Gacha Gacha

Vol.03 Ch.021 Conscious Feelings

Vol.01 Ch.001 A Midsummer Night's Dream? Vol.01 Ch.002 An Almost Non-Existant Romance Vol.01 Ch.003 To Only Hide Alissa and Not Clara? Vol.01 Ch.004 Too Hot to Eat! Vol.01 Ch.005 Dumb Actions of Desire, Unable to Control the Feelings Vol.02 Ch.006 Clara, the Jellyfish, and? Vol.02 Ch.007 The Topic Not Found in Textbooks Vol.02 Ch.008 The True Identity of Gacha Vol.02 Ch.009 The Doors That Were Opened Vol.02 Ch.010 A Thousand Pounds, One "Breast" Vol.02 Ch.011 The Boy Brimming with Energy from Being Class Monitor Vol.02 Ch.012 No Boys Allowed! A Secret in the Nurse's Office? Vol.02 Ch.013 The Prince and the Tree Vol.02 Ch.014 Princess Gone Mad? Vol.03 Ch.015 The Cat Jumped Away? Vol.03 Ch.016 American Beauty Vol.03 Ch.017 Under One Roof Vol.03 Ch.018 A Death Defying Christmas Vol.03 Ch.019 New Spring! Spring's First Secret Vol.03 Ch.020 Let Me Tell You about Love Vol.03 Ch.021 Conscious Feelings Vol.03 Ch.022 Hey! Come Play in the Ice-Dome! Vol.03 Ch.023 A Naked Clara Vol.04 Ch.024 Unexpected Answer Vol.04 Ch.025 Reona's Determination Vol.04 Ch.026 Big Discovery! Vol.04 Ch.027 First Vol.04 Ch.028 She Knows Vol.04 Ch.029 Preemptive Women Vol.04 Ch.030 Let Me Show You Some Color Vol.04 Ch.031 Being Friends Is Not Enough! Vol.04 Ch.032 A Tricked Kouhei Vol.05 Ch.033 Female Ninja Hospitality Vol.05 Ch.034 Declaration of War Vol.05 Ch.035 Operation Asakusa Vol.05 Ch.036 Battle of Akihabara Vol.05 Ch.037 Message of the Drunken Fighter Vol.05 Ch.038 Lovers after School Vol.05 Ch.039 Misunderstanding Vol.05 Ch.040 Deal Vol.05 Ch.041 Once Again! Vol.06 Ch.001 Let's Make New Friends! Vol.06 Ch.002 The Swimsuit That's Too Big Vol.06 Ch.003 The Underwear That's Too Small Vol.06 Ch.004 A Man and Women's Exercice Vol.06 Ch.005 The Child, Rabbit and T-Back Vol.07 Ch.006 Sweet Xmas Dream Vol.07 Ch.007 Let's Talk about Love in the Bathroom Vol.07 Ch.008 Let's Talk about Love in the Bathroom Vol.07 Ch.009 Virgin Valentine Vol.07 Ch.010 Sakura's Doubt Vol.08 Ch.011 A Beautiful Girl's Privilege Vol.08 Ch.012 Nice to Meet You Naked Vol.08 Ch.013 Responsibility for One That Is Naked Vol.08 Ch.014 Summer's Opening Vol.08 Ch.015 Insane Summer Festival! Vol.09 Ch.016 Forbidden Curiosity Vol.09 Ch.017 It's Love Men and Women's Battle! Vol.09 Ch.018 Fishing with Two Delicious People! Vol.09 Ch.019 A Realization of a Great Ambition? Vol.09 Ch.020 Connect! Sweet Hot Line Vol.10 Ch.021 The Kikuchi Family Bride Vol.10 Ch.022 Mama Don't Preach Vol.10 Ch.023 Girlfriend Comes to Eat a Meal Vol.10 Ch.024 Never Growing Up (Part 1) Vol.10 Ch.025 Never Growing Up (Part 2) Vol.11 Ch.026 An Island Close to Paradise Vol.11 Ch.027 Heaven and Hell's Poolside Vol.11 Ch.028 Yurika's Autumn Vol.11 Ch.029 Anju's Autumn Vol.11 Ch.030 Akira's Autumn Vol.11 Ch.031 Haruna Yun Vol.12 Ch.032 Secret Birthday Vol.12 Ch.033 A Possibilty of a Happy Xmas? Vol.12 Ch.034 The Secret of the Golden Ticket Vol.12 Ch.035 Exposing One's Love Vol.12 Ch.036 Another Piece of Haruna Vol.13 Ch.037 Servant's Temptation Vol.13 Ch.038 Shell and True Feelings Vol.13 Ch.039 The Great Back of the Best Vol.13 Ch.040 A Dark Night in the Countryside Vol.13 Ch.040.5 [Short Story] Miniature Vol.14 Ch.041 Exposed!? Vol.14 Ch.042 Epic Miss Con Battle Vol.14 Ch.043 Visitor's Epic Battle Vol.14 Ch.044 To Make Our Feelings Join Together Vol.14 Ch.045 Only Our Hatsumoude Vol.15 Ch.046 Men's Valentine's Day Vol.15 Ch.047 Failure Escape, Mufufu, Plan Vol.15 Ch.048 Little Yurika Debuts!? Vol.15 Ch.049 A Pond That Won't Grant Love Vol.15 Ch.050 Omimai for the First Time Vol.16 Ch.051 A Break from the Rainy Season Vol.16 Ch.052 Cast Away on Love Island Vol.16 Ch.053 The Night Before the War Breaks Out!? Vol.16 Ch.054 Goodbye Akira Vol.16 Ch.055 Two and One Vol.16 Ch.087 Vol.16 Ch.094 Vol.16 Ch.095 Vol.16 Ch.096
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