Hana to Himegimi to Akuma no Vivian

Vol.03 Ch.014 Appearance Of The Demon King!

Ch.000 Vol.01 Ch.001 The Devil And His Flower Vol.01 Ch.002 A Suspicious Silhouette Steals Near..? Vol.01 Ch.003 Vol.01 Ch.004 Vol.01 Ch.005 Hide-And-Seek Contest Vol.02 Ch.006 New Year's Celebration Vol.02 Ch.007 Feeling Pile Up Steadily, Like Snow Falling Thick And Fast Vol.02 Ch.008 Hana's Birthday Bash! Vol.02 Ch.009 Surrounded By Two Demon Princes, Hana's Growing Fast Vol.02 Ch.010 Until That Moment Of Bliss Comes Someday... Vol.02 Ch.011 Mr. Cat, Mr. Cat, Where Are You Going In Such A Hurry? Vol.03 Ch.012 Unknown Territory, The World Of Demons Vol.03 Ch.013 Finally, First Time To The Demon World!!! But It's Not Going To Fun And Games...?! Vol.03 Ch.014 Appearance Of The Demon King! Vol.03 Ch.015 Hana's Feelings Also Steadily, HEAT UP!? Vol.03 Ch.016 A Small Yet Big Rival Appears Before Vivi..!? Vol.03 Ch.017 Solemnly Crowned With A Lovely Wreath Of Flowers Vol.04 Ch.018 Hana And Toni Vol.04 Ch.019 And The Premonition Of An Even Great Disturbance!? Vol.04 Ch.020 With A Wave Of A Magic Wand, Vivi And Velten Transform Into Wolves! Vol.04 Ch.021 Mysterious And Cute Love Triangle Vol.04 Ch.022 Rivals In Love...!? Vol.04 Ch.023 The Promise With The Demon King Vol.05 Ch.024 Two Of A Kind? Or Rivals? Vol.05 Ch.025 Hana's Marriage With The Demon King!! Vol.05 Ch.026 A Cheerful Baron Or A Cool Duke? Which Do You Prefer? Vol.05 Ch.027 Spring - A Season That Mixes Beginnings With Partings Vol.05 Ch.028 Hana And Vivi Are Getting Closer......Maybe?? Vol.05 Ch.029 The Duty Of A Student Is Not Study, But Love Right!? Vol.06 Ch.030 The Demon's Hand Closes In On Hana. This Time It Looks Bad..!? Vol.06 Ch.031 Hana-sama's Tyranny Continues...!!? Vol.06 Ch.032 What Does The Great Demon Moritz Want With Vivi, Who Broke The Spell On Hana...? Vol.06 Ch.033 A Close Couple, Just Like A Knight And A Princess Vol.06 Ch.034 The Distance Between Them, Too Close To Be Simply Considered As Friends Vol.06 Ch.035 Growing From A Girl Little By Little Vol.07 Ch.036 The Super-Sadistic Demon King's Tea Party Is Filled With A Series Of Difficulties! Vol.07 Ch.037 He's A Womanizer And A Good-For-Nothing. But! Vol.07 Ch.038 Tea Party In The Demon World Vol.07 Ch.039 Distance Too Close, Feelings Too Far Vol.07 Ch.040 I Love Him, I Really Love Him... Vol.07 Ch.041 Vivi-sama's In A Bad Mood Because Hana's Avoiding Him...!? Vol.08 Ch.042 There Are Some Things Even The Great Demon Vivi-sama Doesn't Understand Vol.08 Ch.043 How Did This Happen? Vol.08 Ch.044 The Man Hana Wants By Her Side Is... Vol.08 Ch.045 Even If Their Bodies Are Close, Their Hearts Are Far Apart... Vol.08 Ch.046 I Want To Be Your Wife! Vol.08 Ch.046.5 The First Day She Gave Me A Flower Vol.09 Ch.047 Will He Ever Be Able To Let Go Of A Love He Never Knew Existed? Vol.09 Ch.048 In Half A Year, We Will Have To Part Vol.09 Ch.049 In The Twinkling Starry Sky, Their Eyes Also Sparkle Vol.09 Ch.049.2 Extra II Vol.09 Ch.050 So There's Nothing More To Think About Vol.09 Ch.051 The Day Their Parting Came Vol.09 Ch.052 The Morning They Parted Vol.10 Ch.053 The Path To Vivi's Mansion Vol.10 Ch.054 Three Years Of Waiting Comes To An End Vol.10 Ch.055 Hana And Eleanor Are The Same Age; They Want To Talk About Love Too! Vol.10 Ch.056 If I'd Answered "Yes;" What Would You Have Said? Vol.10 Ch.057 Let's Make More Secrets Just Between Us! Vol.10 Ch.058 Happiest Person In The World Vol.10 Ch.058.5
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