Hataraku Maou-sama!

Vol.10 Ch.049.6 The Devil And The Hero Buy A Children's Futon (Part 2)

Vol.01 Ch.001 Maou works part time at Sasadzuka Vol.01 Ch.002 Maou receives a mysterious text Vol.01 Ch.003 Maou, Dating a Kouhai Vol.01 Ch.004 The Demon Lord and the Hero's Entangled Paths Vol.01 Ch.005 The Hero is touched by the Kindness of humankind Vol.01 Ch.005.5 Maou is blessed with the gift of pork, by the Hero! Vol.02 Ch.006 Maou and the Epic Misunderstanding Vol.02 Ch.007 Maou Makes A Girl Cry Without Even Knowing It Vol.02 Ch.008 Maou Exposes Everything Vol.02 Ch.009 Maou Collapses Vol.02 Ch.010 Maou Archives Something Not Quite Epic Vol.02 Ch.011 Maou Goes to Work Vol.03 Ch.012 Maou gets to know his neighbors Vol.03 Ch.013 The Hero Makes a Background Check Vol.03 Ch.014 The Demon Lord Boasts Greatly Vol.03 Ch.015 The Hero Gets Asked for a Favor Vol.03 Ch.016 A Confession of Love to Satan Vol.04 Ch.017 The Hero Clears Up A Misunderstanding Vol.04 Ch.018 The Hero Organizes A Hatagaya-Bound Party Vol.04 Ch.019 The Hero Knows Her Position Vol.04 Ch.020 The Hero Clarifies Her Work Vol.04 Ch.021 The Devil King Rushes To The Rescue Vol.05 Ch.022 The Devil King Sends the Church Clergy a Warning Vol.05 Ch.023 The Duties of the Devil As A Manager Vol.05 Ch.024 The Usual Dining Table of the Demon King Vol.05 Ch.025 The Devil Grants His Servant A Break Vol.05 Ch.026 The Devil Pledges to Stay Legitimate Vol.06 Ch.027 The Devil and the Hero Encounter Something Totally Unexpected Vol.06 Ch.028 THE DEVIL AND THE HERO GAIN NEW TITLES Vol.06 Ch.029 The Devil Asks His Work Friend for a Little Help Vol.06 Ch.030 The Hero Hits the Amusement Park Fully Equipped Vol.06 Ch.031 The Devil Marvels at a Finely Honed Military Perfomance Vol.06 Ch.031.5 Bonus Manga and Afterword Vol.07 Ch.032 The Devil and the Hero Converse on the Ferris Wheel Vol.07 Ch.033 The Devil is asked for His Child Back Vol.07 Ch.034 The Devil and the Hero Share the Floor for the Night Vol.07 Ch.035 The Hero Declares She Will Clean Up Her Own Messes Vol.07 Ch.036 The Hero Kicks Out an Uninvited Guest Vol.07 Ch.037 The Devil Feels the Pain of Loss Vol.08 Ch.038 The Devil Loses His Job and Home Vol.08 Ch.039 The Devil Gets A Hot Work Tip Vol.08 Ch.040 The Devil Lands A New Job Vol.08 Ch.041 The Devil Remodels A Seaside Snack Bar Vol.08 Ch.042 The Devil Runs Into Something A Tad Unexpected On Kimigahama Beach Vol.09 Ch.043 The Hero Lands A Telling Blow At The Beach House Vol.09 Ch.044 The Devil Has A Proposal For His Boss Vol.09 Ch.045 The Devil Throws His Weight Around A Little Vol.09 Ch.046 The Devil Basks In The Glories Of Choshi Vol.09 Ch.046.5 Bonus Manga Vol.10 Ch.047 The Devil Demands A Rather Expensive Purchase Vol.10 Ch.048 The Hero Makes Her Own Key Ring Vol.10 Ch.049 The Devil Drops A Favor To The Noodle-Shop Clerk Vol.10 Ch.049.5 The Devil And The Hero Buy A Children's Futon (Part 1) Vol.10 Ch.049.6 The Devil And The Hero Buy A Children's Futon (Part 2)
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