Vol.18 Ch.195 Fuuka

Vol.00 Ch.000 Koyuki! Vol.01 Ch.001 Fuuka Vol.01 Ch.001.5 Fuuka [full color version] Vol.01 Ch.002 Weirdo! Vol.01 Ch.003 The Reason She's Crying Vol.01 Ch.004 When I'm Serious! Vol.01 Ch.005 Coming Out Vol.01 Ch.006 Spread Your Wings! Vol.01 Ch.007 Promise! Vol.01 Ch.008 Stage! Vol.01 Ch.008.5 What You Want! Vol.02 Ch.009 Crush! Vol.02 Ch.010 Band! Vol.02 Ch.011 Speak Up! Vol.02 Ch.011.5 What You Want! Vol.02 Ch.012 Under The Stars! Vol.02 Ch.013 For a While! Vol.02 Ch.014 Triangle! Vol.02 Ch.015 Fight! Vol.02 Ch.016 The five of us! Vol.02 Ch.017 DUM DUM DUM! Vol.02 Ch.017.5 Silver Medal! Vol.03 Ch.018 Overpowering! Vol.03 Ch.019 Two People! Vol.03 Ch.020 Problem Child! Vol.03 Ch.021 One of Us! Vol.03 Ch.021.5 Magazine Heroines on the Beach!! Vol.03 Ch.022 In The Band! Vol.03 Ch.023 So Glad! Vol.03 Ch.024 Renewing A Promise Vol.03 Ch.025 Blowing Up! Vol.03 Ch.025.5 Extra Vol.03 Ch.026 At Daybreak! Vol.03 Ch.027 Legend! Vol.04 Ch.028 The Bass! Vol.04 Ch.029 Amazing! Vol.04 Ch.030 Top! Vol.04 Ch.031 I like it! Vol.04 Ch.032 No! Vol.04 Ch.033 YUU-KUN! Vol.04 Ch.034 Timing! Vol.04 Ch.035 Fate! Vol.04 Ch.036 Night Club! Vol.04 Ch.036.5 Koyuki Ch.050.6 Vol.05 Ch.037 Waiting for Someone! Vol.05 Ch.038 What's Out There? Vol.05 Ch.039 Somewhere In This World Vol.05 Ch.040 Not Cut Out for This Vol.05 Ch.041 Reboot Vol.05 Ch.042 That Experience Vol.05 Ch.043 Eyes Vol.05 Ch.044 Serious Vol.05 Ch.045 This Song Kouji Seo Vol.05 Ch.046 Our reason Vol.06 Ch.047 To Do the Same Vol.06 Ch.048 The Town Where Stars Fall Vol.06 Ch.049 Dramatic Vol.06 Ch.050 A Hit Song Vol.06 Ch.050.2 Sara Iwami Vol.06 Ch.050.5 Fuuka Vol.06 Ch.051 Shit Concert Vol.06 Ch.052 Because It's Fun Vol.06 Ch.053 A High Place Vol.06 Ch.054 Serious Battle Vol.06 Ch.055 Who They Want to Reach Vol.06 Ch.055.5 Fuuka Vol.07 Ch.056 One Thing Vol.07 Ch.057 Hesitate Vol.07 Ch.058 Graduation Vol.07 Ch.059 Agency Vol.07 Ch.060 Share-House Vol.07 Ch.061 To Budoukan Vol.07 Ch.062 Aura Vol.07 Ch.063 Expectations Vol.07 Ch.064 Fun Vol.07 Ch.065 We Can't Vol.07 Ch.065.5 Side Story - Sara Iwami Vol.08 Ch.066 Ordinary Days Vol.08 Ch.067 Our Way Vol.08 Ch.068 Yuu Can Fly Vol.08 Ch.069 Miracle Vol.08 Ch.070 News Vol.08 Ch.071 Where The Wind Blows Vol.08 Ch.072 Rabbits Vol.08 Ch.073 Reunion Vol.08 Ch.074 For You Vol.08 Ch.075 Bye Bye Vol.09 Ch.076 Something’s about to start! Vol.09 Ch.077 Learning from the masters! Vol.09 Ch.078 Koyuki's Feelings! Vol.09 Ch.079 Without Thought! Vol.09 Ch.080 I Wanna Know Vol.09 Ch.081 Visiting the Sick! Vol.09 Ch.082 EAST! Vol.09 Ch.083 Direct negotiations! Vol.09 Ch.084 Selfishness Vol.09 Ch.085 A Reason! Vol.10 Ch.086 Genius Producer! Vol.10 Ch.087 Fall Moon! Vol.10 Ch.088 Shelley Hornet! Vol.10 Ch.089 Hope for Tomorrow ! Vol.10 Ch.090 Recording Vol.10 Ch.091 At The Lake's Edge! Vol.10 Ch.092 Incredible Sound ! Vol.10 Ch.093 Who'll be Number One! Vol.10 Ch.094 Pre-Party! Vol.10 Ch.095 Opening ! Vol.10 Ch.095.5 Om-Rice Vol.11 Ch.096 Clash! Vol.11 Ch.097 Day Two! Vol.11 Ch.098 Collaboration! Vol.11 Ch.099 Our