Ch.106.5 Postface (End)

Ch.000 Cave of Trials Ch.001 Hero Helck Ch.001.5 Omake A Bit Aftre Chapter 1... Ch.002 Card Tower Ch.003 Unforeseen Situation Ch.004 Racing Match Ch.005 Proposition Ch.006 Management Staff Anne Ch.006.5 Omake Continuation of Chapter 6 Ch.007 Devastated Land Ch.007.5 Omake Continuation of Chapter 7 Ch.008 Abandoned Underground Passage Ch.009 Unknown Enemy, Winged Soldiers Ch.009.6 Volume 2 Character Profile Ch.010 Shock Ch.010.5 Omake A Story from Somewhat Long Ago Ch.011 Hyura of the Aharudo Race Ch.012 Gate Ch.013 Ocean Ch.014 Speculation Ch.015 The Village in a Remote Island Ch.016 At the Campfire Ch.017 Attack, Winged Soldiers Ch.018 Azudora of the Four Heavenly Kings Ch.019 The Human King Ch.020 Strategy Meeting Ch.021 Endeavor Ch.022 Witch-sama Ch.023 To the Continent Ch.024 Sea Monster Ch.025 Goal Ch.026 Barbarian Tribe Toosu-men Ch.027 Toosu-men King's Power Ch.028 Omen Ch.029 For the Map Ch.030 Warrior of Darkness Ch.031 Powerful Attack Ch.032 Terror Ch.033 Ballad of the Wandering Ministrel Ch.034 Tooru Castle Ch.035 Trust Ch.035.5 Something That's Not a Bird!! Ch.036 Helck's Past I Ch.036.5 Rem Sleep Ch.037 Helck's Past II Ch.037.5 This Isn't the Time to Say You Know!! Ch.038 Helck's Past III Ch.038.5 Strict and Rigid Thoughts Ch.039 Helck's Past IV Ch.039.5 Drawing Song Quiz Ch.040 Helck's Past V Ch.040.5 Bonus Ch.040.6 Bonus Ch.040.7 Rococo's Eyes Ch.041 Helck's Past VI Ch.041.5 Rococo's Eyes (2) Ch.042 Helck's Past VII Ch.042.5 Helck x Azudora Ch.043 Helck's Past VIII Ch.043.5 Complaints & A Good Noble Ch.044 Helck's Past IX Ch.044.5 Prone to Worry Ch.045 Helck's Past X Ch.045.1 This Isn't the Time to Be Merry... Ch.045.5 Awakening Ch.046 Helck's Past XI Ch.046.5 Dodge! Ch.047 Helck's Past XII Ch.048 Helck's Past XIII Ch.048.5 Azudora's Album Ch.049 Helck's Past XIV Ch.049.5 New Combat Medic (1 & 2) & Red Light, Green Light Ch.050 Helck's Past XV Ch.050.5 Omake That Isn't the Moment to Say You're really Worried! Part 2 Ch.050.6 Bonus Ch.050.7 Silent Cheer & Look This Way!! Ch.051 Helck's Past XVI Ch.051.5 Death Mountain & Secluded Piuy Ch.052.1 Ch.052.2 Ch.053.1 Ch.053.2 Ch.053.4 Meddling Ch.053.5 Ch.054 Ch.054.5 Volume 6 Bonus Ch.054.6 Ch.055 Ch.055.5 Not Listening & Worry Ch.056 Anxiety Ch.056.5 Puberty Ch.057.1 Ch.057.2 Ch.057.3 Guilt & Ruffled Ch.057.4 Fishing Ch.058 Ch.058.5 Asuta's Questions Ch.059.1 Ch.059.2 Ch.059.3 Volume 7 Omake Reunion Ch.059.4 At That Time... Ch.060.1 Ch.060.2 Ch.060.3 60.1.5 As If That Could Happen! Ch.060.4 60.2.5 Sadistic Hyura Ch.061.1 Ch.061.2 Ch.061.3 v.3 c.Bonus Ch.061.4 v.2 c.Bonus Ch.061.5 61.1.5 You Won't Be Able to Burn a Single Strand of My Hair! Ch.061.6 61.2.5 Find the Culprit! Ch.062 Ch.062.5 Even Though This Was How I Imagined It!! & Prairie Soba's Turn Ch.063 Ch.063.1 63.1.5 Prairie Soba ~The Time Has Come~ Ch.063.2 Ch.063.3 Ch.063.4 63.2.5 Shin Castle, At That Point in Time... Ch.064.1 Ch.064.2 Ch.064.3 64.2.5 Prairie Soba - Conclusion Ch.064.4 64.1.5 Two People in a Particular Fight Ch.065 Ch.065.5 The Reason You Became Taller Ch.066 Ch.066.5 If We're Unwise, Flames Will Fly At Us Ch.067 Ch.067.5 Curiosity Ch.068 Ch.068.1 68.1.5 Important Role Ch.068.2 68.2.5 Volume 7 Bonus Harpii's Companion Efforts Log Ch.069 Ch.069.2 Ch.069.5 I'm Sure Everyone's Worried! Ch.070 Ch.070.1 70.1.5 I'm Not a Bird Song Ch.070.2 70.2.5 It'll Be Disastrous If You Leave The Barrier Ch.070.6 Ch.071 Prisoner Ch.071.5 Something Here & Maybe I'll Surprise Him a Bit Ch.071.6 Omake (Jun. 2016) Ch.072 Question Ch.072.5 Pretend Torture Ch.073 Military Strength Ch.073.5 I Want to Surprise You...! Ch.074.1 Rococo's Eyes Ch.074.2 Rococo's Eyes (2) Ch.074.3 74.1.5 Omake Ch.074.4 74.2.5 Rococo's Eyes - Bonus Ch.075.1 Uria the Hero Ch.075.2 Uria the Hero (2) Ch.075.3 75.1.5 Lubero's Delivery Ch.075.4 75.2.5There's a Chance & Azudora-sama's Prone to Worry Ch.076.1 The Start of War Ch.076.2 The Start of War (2) Ch.076.3 76.1.5 The SFX Effect GoGoGo Has Ch.076.4 76.2.5 Piwi's Observation Diary Ch.076.5 Volume 8 Omake The Legend of the Cursed Sword Ch.077.1 The Human Castle Ch.077.2 The Human Castle (2) Ch.077.3 77.1.5 The Sacred Beast's Name Ch.077.4 77.2.5 Fall Speed & Experienced Ch.078 Father and Daughter Ch.078.5 I Have a Feeling He's Here for Some Reason. Ch.079.1 Underground Establishment Ch.079.2 Underground Establishment (2) Ch.079.3 79.1.5 Promise Ch.079.4 79.2.5 The Ruins Lover Ch.080.1 The New World Ch.080.2 The New World (2) Ch.080.3 80.1.5 The Witch's Adventure Log - Encounter Ch.080.4 80.2.5 The Witch's Adventure Log - Entry 2 "Language" Ch.081 Torture Ch.081.5 The Witch's Adventure Log - Entry 3 "Greeting" Ch.082.1 Prototype Ch.082.2 Prototype (2) Ch.082.3 82.1.5 The Witch's Adventure Log - Entry 4 "Name" Ch.082.4 82.2.5 The Witch's Adventure Log - Entry 5 "Ship" Ch.083 Having an Audience Ch.083.5 The Witch's Adventure Log - Entry 6 "Island" Ch.084.1 Brothers Ch.084.2 Brothers (2) Ch.084.3 84.1.5 The Witch's Adventure Log - Entry 7 "Separation" Ch.084.4 84.2.5 The Witch's Adventure Log - Entry 8 "A Lot Happened" Ch.085 The Inferno Enchantress Ch.085.5 The Witch's Adventure Log - Entry 9 "Negotiation" Ch.086.1 The large tower in the west, and the snow Ch.086.2 The large tower in the west, and the snow Ch.086.3 86.1.5 Mochi Ch.086.4 86.2.5 Lubero and Haraoul - How to Draw Mysterious Creatures Ch.087 Betrayal Ch.087.5 Asuta's thoughts Ch.088.1 Where the king dwells (1) Ch.088.2 Where the king dwells (2) Ch.088.3 88.1.5 The Real Asuta Ch.088.4 88.2.5 Asuta's Wild Imagination Ch.089 Helck's choice Ch.089.1 Helck's Decision Ch.089.2 .5 Just What in the World is Piwi Up To? Ch.090 The Existence of Hope and Despair Ch.090.5 The Piwi who has been quiet lately... Ch.090.6 Volume 10 Bonus Ch.091.1 He who came in contact with the Will of the World Ch.091.2 He who came in contact with the Will of the World Ch.092 Battle with the Human King Ch.093.1 The Ancient's Ego Ch.093.2 Omake The Reason Helck Can Wield Swords Ch.093.3 The Ancient's Ego (2) Ch.093.4 Omake The Reason Helck Can Wield Swords (2) Ch.094 The Endless Snow Ch.094.1 Lubero and Haraoul - How to Draw Mysterious Creatures - Solution Ch.094.2 The Endless Snow (2) Ch.094.3 Omake (Unavoidable) Piwi Attack Ch.095 Forbidden Spell Ch.095.1 Omake Fluffy Piwi Ch.095.2 Forbidden Spell (2) Ch.095.3 Omake Ery Country Danger Once More (2) Ch.096 Despair Ch.096.1 Despair (2) Ch.096.2 Omake Ery Country Danger Once More (2) Ch.096.5 Omake Ery Country Danger Once More (3) Ch.097 The Hope That Don't Arrive Ch.097.1 Omake Ery Country Danger Once More (3.2) Ch.097.2 The Hope That Won't Arrive (2) Ch.097.3 Omake Read Online Ch.097.5 Volume 11 Bonus Where's Piwi!!? Ch.098 Ch.098.1 The Final Wish Ch.098.2 The Final Wish (2) Ch.098.3 Omake Ery Country Danger Once More (5) Ch.099 My Precious Friend Ch.099.5 Omake Ery Country Danger Once More (6) Ch.100.1 Message Ch.100.2 Message (2) Ch.100.3 Omake Ery Country Danger Once More (7) Ch.100.4 Omake Ery Country Danger Once More (8) Ch.101.1 Untitled Ch.101.2 Untitled (2) Ch.102 The End of Treachery Ch.103.1 Into the Light Ch.103.2 Into the Light (2) Ch.104.1 Omake Since I'm Tired, I Have No Other Choice. Ch.104.2 Ch.104.3 The Will of the World (3) Ch.104.4 The Will of the World (4) Ch.104.5 The Will of the World Ch.105 The Path Helck Will Walk Ch.106.1 Epilogue (1) Ch.106.2 Epilogue (2) Ch.106.5 Postface (End)
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