Vol.37 Ch.383 Endpoint

Vol.01 Ch.001 An Incident Vol.01 Ch.002 An Inexplicable Room Vol.01 Ch.003 The Naked Suicide Girl Vol.01 Ch.004 The Black Ball's Orders Vol.01 Ch.005 Illusion Vol.01 Ch.006 Encounter with the Onion Alien Vol.01 Ch.007 Inharmonic Vol.01 Ch.008 Slaughter Vol.01 Ch.009 Eichmann Test Vol.01 Ch.010 Rage Vol.02 Ch.011 All Dead Vol.02 Ch.012 Hypnosis and Awakening Vol.02 Ch.013 Eyes Vol.02 Ch.014 Fearless Vol.02 Ch.015 Jump or Die Vol.02 Ch.016 Flesh Transfiguration Vol.02 Ch.017 Shot Vol.02 Ch.018 Conditions for Survival Vol.02 Ch.019 Gantz Vol.02 Ch.020 Grades Vol.02 Ch.021 Copies Vol.02 Ch.022 Duplication Vol.03 Ch.023 Daily Life Vol.03 Ch.024 Untitled Vol.03 Ch.025 Lucky Man Vol.03 Ch.026 Pet Vol.03 Ch.027 Subliminal Power Vol.03 Ch.028 Rerun Vol.03 Ch.029 Zoku Vol.03 Ch.030 Road Disappearance Vol.03 Ch.031 Impossible to Explain, Impossible to Understand Vol.03 Ch.032 Forgotten Vol.03 Ch.033 Group Madness Vol.03 Ch.034 Mr. Tanaka Vol.04 Ch.035 Singing Voice Vol.04 Ch.036 Deception Vol.04 Ch.037 Partial Functionality Vol.04 Ch.038 Sacrifice Vol.04 Ch.039 Underwater Enemy Vol.04 Ch.040 Ignored Warnings Vol.04 Ch.041 Bird Vol.04 Ch.042 In-Depth Info Vol.04 Ch.043 Unexpected Developments Vol.04 Ch.044 Flock of Tanakas Vol.04 Ch.045 Loli Loli Vol.04 Ch.046 Inside the Apartment Vol.05 Ch.047 Resonance Vol.05 Ch.048 Boss Vol.05 Ch.049 Clever Scheme Vol.05 Ch.050 Collapse Vol.05 Ch.051 Capture Vol.05 Ch.052 Weakness Vol.05 Ch.053 False Tranquility Vol.05 Ch.054 Unfaithful and Uncomfortable Vol.05 Ch.055 The Emperor's New Gun Vol.05 Ch.056 New Participants Vol.05 Ch.057 Preacher Vol.05 Ch.058 Despair Vol.06 Ch.059 Sex Vol.06 Ch.060 Guide Vol.06 Ch.061 Gate Vol.06 Ch.062 The King's Stand Vol.06 Ch.063 Palm Vol.06 Ch.064 Breach Vol.06 Ch.065 Missing Compassion Vol.06 Ch.066 Sensational Battlefield Vol.06 Ch.067 My Destructive Self Vol.06 Ch.068 Arrival of Teachings Vol.06 Ch.069 Poor Method Vol.06 Ch.070 Feeling Superior Vol.07 Ch.071 Buddha Vol.07 Ch.072 Grand Feast-O-Death Vol.07 Ch.073 Hand of the Evil Spirit Vol.07 Ch.074 Slaughter Vol.07 Ch.075 Barrier Vol.07 Ch.076 Deadly Lips Vol.07 Ch.077 Avenging Vol.07 Ch.078 Crying Vol.07 Ch.079 Read Carefully Vol.07 Ch.080 Burst Vol.07 Ch.081 Cold Words Vol.07 Ch.082 The Woman Who Fights to Win or Die Vol.08 Ch.083 Incapable Vol.08 Ch.084 Failed Sneak Attack Vol.08 Ch.085 Human Language Vol.08 Ch.086 Communication Vol.08 Ch.087 True Face Vol.08 Ch.088 The Meaning of Victory Vol.08 Ch.089 Brother Vol.08 Ch.090 Alone Vol.08 Ch.091 Sexual Harassmen? Vol.08 Ch.092 Transfer Student Vol.08 Ch.093 The Black Ball's Room Vol.08 Ch.094 Kei Kurono Vol.09 Ch.095 Long Jump Vol.09 Ch.096 Fight Scene in the Sky Vol.09 Ch.097 Responsibility Vol.09 Ch.098 Being Played Vol.09 Ch.099 Deranged Vol.09 Ch.100 Time Vol.09 Ch.101 The Game of Life Vol.09 Ch.102 Class Breakdown Vol.09 Ch.103 Absent Minded > Insecure Vol.09 Ch.104 Justice