Gokukoku no Brynhildr

Vol.01 Ch.001 Aliens

Vol.01 Ch.001 Aliens Vol.01 Ch.002 Magician Vol.01 Ch.003 The Hunt Vol.01 Ch.004 I Want to See the Ocean Vol.01 Ch.005 Lifespan Vol.01 Ch.006 Medicine Vol.01 Ch.007 Rank Vol.01 Ch.008 Prayer Vol.02 Ch.009 Harnessed Vol.02 Ch.010 Time Limit Vol.02 Ch.011 Trust Vol.02 Ch.012 Happening Vol.02 Ch.013 Transfer Student Vol.02 Ch.014 Astronomical Observation Vol.02 Ch.015 Smile Vol.02 Ch.016 Premonition Vol.02 Ch.017 Destruction Vol.02 Ch.018 Scapegoat Vol.03 Ch.019 The One Left Behind Vol.03 Ch.020 Ordinary Life Vol.03 Ch.021 After School Vol.03 Ch.022 Believe Me Vol.03 Ch.023 A Bit of Hope Vol.03 Ch.024 Dark Clouds Vol.03 Ch.025 A Date? Vol.03 Ch.026 Shared Fate Vol.03 Ch.027 Temptation Vol.03 Ch.028 Breaking Through Vol.04 Ch.029 A Strange Characteristic Vol.04 Ch.030 Jealousy Vol.04 Ch.031 Oops? Vol.04 Ch.032 Pursuers Vol.04 Ch.033 Girl and Gun Vol.04 Ch.034 Sweet Dreams Vol.04 Ch.035 So Glad to be Alive Vol.04 Ch.036 Because We Are Friends Vol.04 Ch.037 High Stakes Vol.04 Ch.038 Gaze Vol.05 Ch.039 Those to Protect Vol.05 Ch.040 Leads Vol.05 Ch.041 Time Limit Vol.05 Ch.042 In the Light Vol.05 Ch.043 Not Normal Vol.05 Ch.044 Nice to Meet You Vol.05 Ch.045 The Price for Power Vol.05 Ch.046 Death Sentence Vol.05 Ch.047 Unchanging Future Vol.05 Ch.048 Strategy Meeting Vol.06 Ch.049 Foresight vs. Foresight Vol.06 Ch.050 Inside the Dream Vol.06 Ch.051 Choice Vol.06 Ch.052 The Fateful Day Vol.06 Ch.053 Before Dawn Vol.06 Ch.054 A Long Farewell Vol.06 Ch.055 Everyone Together Vol.06 Ch.056 The Ocean Is So Big Vol.06 Ch.057 Trouble Maker Vol.06 Ch.058 Unknown Voice Vol.06 Ch.059 A Wonderful World Vol.07 Ch.060 Most of Humanity Vol.07 Ch.061 A Strong Power Vol.07 Ch.062 Blood and Sweat Vol.07 Ch.063 Holding Hands Vol.07 Ch.064 Point to Point Vol.07 Ch.065 Wishing Upon a Star Vol.07 Ch.066 The Flames of Vengeance Vol.07 Ch.067 The Last Summer Vacation Vol.07 Ch.068 The Secret Triangle Vol.07 Ch.069 Life's Choices Vol.07 Ch.069.1 Drier Revelations Vol.08 Ch.070 Fate's Prank Vol.08 Ch.071 The Value of Life Vol.08 Ch.072 Goodbye to Happy Days Vol.08 Ch.073 Three Way Fight Vol.08 Ch.074 The Truth About Witches Vol.08 Ch.075 Taboo Vol.08 Ch.076 Special Girl Vol.08 Ch.077 Their Bonds Vol.08 Ch.078 Deal Vol.08 Ch.079 Betrayal Vol.09 Ch.080 Difference In Power Vol.09 Ch.081 Determination and Resolve Vol.09 Ch.082 Goodbye Vol.09 Ch.083 Abyss Vol.09 Ch.084 Laberinto Vol.09 Ch.085 Intimidation Vol.09 Ch.086 The Empty 10 Years Vol.09 Ch.087 Hatching Vol.09 Ch.088 Smile Vol.09 Ch.088.1 Takatori Kotori's Youth! Vol.09 Ch.089 Alone Vol.10 Ch.090 Before Dawn Vol.10 Ch.091 A World Headed for Destruction Vol.10 Ch.092 Nightmare Vol.10 Ch.093 Boy