Girls & Panzer - Motto Love Love Sakusen desu!

Vol.06 Ch.039 It is the unexpeted Chihatan Island!

Ch.001 Operation More Rabu Rabu! Ch.002 It's Pravda! Ch.003 Summer in Ooarai! Ch.004 More Summer in Ooarai! Ch.005 It's "The Teatime of Gloriana"! Ch.005.1 Omake 1 - It's the Web Version Edition! Ch.005.2 Omake 2 - It's the Melancholy of Nina! Ch.006 It's the Autumn Week of Public Morals Control! Ch.007 It's the Ooarai Girls Countermeasure Meeting! Ch.007.5 It's an Informal Social Gathering! Ch.008 Operation Diet! Ch.009 It's Chirstmas! Ch.010 It's the Murder Case of Oorai Girls' 38(t) Hetzer Loader! Ch.011 It's the Noble Sisters' Steamy Trip! Ch.012 Lost! Ch.013 It's a Nice Day for a Date! Ch.013.1 Omake 3 - It's the Anglerfish Festival War! Ch.013.2 Omake 4 - It's the Web Version Edition! Ch.014 The Image of Future Expectations! Ch.014.5 It's the Nonna Diary! Ch.015 Operation Confession! Ch.016 It's the Conditions in Anzio! Ch.017 Sequel ・ It's the Conditions in Anzio! Ch.018 It's Katyusha's Portrait! Ch.019 It's Remako's Repay of Gratitude! Vol.03 Ch.020 After Maintenance, It's Gotta Be a Bath Vol.03 Ch.020.1 Omake 5 - It's the Web Version Edition! Vol.03 Ch.020.2 Omake 6 - It's the Anzio Special! Vol.03 Ch.020.3 Omake 7 - It's the Making-off Operation Raburabu! Vol.03 Ch.020.4 Omake 8 - It's Judgement! Vol.04 Ch.021 Saunders Vol.04 Ch.021.5 It's Christmas in Saunders Vol.04 Ch.022 It's Valentine's, Schwarzwaldspitze! Vol.04 Ch.023 It's Winter in Pravda Vol.04 Ch.024 It Came From the Sea Vol.04 Ch.025 It's- Retaking the M3! Vol.04 Ch.026 A Visit from Darjeeling-sama! Vol.04 Ch.027 It's Anchovy, swim! Vol.05 Ch.028 It's the Yuzu-Momo Battle…? Vol.05 Ch.029 A Cool Midsummer Evening! It's the Ghost Story Meeting! Vol.05 Ch.030 Run, Type 89! Vol.05 Ch.031 Acting Like Me…? Vol.05 Ch.032 Ah, Mother? Vol.05 Ch.033 The Rivals are a Treasure! Vol.06 Ch.034 We Are The Chi-Ha-Tan Girls' Tank Club! Vol.06 Ch.035 It's Midnight Mika! Vol.06 Ch.037 It's the Katyusha Diary! (Part 2) Vol.06 Ch.038 It is tracking Darjeeling-sama! Vol.06 Ch.039 It is the unexpeted Chihatan Island!
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