Vol.09 Ch.105 The Final Target Vol.09 Ch.106 Existence Revealed Vol.10 Ch.107 Annihilation Vol.10 Ch.108 Growth Vol.10 Ch.109 Suicide Vol.10 Ch.110 Super Human Vol.10 Ch.111 Learned Vol.10 Ch.112 Oppression Vol.10 Ch.113 Murder Vol.10 Ch.114 Interrogation Vol.10 Ch.115 The Man from Hakata Vol.10 Ch.116 World Game Vol.10 Ch.117 Underground Master Vol.10 Ch.118 Sweetheart Vol.11 Ch.119 Midnight Class Vol.11 Ch.120 Jealousy Vol.11 Ch.121 The Man Behind a Mask Vol.11 Ch.122 The Morning of Crime Vol.11 Ch.123 Shinjuku at 1000am Vol.11 Ch.124 Shinjuku Holocaust Vol.11 Ch.125 Pedestrians' Paradise Vol.11 Ch.126 Unarmed Fighting Vol.11 Ch.127 Chinese Vol.11 Ch.128 Atonement Vol.11 Ch.129 The Death of Sensei Vol.11 Ch.130 Dying in Anger Vol.12 Ch.131 Passing by Each Other Vol.12 Ch.132 Confrontation Vol.12 Ch.133 High Noon Vol.12 Ch.134 Sweet Gift Vol.12 Ch.135 New Rule Vol.12 Ch.136 Jurassic Vol.12 Ch.137 Survival of the Fittest Vol.12 Ch.138 Kansai Vol.12 Ch.139 Sword Vol.12 Ch.140 Bisection Vol.12 Ch.141 Prey Vol.12 Ch.142 Superman Vol.13 Ch.143 Father's Back Vol.13 Ch.144 Roar! Vol.13 Ch.145 Cannibalism Vol.13 Ch.146 The Power to Live Vol.13 Ch.147 The Wanderers Vol.13 Ch.148 Falling Off Vol.13 Ch.149 Encourgement Vol.13 Ch.150 Leader Vol.13 Ch.151 Simultaneous Kills Vol.13 Ch.152 Unavoidable Vol.13 Ch.153 Decoy Vol.13 Ch.154 Feelings Vol.14 Ch.155 Rampaging Dinosaur Vol.14 Ch.156 Surprise Attack Vol.14 Ch.157 Hundred Eyes Vol.14 Ch.158 Black Clothing Vol.14 Ch.159 Encounter Vol.14 Ch.160 The Only One Vol.14 Ch.161 Runion Vol.14 Ch.162 Daytime Lantern Vol.14 Ch.163 Seminar Vol.14 Ch.164 Shibuya at 500pm Vol.14 Ch.165 Whirlwind Vol.14 Ch.166 Teeth Vol.15 Ch.167 The Game of Death Vol.15 Ch.168 Telephone Shocking Vol.15 Ch.169 Loophole Vol.15 Ch.170 Separation Vol.15 Ch.171 Afterimage Vol.15 Ch.172 Embrace Vol.15 Ch.173 Transparency Vol.15 Ch.174 Target Vol.15 Ch.175 Reunion Vol.15 Ch.176 Escape Vol.15 Ch.177 The Truth Is Revealed Vol.15 Ch.178 Split Vol.16 Ch.179 Trackless Vol.16 Ch.180 Personal Attack Vol.16 Ch.181 Area Vol.16 Ch.182 Murderer Vol.16 Ch.183 Argentate Film Vol.16 Ch.184 Vanish Vol.16 Ch.185 100 Point Menu Vol.16 Ch.186 Present Vol.16 Ch.187 Investigation Vol.16 Ch.188 Punishment Vol.16 Ch.189 Muscle Rider Vol.16 Ch.190 Changing Clothes Vol.17 Ch.191 Common Knowledge Vol.17 Ch.192 Public Prescence Vol.17 Ch.193 The Oni Is Outside Vol.17 Ch.194 Street Fight Vol.17 Ch.195 Burning Type Vol.17 Ch.196 Transposition Vol.17 Ch.197 Close Combat Vol.17 Ch.198 Chicken Vol.17 Ch.199 Non-Fixed Form Vol.17 Ch.200 Gokkun Vol.17 Ch.201 Murder Vomit Vol.17 Ch.202 A Man Born from a Wish Vol.18 Ch.203 Fists Vol.18 Ch.204 Swing Rock Vol.18 Ch.205 A Worthy Opponent Vol.18 Ch.206 Before the Storm Vol.18 Ch.207 Record of Bloodshed Vol.18 Ch.208 Lord of Lightning Vol.18 Ch.209 Declaration of Mankind's Extermination Vol.18 Ch.210 A Desperate Attack Vol.18 Ch.211 The Thing That He