Gamble Fish

Vol.19 Ch.169 Special Extra The Epilogue

Vol.01 Ch.001 Truth and Lies Vol.01 Ch.002 Two-Up Vol.01 Ch.003 The Three Truths Vol.01 Ch.004 Decoy Vol.01 Ch.005 Magician Vol.01 Ch.006 Light and Darkness Vol.02 Ch.007 The Magic Known as Gambling Vol.02 Ch.008 The Bond Known as Magic Vol.02 Ch.009 The Devil of Gambling Vol.02 Ch.010 The Gambler's Law Vol.02 Ch.011 The Magician Killer Vol.02 Ch.012 Magic Is Light Vol.02 Ch.013 A New Challenge Vol.02 Ch.014 Nine-Ball Vol.02 Ch.015 Hustler Vol.03 Ch.016 Hustler vs. Gambler Vol.03 Ch.017 The Gokijima Custom Vol.03 Ch.018 Shirasagi Yumeichirou Vol.03 Ch.019 Break Shot Vol.03 Ch.020 Prepared Strike Vol.03 Ch.021 Battle During the Pouring Rain Vol.03 Ch.022 A Demon Swooping Down Vol.03 Ch.023 Going All in on Myself!! Vol.03 Ch.024 Perfect Crime Vol.04 Ch.025 What Time Is It? Vol.04 Ch.026 See Ya!!! Vol.04 Ch.027 Monkey Magic Vol.04 Ch.028 Blitzkrieg Tactic Vol.04 Ch.029 Break Shot of Blessing Vol.04 Ch.030 Abidani Seminar Vol.04 Ch.031 Three-Game Dice Battle Vol.04 Ch.032 Team Shirasagi Vol.04 Ch.033 Lolita Computer Vol.05 Ch.034 Strip Showdown Vol.05 Ch.035 A Girl's Willpower Vol.05 Ch.036 The God of Gambling Vol.05 Ch.037 Dice Stacking Vol.05 Ch.038 Grasshopper Vol.05 Ch.039 Seize Victory Together Vol.05 Ch.040 D-Zone Vol.05 Ch.041 Judgment Fire Vol.05 Ch.042 The Witch's Labyrinth Vol.06 Ch.043 Absolute Magic Power Vol.06 Ch.044 Three Mysteries Vol.06 Ch.045 The Worst Situation Vol.06 Ch.046 The Final "Judgment" Vol.06 Ch.047 Forcing Vol.06 Ch.048 True Judgment Fire Vol.06 Ch.049 The Final Judgment Vol.06 Ch.050 The Secret Garden Vol.06 Ch.051 The Cockroach Returns Vol.07 Ch.052 Hell Bridges Vol.07 Ch.053 The Twin Herons Vol.07 Ch.054 Emily Dawn Vol.07 Ch.055 Rose of Shishidou Vol.07 Ch.056 The Name of the Rose Is...? Vol.07 Ch.057 The Pride of the Rose Vol.07 Ch.058 An End and a Beginning Vol.07 Ch.059 Victory Flag Vol.07 Ch.060 The Seven Rabbits Vol.08 Ch.061 The Pursuit Begins Vol.08 Ch.062 Green Berets Vol.08 Ch.063 Wolves of the Battlefield Vol.08 Ch.064 Magical Script Vol.08 Ch.065 Pheromones Vol.08 Ch.066 Chicken Pick Vol.08 Ch.067 A New Threat Vol.08 Ch.068 Tengu Vol.08 Ch.069 Disturbance Vol.09 Ch.070 Black Rabbit Vol.09 Ch.071 King of Matagi Vol.09 Ch.072 Rainbow Burst Vol.09 Ch.073 Rainbow Dawn Vol.09 Ch.074 Dive Vol.09 Ch.075 Kikue Vol.09 Ch.076 Tengu vs Gambler Vol.09 Ch.077 Showdown at Pomegranate Vol.09 Ch.078 Emissary from Behind Vol.10 Ch.079 Rainbow Desire Vol.10 Ch.080 Reconciliatory Embrace Vol.10 Ch.081 The Last Trump Card Vol.10 Ch.082 Class