Feng Shen Ji

Vol.03 Ch.182 The End

Vol.01 Ch.001 Isolated Rebel Vol.01 Ch.002 The Mighty Ancient Gods Vol.01 Ch.003 The Mortal Who Made The God Cry Vol.01 Ch.004 Tian's Wrath Vol.01 Ch.005 Death of the Rebel Vol.01 Ch.006 Blood-Stained Dawn Vol.01 Ch.007 The Prince and the Slave Vol.01 Ch.008 Bloody Mine Vol.01 Ch.009 Awakening Vol.01 Ch.010 Li Jing's Test Vol.01 Ch.011 Read Online Vol.01 Ch.012 Ghost Vol.01 Ch.013 Read Online Vol.01 Ch.014 Conceal Vol.01 Ch.015 Read Online Vol.01 Ch.016 Fist Aura Vol.01 Ch.017 Fear Vol.01 Ch.018 The Fallen Ones Vol.01 Ch.019 Headquarters of the Forsaken Gods Vol.01 Ch.020 New Challenge Vol.01 Ch.021 Ah Lan's Past Vol.01 Ch.022 The Destined One Vol.01 Ch.023 Attack Vol.01 Ch.024 The God Who Hunts The Gods Vol.01 Ch.025 The Unyielding One Vol.01 Ch.026 Divine Revelation Vol.01 Ch.027 Ghost City Vol.01 Ch.028 The Man in the Prison Vol.01 Ch.029 Night of the Dead Vol.01 Ch.030 The Return of Excalibur Vol.01 Ch.031 Rival Showdown Vol.01 Ch.032 The God Slayer Sword Vol.01 Ch.033 Death of the Immortal Vol.01 Ch.034 The City of Flowing Sands Vol.01 Ch.035 Promise Vol.01 Ch.036 The Lord of Thunder Vol.01 Ch.037 Farewell Bai Cai Vol.01 Ch.038 Determination Vol.02 Ch.039 Rebirth Vol.02 Ch.040 God of War Vol.02 Ch.041 The Avenger Vol.02 Ch.042 Realm Beyond The World Vol.02 Ch.043 Bloody Battle Vol.02 Ch.044 Ming Yue in Heaven Vol.02 Ch.045 Corrosion Vol.02 Ch.046 Xing Yue Kui and Shi Xing Vol.02 Ch.047 Sage King Vol.02 Ch.048 To Lead Vol.02 Ch.049 Unrivalled Under The Heavens Vol.02 Ch.050 Sage King, Divine Skill Vol.02 Ch.051 Expedition Vol.02 Ch.052 Son of Hell Vol.02 Ch.053 Brothers Vol.02 Ch.054 Determination Vol.02 Ch.055 Ah Lan's Heart Vol.02 Ch.056 Sea Devil Vol.02 Ch.057 Great Generals Assemble Vol.02 Ch.058 QiongXiong Jie Vol.02 Ch.059 Rebellion of the Butterfly Vol.02 Ch.060 Fight Vol.02 Ch.061 Tian's Tomb Vol.02 Ch.062 Power of the Gods Hundred Companions Vol.02 Ch.063 Pinnacle of Skill, Sage King of Gods Vol.02 Ch.064 Tie Xue - Wu Shuang Vol.02 Ch.065 Turn Vol.02 Ch.066 All Out Vol.02 Ch.067 Renewal of Desperation Vol.02 Ch.068 Sacrifice Vol.02 Ch.069 Most Powerful Sword Versus Most Powerful God Vol.02 Ch.070 Kill Tian Vol.02 Ch.071 God Speed Vol.02 Ch.072 Ascend Vol.02 Ch.073 White and Black Dragons Vol.02 Ch.074 Tian's Fury Vol.02 Ch.075 Deadly Blade-Night of Eternity Vol.02 Ch.076 Zhen Wu's Great Thunderclap Vol.02 Ch.077 Fight Tian Vol.02 Ch.078 Fist Fight Vol.02 Ch.079 Through the Sacred Ground Vol.02 Ch.080 Farewell Vol.02 Ch.081 For Honor and Justice Vol.02 Ch.082 Pool of Blood Vol.02 Ch.083 Bai Long's Wish Vol.02 Ch.084 Endless Rebirth Vol.02 Ch.085 Fusion of God and Demon Vol.02 Ch.086 Final Battle Vol.02 Ch.087 There's Only I Vol.02 Ch.088 Trap Vol.02 Ch.089 Meet Tian! Vol.02 Ch.090 How High Could Tian Really Be Vol.02 Ch.091 Heaven and Dog Vol.02 Ch.092 Shattered Fate Vol.02 Ch.093 We're Not The Same Vol.02 