Sees Vol.18 Ch.212 It's Useless Vol.18 Ch.213 Flying Slash Vol.18 Ch.214 Synchronicity Vol.19 Ch.215 The Pathos of Rejoicing Vol.19 Ch.216 100 Points Vol.19 Ch.217 How to Use Freedom Vol.19 Ch.218 Comeback Vol.19 Ch.219 A Third Member Returns Vol.19 Ch.220 Number 1 Vol.19 Ch.221 Your Job Is Done Vol.19 Ch.222 Brothers Vol.19 Ch.223 That Inerasable "Something" Vol.19 Ch.224 Lovely Stalker Vol.19 Ch.225 Key Vol.19 Ch.226 Contact Vol.20 Ch.227 Kurono Kei Vol.20 Ch.228 A New Dark Massacre! Vol.20 Ch.229 Flow Vol.20 Ch.230 Split Bamboo Vol.20 Ch.231 Home Visit Vol.20 Ch.232 A Selfless Cause Vol.20 Ch.233 Lets Go Somewhere Vol.20 Ch.234 Hero, Me Vol.20 Ch.235 Assault Against the Reality Vol.20 Ch.236 Purifying Light Vol.20 Ch.237 Next Phase Vol.21 Ch.238 Host Samurai Vol.21 Ch.239 Nurarihyon Vol.21 Ch.240 Dootonbori Vol.21 Ch.241 A Delightful Stink Vol.21 Ch.242 What the Hell Vol.21 Ch.243 West Side Story Vol.21 Ch.244 City of Gluttons Vol.21 Ch.245 The Last Bit of Strength Vol.21 Ch.246 Hunter to Hunted Vol.21 Ch.247 Cheap Lives Vol.22 Ch.248 Enlightenment Through Death Vol.22 Ch.249 Hypocrite Alien Vol.22 Ch.250 The Three Total Sadists Vol.22 Ch.251 A Single-minded Man Vol.22 Ch.252 The Westerners Vol.22 Ch.253 Thee and Thou? Vol.22 Ch.254 With One Finger Vol.22 Ch.255 Howeva I Want Vol.22 Ch.256 100-Pointer Vol.23 Ch.257 Desperation Vol.23 Ch.258 SplatterHead Vol.23 Ch.259 Half-Awakened Vol.23 Ch.260 Vs. the SDF Vol.23 Ch.261 Annihilation vs. Extinction Vol.23 Ch.262 Like a Cockroach Vol.23 Ch.263 Impossible Death Vol.23 Ch.264 Mind Over Muscle Vol.24 Ch.265 Feminine Hell Vol.24 Ch.266 Ambush Vol.24 Ch.267 Forced to Compete Vol.24 Ch.268 The Ones Not Going Back Vol.24 Ch.269 Survival of the Fittest Vol.24 Ch.270 Ping Pong Vol.24 Ch.271 The Gap in Levels Between Me and Us Vol.24 Ch.272 Oka vs. Nurari, One-on-One! Vol.25 Ch.273 Roars of Terror Vol.25 Ch.274 Melee Rush Vol.25 Ch.275 Regaining a Plan Vol.25 Ch.276 Questioning the Questioner Vol.25 Ch.277 The Marksman Vol.25 Ch.278 Once in a Lifetime Rush Vol.25 Ch.279 A Valuable Choice Vol.25 Ch.280 Prelude to Collapse Vol.26 Ch.281 Warm Memories Vol.26 Ch.282 Proud Primates Vol.26 Ch.283 Desperate Meeting Vol.26 Ch.284 Factory Vol.26 Ch.285 The Link Between Mind and Sphere Vol.26 Ch.286 Warped Thoughts Vol.26 Ch.287 Definition of Bullying Vol.26 Ch.288 The Roar of Collapse Vol.26 Ch.289 The World Attacks Vol.26 Ch.290 Intelligence Like That of a Straw Vol.26 Ch.291 Wisdom of Beauty Vol.27 Ch.292 International Tragedy Vol.27 Ch.293 The Price of Courage Vol.27 Ch.294 Shutdown Vol.27 Ch.295 Colony Collapse Disorder Vol.27 Ch.296 The Meaning of "Finished" Vol.27 Ch.297 Stirrings Within the Black Sphere Vol.27 Ch.298 Warped Providence and Love Vol.27 Ch.299 How to Build an Eternity Vol.27 Ch.300 The Old Sage of Darkness Vol.27 Ch.301 Things Come to Light in the Mansion Vol.27 Ch.302 The Berlin Trickster Vol.27 Ch.303 Daylight