vol.09 Ch.049 This Is My High School Life Vol.10 Ch.049.5 The Road to Passing Vol.10 Ch.050 Mishimas Vol.10 Ch.050.5 Each Person's Whereabouts Vol.10 Ch.051 Shape Up with Superhuman Fitness! Vol.10 Ch.052 Is There Anything You Want? Vol.10 Ch.052.5 Hina's Feelings Vol.10 Ch.053 Succeeding the Taste Vol.11 Ch.054 Little Song, Once More Vol.11 Ch.055 Nitta Yoshifumi ~The Sacrilegious Brute of a Man~ Vol.11 Ch.056 An Average Day in Teihen Senior High Vol.11 Ch.056.5 Everyone's own high school lives Vol.11 Ch.057 No Passion, No Work Vol.11 Ch.058 The Bonds Between the Three Vol.12 Ch.059 Monster vs. Monster Vol.12 Ch.060 Cheer up, Hitoshi-kun 2 Vol.12 Ch.061 The everyday life of the Superhuman Self Defense Japan branch Vol.12 Ch.061.5 Activate! Psychic Phenomenon Association. Vol.12 Ch.062 The Cart Rairaiken Vol.12 Ch.063 The monster has yet to wake Vol.13 Ch.064 The Mishima family's situation Vol.13 Ch.065 Invasion! Assassin from the west. Vol.13 Ch.066 A magnificent day for Nitta Hina Vol.13 Ch.067 Ramen Matsuri Vol.13 Ch.068 Three year punch Vol.13 Ch.069 The class rep saw Vol.13 Ch.069.5 The Importance Of Nitta Hina in This World Vol.14 Ch.070 Front-runner of dependents Vol.14 Ch.071 This Is How We Do It!! Vol.14 Ch.072 Tsuda Maski - A Record of His Escape and Growth Vol.14 Ch.073 I Just Don't Want To Eat That Ramen Anymore Vol.14 Ch.074 Vol.14 Ch.074.5 King of Illusion Vol.14 Ch.075 Vol.14 Ch.076 Vol.14 Ch.077 Vol.14 Ch.078 Vol.14 Ch.079 Vol.15 Ch.080 The Path Toward The Superhuman Association Vol.15 Ch.081 Vol.15 Ch.082 Vol.15 Ch.083 Vol.15 Ch.084 Vol.15 Ch.086
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