and Knife Vol.10 Ch.094 The Proof of Friendship Vol.10 Ch.095 Confession Vol.10 Ch.096 Revival Vol.10 Ch.097 Confronting Despair Vol.10 Ch.098 Kuroneko Vol.10 Ch.099 The Final Battle Vol.10 Ch.100 Kuroha Neko Vol.11 Ch.101 What Happened That Day Vol.11 Ch.102 Traces Vol.11 Ch.103 A Fresh Encounter Vol.11 Ch.104 Transfer Student Vol.11 Ch.105 Lost Memories Vol.11 Ch.106 Searching For The Links Vol.11 Ch.107 Paradise Vol.11 Ch.108 Institute V Vol.11 Ch.109 Promise Vol.11 Ch.110 War Vol.11 Ch.111 Drasil Vol.12 Ch.112 Proof of Bravery Vol.12 Ch.113 The Naked Hope Vol.12 Ch.114 Trust Vol.12 Ch.115 A Chance Meeting With God Vol.12 Ch.116 Welcome Back Vol.12 Ch.117 Over Action Vol.12 Ch.118 A Familiar Face Vol.12 Ch.119 The Future of Chivalry Vol.12 Ch.120 The End of Perverted Antics Vol.13 Ch.121 The Dark Future Vol.13 Ch.122 The unavoidable truth Vol.13 Ch.123 Echoes in the Rain Vol.13 Ch.124 Shattered Pieces Vol.13 Ch.125 Foolish Humans Vol.13 Ch.126 The Right Timing Vol.13 Ch.127 Read Online Vol.13 Ch.128 Ripples Vol.13 Ch.129 Your Memories Vol.13 Ch.130 The First Time... Vol.14 Ch.131 Enraged Vol.14 Ch.132 Disciplining the Prisoner Vol.14 Ch.133 Suspicion Vol.14 Ch.134 Pursuing the Pursuer Vol.14 Ch.135 Remorse Vol.14 Ch.136 The Limit of Comprehension Vol.14 Ch.137 Ignorance and Bliss Vol.14 Ch.138 What's Most Precious Vol.14 Ch.139 The Courage to Love Vol.14 Ch.140 Now I Know All Vol.15 Ch.141 Approaching the Core Vol.15 Ch.142 The Greatest Magic Vol.15 Ch.143 Onto the Stage...! Vol.15 Ch.144 A Chance Encounter Vol.15 Ch.145 Even A Hug Is... Vol.15 Ch.146 Remembering The Memories Vol.15 Ch.147 Twin hopes Vol.15 Ch.148 A Certain Man's Right Vol.15 Ch.149 Happy Times Vol.15 Ch.150 Declaration of War Vol.16 Ch.151 The Prisoner Vol.16 Ch.152 A Desperate Choice Vol.16 Ch.153 Promise Vol.16 Ch.154 Those Who Are Left Behind Vol.16 Ch.155 An unexpected reunion Vol.16 Ch.156 Impetus Vol.16 Ch.157 Blasphemy Vol.16 Ch.158 Crack Vol.16 Ch.159 A day to commemorate Vol.16 Ch.160 Goddess Vol.17 Ch.161 Murakami's memory Vol.17 Ch.162 The finishing touches Vol.17 Ch.163 An unseen threat approaches Vol.17 Ch.164 Goodbye Vol.17 Ch.165 Backup Vol.17 Ch.166 The chosen one Vol.17 Ch.167 The plan begins to unfold Vol.17 Ch.168 Adam and Eve Vol.17 Ch.169 Smiling face Vol.17 Ch.170 At the precipice of despair Vol.17 Ch.171 Teardrop Vol.17 Ch.172 Elevator Vol.18 Ch.173 Pride Vol.18 Ch.174 Self-Confidence Vol.18 Ch.175 Neko vs Onodera Vol.18 Ch.176 The beginning of the end Vol.18 Ch.177 Neko's Resolution!! Vol.18 Ch.178 Decision Vol.18 Ch.179 Kazumi Schlierenzauer Vol.18 Ch.180 God Vol.18 Ch.181 Together Forever (END) Vol.18 Ch.181.1
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