Reunion Vol.10 Ch.083 The Demon's Past Vol.10 Ch.084 The Demon's Formula Vol.10 Ch.085 Birth of a Demon Vol.10 Ch.086 Vacation Vol.10 Ch.087 Gambling City- Macau Vol.11 Ch.088 Shyu Oumei Vol.11 Ch.089 Hundred Pacer Vol.11 Ch.090 The Wolf-Sick Man Vol.11 Ch.091 Substitute Vol.11 Ch.092 Texas Holdem Vol.11 Ch.093 Akira Juumonji Vol.11 Ch.094 Perfect Poker Vol.11 Ch.095 Chance Vol.11 Ch.096 True Gamble Vol.12 Ch.097 Final Showdown Vol.12 Ch.098 Business and Gambling Vol.12 Ch.099 Strip Poker Vol.12 Ch.100 Invisible Truth Vol.12 Ch.101 World's #1 Gambler Vol.12 Ch.102 Suprise Guest Vol.12 Ch.103 Meat Pie Roulette Vol.12 Ch.104 Yumeichirou, Father Vol.12 Ch.105 Calm Heart Vol.13 Ch.106 Dragon's Beard Vol.13 Ch.107 Wall Vol.13 Ch.108 Invisible Things Vol.13 Ch.109 Give Up Vol.13 Ch.110 Face Man Vol.13 Ch.111 Block Vol.13 Ch.112 Sacrifices Vol.13 Ch.113 Unyielding Courage Vol.13 Ch.114 Ecstasy Fish Vol.14 Ch.115 Do or Die Vol.14 Ch.116 The Door of Fate Vol.14 Ch.117 Leviathan Vol.14 Ch.118 Supreme Bliss Vol.14 Ch.119 Perfect Pitch Vol.14 Ch.120 Toss of God Vol.14 Ch.121 Casino Dominator Vol.14 Ch.122 King's Caliber Vol.14 Ch.123 Backbone and Reputation Vol.15 Ch.124 Tehonbiki Vol.15 Ch.125 Flames of Obstinancy Vol.15 Ch.126 DEATH ZONE Vol.15 Ch.127 Gokijima's Close Call Vol.15 Ch.128 Nyotai Table Vol.15 Ch.129 Kaiser Again Vol.15 Ch.130 E.F.F.B. Vol.15 Ch.131 Mission Vol.15 Ch.132 CHANGE Vol.16 Ch.133 KING Vol.16 Ch.134 WINDOW Vol.16 Ch.135 Full Charge Vol.16 Ch.136 B.T.S. Vol.16 Ch.137 Card of Death Vol.16 Ch.138 Yes,We Can! Vol.16 Ch.139 Determination Vol.16 Ch.140 Reserver Vol.16 Ch.141 Squeeze Vol.17 Ch.142 Guardian Angel Vol.17 Ch.143 Guillotine Necklace Vol.17 Ch.144 Change Mahjong Vol.17 Ch.145 Theory Vol.17 Ch.146 Delusions Vol.17 Ch.147 Open Riichi Vol.17 Ch.148 God of Stripping Vol.17 Ch.149 [Change] Vol.17 Ch.150 Molly Vol.18 Ch.151 The Essence of Trickery Vol.18 Ch.152 Utmost Limits Vol.18 Ch.153 Squeezing Obstructive Thoughts Vol.18 Ch.154 Jasmine Flower Vol.18 Ch.155 Aoja Vol.18 Ch.156 Wait For the Heart Vol.18 Ch.157 Prisoner of Darkness Vol.18 Ch.158 Heart of Truth Vol.18 Ch.159 Breathless Death Match Vol.19 Ch.160 Inescapable Heart Vol.19 Ch.161 Entrusted Sentiment Vol.19 Ch.162 Angel and Devil Vol.19 Ch.163 Shishidou’s Collection Vol.19 Ch.164 Flute of the Dead Vol.19 Ch.165 Perfect Vol.19 Ch.166 Phoenix Vol.19 Ch.167 Last Gamble Vol.19 Ch.168 Farewell Gambler [End] Vol.19 Ch.168.5 Extreme Extra The Promise Vol.19 Ch.169 Special Extra The Epilogue
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