Hell's Kitchen

Vol.08 Ch.029 The Truest of The Real

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Earl of Poor Eating Vol.01 Ch.002 Shokusen Vol.01 Ch.003 Designation "R" Vol.02 Ch.004 Zombie Woman Vol.02 Ch.005 The Magician of Aromas Vol.02 Ch.006 Curry Battle Vol.02 Ch.007 Knife Edge Love <3 Vol.03 Ch.008 Things That Don't Need to be Said Vol.03 Ch.009 Cooking and Ingredients Vol.03 Ch.010 The King of Sweets Vol.03 Ch.011 Bonds Vol.04 Ch.012 Shokusen Cooking Department Dorm 13 Vol.04 Ch.013 The Man Called Kumoi Mitsurou Vol.04 Ch.014 Smile Vol.04 Ch.015 The Greatest Plan in the History of Shokusen Vol.05 Ch.016 Soul Food Vol.05 Ch.017 The Island Closest to Hell Vol.05 Ch.018 Just One Vol.05 Ch.019 Number One Vol.06 Ch.020 Farewell Vol.06 Ch.021 And Tachibana Kei Vol.06 Ch.022 Sakaki-sensei's Long Day Vol.06 Ch.023 Where The Light Leads Vol.07 Ch.024 The Declaration of Battle Vol.07 Ch.025 The Children of Science All Dance Vol.07 Ch.026 The Battle of the Five Senses Vol.07 Ch.027 The Sound of Control Vol.08 Ch.028 The Eye of Truth Vol.08 Ch.029 The Truest of The Real Vol.08 Ch.030 The Sea of Adventure Vol.08 Ch.031 Awakening Vol.09 Ch.032 Proof Vol.09 Ch.033 Geniuses are Lonely in the World Vol.09 Ch.034 The Will to Prove Vol.09 Ch.035 Plat Vol.10 Ch.036 Cooking with the Souls of Words Vol.10 Ch.037 Anything from the Egg Vol.10 Ch.038 Imperfect Vol.11 Ch.039 No Bread, No Life! Vol.11 Ch.040 Takamachi's B-class Cuisine Cook-Off! Vol.11 Ch.041 Micchan and Mongo Vol.11 Ch.042 The Finest Service Vol.12 Ch.043 Service Vol.12 Ch.044 The Bridge Vol.12 Ch.045 A Snowy White Shokusen Vol.12 Ch.046 Kuga-sensei's Giraffe-san Vol.13 Ch.047 Operation Final Exams! Vol.13 Ch.048 Eternal Loyalty Vol.13 Ch.049 The Demon of Gluttony Vol.13 Ch.050 The Ones Reaching for Greater Heights
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