Fairy Tail City Hero

Ch.045 When an Eclipse Opens

Ch.001 Team Fairy Tail Ch.002 Crackdown! Motorcycle Gang! Ch.003 The Underwear Thief, Unforgivable! Ch.004 Bank Robbers Ch.005 Bank Robbers 2 Ch.006 Handsome Detective Ch.007 Mysterious Masked Thief Arrives! 1 Ch.008 Mysterious Masked Thief Arrives! 2 Ch.009 Mysterious Masked Thief Arrives! 3 Ch.010 Heavenly Sisters 1 Ch.011 Heavenly Sisters 2 Ch.012 Heavenly Sisters 3 Ch.012.5 Break Special Ch.013 The Princess And The Thunder Beast Ch.014 The Princess and the Thunder Beast 2 Ch.015 The Princess and the Thunder Beast 3 Ch.016 Ten Thousand Hostages 1 Ch.017 Ten Thousand Hostages 2 Ch.018 Ten Thousand Hostages 3 Ch.019 Master Jiemma Ch.019.5 Special Omake Ch.020 New Police Member Mavis 1 Ch.021 New Police Member Mavis 2 Ch.021.5 Break Special Ch.022 New Police Member Mavis 3 Ch.022.5 Break Special Ch.023 Intermediate Supervisor Invel Ch.024 Beloved Christina Ch.024.5 Break Special Ch.025 Special Armed Unit Ch.026 Attachment! Fairy Tail 24 Hours 1 Ch.027 Attachment! Fairy Tail 24 Hours 2 Ch.028 Perish Love School Festival 1 Ch.029 Ch.029.5 Break Special Ch.030 Happy Birthday Ch.030.5 Break Special Ch.031 Dragon King Stroll Ch.032 Great Kaiju War Ch.033 Professional Ch.033.5 Break Special Ch.034 White Pleasure Ch.035 Boy Meets Girl Ch.035.1 Break Special Ch.035.2 Break Special Ch.036 Maestro Director Erza Ch.037 Dangerous Cats Ch.037.5 Break Special Ch.038 Got it Memorized? Ch.039 Always Together Ch.040 Sweet Impersonation Ch.041 Ch.042 Ch.043 I Don't Remember (2) Ch.043.5 Ch.044 Eclipse Ch.045 When an Eclipse Opens
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