High-School DxD

Vol.01 Ch.001 Give Up on Being Human

Vol.01 Ch.001 Give Up on Being Human Vol.01 Ch.002 Life as a Devil Begins Vol.01 Ch.003 Battle Begins Vol.01 Ch.004 Something to Protect Found Vol.02 Ch.005 Vol.02 Ch.006 Friend, I Will Protect Vol.02 Ch.007 Friend, I'll Save Vol.02 Ch.008 Angel, I'll Defeat! Vol.02 Ch.009 Fly Away, Shitty Angel Vol.02 Ch.010 A New Life Starts Vol.03 Ch.011 Devil, I've Become Vol.03 Ch.012 I'll Do My Best At Work! Vol.03 Ch.013 First Sexual Experience, I'll Do It!? Vol.03 Ch.014 Squabble, Starting One! Vol.03 Ch.015 Grandchild, I'll Make!? Vol.03 Ch.016 Training, Starts! Vol.03 Ch.016.5 At Your Side, Serve!? Vol.04 Ch.017 Devil, With Style Vol.04 Ch.018 Enchanting Special Move Vol.04 Ch.019 Combine the Power of the Two! Vol.04 Ch.020 I Can Still... FIGHT! Vol.04 Ch.021 I'll Take Prez Back! Vol.04 Ch.022 I'll Blow Away the Immortal Bird! Vol.04 Ch.022.5 New Life Starts Vol.05 Ch.023 Let's Turn the Heat Up, Occult Research Club! Vol.05 Ch.024 We’ll Beat You with Our Teamwork!! Vol.05 Ch.025 I'll Draw Out the Aura of the Dragon Vol.05 Ch.026 These Bloodbath Types, I'll Live Through Them! Vol.05 Ch.027 An Intense Battle of the Demonic Sword vs. Holy Sword! Vol.05 Ch.028 Plan to Destroy the Holy Sword! Vol.05 Ch.028.5 Your Fate, Revisited! Vol.05 Ch.029 A Devil's Punishment! Please Forgive Me! Vol.05 Ch.030 Becoming a Perverted Demon! Vol.05 Ch.031 Life.31 - Occult Research Club, Move Out! Vol.05 Ch.032 Life 32 - Hell's Gatekeeper Will Perish! Vol.06 Ch.033 A Fierce Battle! Vs Archnemesis Freed! Vol.06 Ch.034 Burn On! Lechery And Fervor!! Vol.06 Ch.035 New Knight And New Rival Vol.06 Ch.035.5 Friends Vol.07 Ch.036 The Bath=A Battleground For Girls!? Vol.07 Ch.037 Summer! Swimsuits! Strife!? Vol.07 Ch.038 Baby Making! A Bit Early For That!? Vol.07 Ch.039 Parents' Day Commences Vol.07 Ch.040 Devil King Leviathan-sama Descends! Vol.07 Ch.041 I Got Myself A (Male) Kouhai Vol.07 Ch.041.5 Extra Life! Vol.08 Ch.042 I'll Handle My (Male) Kouhai!! Vol.08 Ch.043 I Get The "Dragon Slayer"!? Vol.08 Ch.044 The Top Conference Begins! Vol.08 Ch.045 It's An Emergency!? I'll Head Out Too!! Vol.08 Ch.046 Khaos Brigade Vol.08 Ch.047 View x Dress Break - The Ultimate Tag Team!? Vol.08 Ch.048 Red Dragon And White Dragon! Vol.08 Ch.049 Fists Of Rage Clash!! Vol.09 Ch.050 New Life & Special Life Vol.09 Ch.051 The Wait Is Over! Diving Into Summer Vacation!! Vol.09 Ch.052 Off To The Devil Realm!! Vol.09 Ch.053 Uncharted Territory!? The Gremory Residence!! Vol.09 Ch.054 Young Devils, Assemble! Vol.09 Ch.055 Paradise!? The Knockout "Sandwich"! Vol.09 Ch.056 A Surprising "Sensei" Appears! Vol.09 Ch.057 The Hellish Training Continues! Vol.09 Ch.058 Overcome That Hurdle! I...Wanna Get Stronger!! Vol.09 Ch.065 Vol.10 Ch.059 Training Complete! Reunited With Friends!! Vol.10 Ch.060 Full Speed Ahead Toward Our Dreams!! Vol.10 Ch.061 Heart-Pounding And Shocking? A Double Reunion! Vol.10 Ch.062 Cat And Dragon! Vol.10 Ch.063 Right Or Left!? Doorbells Of Fate!! Vol.10 Ch.064 From Out Of Nowhere! The Worst Kind Of Red Dragon Emperor!! Vol.10 Ch.066 Attack! Ultimate Holy Blade!! Vol.10 Ch.067 Odin Vol.10 Ch.068
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