Ch.094 Wager Your Life Vol.02 Ch.095 One Will Vol.02 Ch.096 Return of the Ancient Gods Vol.02 Ch.097 Tian's Passing Vol.02 Ch.098 Revolution Vol.02 Ch.099 Great Undertaking - Founding of a Country Vol.02 Ch.100 Sword Which Only Fights for the Weak Vol.02 Ch.101 Ah Gou and Zi Yu Vol.02 Ch.102 Legend Vol.03 Ch.103 Great Generals' Usurpation Vol.03 Ch.104 Turmoil Vol.03 Ch.105 Explosive Soul Vol.03 Ch.106 Return of The Legend Vol.03 Ch.107 Dark Cannon Vol.03 Ch.108 Protector Vol.03 Ch.109 Dark Ones' Governer Vol.03 Ch.110 Smelting Aura Technique Vol.03 Ch.111 Wager Vol.03 Ch.112 Natives of Phantom Island Vol.03 Ch.113 Chance Encounter Vol.03 Ch.114 Son of Heaven Vol.03 Ch.115 Record of Visit to Zhou Vol.03 Ch.116 Death Without Regret Vol.03 Ch.117 Human Nature Vol.03 Ch.118 Phantom Island - Six Honored Ones Vol.03 Ch.119 Indestructible Body of Smelting Aura Vol.03 Ch.120 Indestructible Armour of Bu Nu Vol.03 Ch.121 Battle Armour of Hei Tie Vol.03 Ch.122 Winning Stroke Vol.03 Ch.123 World of Ferocious Soul - Hellfire Vol.03 Ch.124 Invincible Man Vol.03 Ch.125 King's Blade Vol.03 Ch.126 Battle Armour Firestorm Vol.03 Ch.127 Inextinguishable Spirit Vol.03 Ch.128 Hidden Danger Vol.03 Ch.129 Most Powerful Fist Vol.03 Ch.130 Honored One Bai Yu Vol.03 Ch.131 Silver Flame and Blunt Fist Vol.03 Ch.132 Savior Vol.03 Ch.133 Selfless Faith Vol.03 Ch.134 True Form Vol.03 Ch.135 Domain of Nothingness Vol.03 Ch.136 Kingdom of Wan Qu Vol.03 Ch.137 Armored City's Mutated Form Vol.03 Ch.138 Mission Impossible Vol.03 Ch.139 Awakening Vol.03 Ch.140 Source Vol.03 Ch.141 Secret of the Heart Vol.03 Ch.142 Brother Gou Vol.03 Ch.143 Heaven Fire, Torched City Vol.03 Ch.144 Contract of Soul Vol.03 Ch.145 A Daring Gamble Vol.03 Ch.146 Besieged Vol.03 Ch.147 Ten Years Vol.03 Ch.148 Undying Prisoner Vol.03 Ch.149 Speedy Dark Cannon Vol.03 Ch.150 Secret of the Ancient Gods' Army Vol.03 Ch.151 Zong Heng's Deat Vol.03 Ch.152 Mad King Vol.03 Ch.153 Zi Ri and Lan Yue Vol.03 Ch.154 Death of the Berserker Vol.03 Ch.155 Storm of Hell Vol.03 Ch.156 Lonely Soul Vol.03 Ch.157 Sage King Bai Lian's Revenge Vol.03 Ch.158 Loser Vol.03 Ch.159 Reinforcement of Wan Qu Vol.03 Ch.160 Dragon Tribe Vol.03 Ch.161 The Lost Age Vol.03 Ch.162 Blood Debt Vol.03 Ch.163 Reborn in Flame Vol.03 Ch.164 Dragon of Thunder And Lightning Vol.03 Ch.165 Death without Regret Vol.03 Ch.166 Rampage Vol.03 Ch.167 Challenger Vol.03 Ch.168 Pitch Black Dream Vol.03 Ch.169 Spear of Rebellion Vol.03 Ch.170 Life Exchange Vol.03 Ch.171 Death Vol.03 Ch.172 Battle Beneath the Moonlight Vol.03 Ch.173 Sword of Murderous Intent Vol.03 Ch.174 Dragon Bane Vol.03 Ch.175 Way of Dragon Vol.03 Ch.176 Surpass Vol.03 Ch.177 Fall of A Dynasty Vol.03 Ch.178 Bubbles of Dream Vol.03 Ch.179 Ask Tian Vol.03 Ch.180 Ultimate Challenge Vol.03 Ch.181 Chronicles of Zhen Chan and Zi Yu Vol.03 Ch.182 The End
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