Wings ! Vol.11 Ch.100 The Best Night ! Vol.11 Ch.101 Precious Song! Vol.11 Ch.102 The Hopes Handed Down Vol.11 Ch.103 Just Maybe Vol.11 Ch.104 365 Days Vol.11 Ch.105 The Truth Revealed Vol.12 Ch.106 She Said She Was Quiting Work Vol.12 Ch.107 In Jougasaki Vol.12 Ch.108 Father Vol.12 Ch.109 The Reason I Came to See You Vol.12 Ch.110 Blue Wells Vol.12 Ch.111 Under the Same Roof Vol.12 Ch.112 What I Want to Do! Vol.12 Ch.113 The price fo reforming Vol.12 Ch.114 Full Moon! Vol.12 Ch.115 Tour and Friends Vol.12 Ch.116 The tour begins ! Vol.12 Ch.117 Why she's sleepy Vol.12 Ch.118 I don't mind Vol.12 Ch.119 Fuuka ! Vol.13 Ch.120 Something with value Vol.13 Ch.121 Baptism into touring ! Vol.13 Ch.122 The band that succeeds us. Vol.13 Ch.123 Kanaria! Vol.13 Ch.124 Something feels off. Vol.13 Ch.125 Favorite Song ! Vol.13 Ch.126 Weekend Band ! Vol.13 Ch.127 The rest of the dream Vol.13 Ch.128 Fried skewers ! Vol.13 Ch.129 Kaede's Circumstances Vol.13 Ch.130 That feeling! Vol.13 Ch.131 Wishes and Hopes. Vol.13 Ch.132 What the family was like. Vol.13 Ch.133 Play it again! Vol.13 Ch.134 New Year's Shrine Visit ! Vol.13 Ch.135 Fukuoka! Vol.14 Ch.136 Shaken Vol.14 Ch.137 New Song! Vol.14 Ch.138 Recollection Vol.14 Ch.139 What To Say To Whom Vol.14 Ch.140 The Day Before Vol.14 Ch.141 Not That Kind Of Girl! Vol.14 Ch.142 Wait a minute ! Vol.14 Ch.143 Decision and flight ! Vol.14 Ch.144 Hot Breeze! Vol.14 Ch.145 Why I wanted to be thay way Vol.14 Ch.146 Answer! Vol.15 Ch.147 Cherry Trees At Night! Vol.15 Ch.148 We're Back! Vol.15 Ch.149 What I Want To Give Vol.15 Ch.150 From Now On ! Vol.15 Ch.151 Just The Two Of Us Vol.15 Ch.152 Mogami's answer. Vol.15 Ch.153 How It Came To Be! Vol.15 Ch.154 That's when it begins. Vol.15 Ch.155 The concert that starts it all! Vol.15 Ch.156 A Serious Attitude Vol.15 Ch.157 The Most Awesome There Is! Vol.15 Ch.158 White Falcon. Vol.16 Ch.159 Local Music Vol.16 Ch.160 Native! Vol.16 Ch.161 English! Vol.16 Ch.162 Yuu's Charm Vol.16 Ch.163 Beneath The Cherry Blossom Trees Vol.16 Ch.164 Repetition! Vol.16 Ch.165 After A Month. Vol.16 Ch.166 Send Out! Vol.16 Ch.167 Stagnant. Vol.17 Ch.168 A Push! Vol.17 Ch.169 Starting Point Vol.17 Ch.170 The Pulse Of A Miracle! Vol.17 Ch.171 Visitors Vol.17 Ch.172 Challenge Letter! Vol.17 Ch.173 Each Of Their Plans Vol.17 Ch.174 Something Important To Say! Vol.17 Ch.175 The Fist Of Determination Vol.18 Ch.025.1 Vol.18 Ch.176 One More Month! Vol.18 Ch.177 A War Of Words On The Eve Of The Show! Vol.18 Ch.178 On A Night Like This Vol.18 Ch.179 Sucker Punch! Vol.18 Ch.180 Comeback! Vol.18 Ch.181 Succession Vol.18 Ch.182 The Dream We'd Thrown Away Vol.18 Ch.183 To Hell With That! Vol.18 Ch.184 A Festival Where You Live Vol.18 Ch.185 As Rivals! Vol.18 Ch.186 This Is My Wish. Vol.18 Ch.187 Wings Of Light! Vol.18 Ch.188 Signs Of Growth Vol.18 Ch.189 A Manager's Job Vol.18 Ch.190 A Band Goddess Vol.18 Ch.191 Session! Vol.18 Ch.192 Encore Vol.18 Ch.193 Hedgehogs Vol.18 Ch.194 That Day With You Vol.18 Ch.195 Fuuka
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