Fire Emblem Heroes Daily Lives of the Heroes

Ch.045 Ike and Mist

Ch.001 I forgot that Felicia is a clumsy girl! Ch.002 The Owl Feh Ch.003 I'll at least clear it in only a few turns... Ch.004 Xander and Veronica Ch.005 Feh's Image Change Ch.006 Heavily Armoured and Running About Ch.007 Happiness, admiration, embarrassment and... Ch.008 The safe future that I was taught... exists! Ch.009 Ch.010 Inheriting Skills Vol.01 Ch.018 Not What I had In Mind Vol.01 Ch.020 An Appealing Battle Vol.01 Ch.021 Summoning (HQ) Vol.01 Ch.022 Even Fully Upgraded, It's Still Only +3 Speed Vol.01 Ch.023 The Armored Units' Secret (LQ) Vol.01 Ch.024 Song Selection Vol.01 Ch.025 Support Skills Master (LQ) Vol.01 Ch.026 Taking Command Vol.01 Ch.027 Proud of Our Retainers Vol.01 Ch.028 The Muscle Festival Vol.01 Ch.029 Ch.011 For the First Time Ch.012 My Goal (LQ) Ch.013 (HQ) - Organizing My Favorite Units ♪ Ch.014 Mission Failure Ch.015 Half of Mind and Body Ch.016 Jealous of Half a Body Ch.017 Giant Feh(?) Ch.019 Wait, So Cavalry Can Move After Attacking? Ch.030 Teach Us, Ms. Anna! Ch.031 Wires Crossed Ch.032 Mischievous Copies Ch.033 Ch.034 Memo Stand Ch.035 The Peace and Safety of Heroes Ch.036 The Strongest Warriors Ch.037 Warm Form Ch.038 Responsible for the Loss Ch.039 A New Hero From Choose Your Legends Appears! Ch.040 Ch.041 A Quick Break Ch.042 Battle in the Tempest Ch.043 Stay Positive Ch.044 Oh, for the Gods' Sake! Ch.045 Ike and Mist Ch.046 Riddle Ch.047 Vs. Sigurd Ch.048 Accessories Ch.049 Confer Blessings Ch.050 A Pleasant Name Ch.051 Combat Manual Ch.052 Enemy Nation Ch.053 A New Formation Ch.054 Titles Ch.055 Encounter Ch.056 Female Wyvern Riders Ch.057 Grand Conquest Ch.058 A New Year's Karuta Tournament Ch.059 Family Cheer Squad Ch.060 Attack Power Up!! v0 Ch.061 After the Second Disaster Ch.062 Congratulations Ch.063 Fire Emblem Heroes 2nd Anniversary! Ch.064 Happy ♡ 2nd Anniversary! Ch.065 Worries Ch.066 Output Ch.067 Gallant Figures Ch.068 Flame Kingdom Generals of Muspell Ch.069 Perhaps... Ch.070 Fluffy Heroes Ch.071 Proper Sibling Form Ch.072 Hel's Potential Ch.073 The Law Ch.074 Not Good Ch.075 Big Sister Ch.076 Introductions Ch.077 King of Askr Ch.078 Jumping to conclusions Ch.079 Back to the Castle Ch.080 Ch.081 Ch.082 Ch.083 Ch.084 Ch.085 Drawing Faithfully Ch.086 Ch.087 Ch.088 Ch.089 Ch.090 Ch.091 Ch.092 Ch.093 Ch.094 Ch.095 Surprise! Ch.096 Just couldn't resist Ch.097 Placed in the Center (HQ) Ch.098 Big Brother Bodyguard (HQ) Ch.099 The Start of a Friendship (LQ) Ch.100
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