of Damnation Vol.28 Ch.304 Shooting Stars Vol.28 Ch.305 Rejected Surrender Vol.28 Ch.306 Tokyo Eliminator Vol.28 Ch.307 Just Another Battlefield Vol.28 Ch.308 Collision with the Unknown Vol.28 Ch.309 Resolve Unleashed Vol.28 Ch.310 People Saved, Things Wasted Vol.28 Ch.311 Stealth Hope Vol.29 Ch.312 Executing the Counterattack Vol.29 Ch.313 Loss of Control Vol.29 Ch.314 Agitation Vol.29 Ch.315 Clash of Civilisations Vol.29 Ch.316 Twist and Turn Vol.29 Ch.317 A Moment of Dominance Vol.29 Ch.318 Pursuit of Safety Vol.29 Ch.319 Skinned Life Vol.30 Ch.320 A Sign of Death Vol.30 Ch.321 Perverted Help Vol.30 Ch.322 The Very Bottom of the Food Chain Vol.30 Ch.323 Depths of an Alien World Vol.30 Ch.324 The Choice of the Strong Vol.30 Ch.325 Exposed Reunion Vol.30 Ch.326 Toy Girl Vol.31 Ch.327 Little Birds in a Cage Vol.31 Ch.328 Transcendence Vol.31 Ch.329 Rebel Forces Vol.31 Ch.330 Gathering Under the Banner of Rebellion Vol.31 Ch.331 Reverse Invasion Vol.31 Ch.331.5 [Osaka Special 1] Osaka Team Vol.31 Ch.331.6 [Osaka Special 2] Unknown Choice Vol.31 Ch.332 Gathering of Wills Vol.31 Ch.333 The Limits Made Clear Vol.31 Ch.334 Irreversible Lives Vol.31 Ch.335 Rescue Ships Passing in the Night Vol.32 Ch.336 Life's Questions and Answers Vol.32 Ch.337 Strangled by Fear, You Taste Hope Vol.32 Ch.338 Hopes United Vol.32 Ch.339 The First Link in the Chain Vol.32 Ch.339.5 Nishi Special Vol.32 Ch.340 Reversal of Fortune Vol.32 Ch.341 The Safe Haven Is Breached Vol.32 Ch.342 Breakdown Revisited Vol.32 Ch.343 Taking the Bait Vol.33 Ch.344 A Game of Life and Death Vol.33 Ch.345 The Truth Behind Agression Vol.33 Ch.346 Quenched Flames Vol.33 Ch.347 Saturated Skull Vol.33 Ch.348 Rampaging Tumor Vol.33 Ch.349 Less than a Fight Vol.33 Ch.350 Pinpoint Victory Vol.33 Ch.351 Beautiful Feelings Vol.34 Ch.352 Lovers' Crossing Vol.34 Ch.353 Deus Ex Machina Vol.34 Ch.354 I, Too Vol.34 Ch.355 Parallel Strike Vol.34 Ch.356 A Forbidden Dream Vol.34 Ch.357 Tiny Love Song Vol.34 Ch.358 Steel March Vol.34 Ch.359 The Squinting Tyrant Vol.35 Ch.360 Confession and repentance. Vol.35 Ch.361 Battlecry. Vol.35 Ch.362 Meager Redemption Vol.35 Ch.363 Sky Tower Vol.35 Ch.364 Dissonant Resonance Vol.35 Ch.365 Deal with the devil Vol.35 Ch.366 The great escape Vol.35 Ch.367 How to Make a Hero Vol.36 Ch.368 Transgression and a Profession of Love Vol.36 Ch.369 Question Time Vol.36 Ch.370 Perfect plan Vol.36 Ch.371 Proof of Humanity Vol.36 Ch.372 Where the Missing Mass Goes Vol.36 Ch.373 Dueling Etiquette Vol.36 Ch.374 Rush Hour Vol.36 Ch.375 The Final Barrier Vol.36 Ch.376 A Challenge From the Defeated Vol.36 Ch.377 The Melancholy of Prometheus Vol.37 Ch.378 Confronting His Heaviest Burden Vol.37 Ch.379 Exchanging Despair for Hope Vol.37 Ch.380 Flashing All His Might Vol.37 Ch.381 Converging on Despair Vol.37 Ch.382 Lightning Counterstrike Vol.37 Ch.383 Endpoint
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