Eyeshield 21

Ch.333 FINAL DOWN The Tracks They Ran On...!! (END)

Ch.001.1 The Man With The Golden Legs Ch.001.2 The 5 second wall Ch.002 The 5 Second Wall Ch.003 We Need 11! Ch.004 Kick Their Asses!! Ch.005 A Hero at a Critical Time! Ch.006 Hold Down The Field Ch.007 Eleven Scarecrows Ch.008 That Hand Won't Stop Me Ch.009 World's Power Ch.010 False Hero Ch.011 A Bodyguard For 0.5 Seconds Ch.012 Lucky Punch Ch.013 Prince Of The Kingdom Ch.014 Devil Magician Ch.015 Knights Of The Kingdom Ch.016 Two Pieces Of Paper Ch.017 Battle To Win Ch.018 The World Of The Speed Of Light Ch.019 Failure, And Beginning Ch.020 Epilogue Of Prologue Ch.021 The Name's "The Deimon Devil Bats" Ch.022 The Hero's Appearance Ch.023 When The Dream Withers Away Ch.024 The No.80 Receiving Expert Ch.025 Declaration Of War Ch.026 The Case Of Rice Kun's Murder Ch.027 The Reason For Battling Ch.028 The Monkey Hero Ch.029 Bad Vs Bad Ch.030 A Fearsome Man Ch.031 Puff Party Ch.032 Hell Tower Ch.033 Heaven Tower Ch.034 Family.Family Ch.035 Knights Vs. Gunmen Ch.036 Heroes Must Lay Firm Foundations Ch.037 What It Takes To Be A Hero Ch.038 A True Hero Ch.039 Spy 0021 Ch.040 Fight! Linemen! Ch.041 Powerful Ch.042 Only Commoners Laugh At Challengers Ch.043 Power Vs Skill Vs Power Vs Skill Ch.044 A Great Riot Ch.045 A Pesky Guy Ch.046 A Sad Offensive Formation Ch.047 The God Of Receiving Ch.048 Fly! Deimon Devil Bat! Ch.049 The King That Challenges God Ch.050 Warriors Of Buddha Ch.051 God's Invisible Hand Ch.052 To Speak of only True Strength Ch.053 Aim To Be A Hollywood Star! Ch.054 The Trinity Ch.055 Legend of The 60 Yards Ch.056 He Is Musashi Ch.057 It's All But Fireworks Of The Past Ch.058 Black Panther Ch.059 Space Shuttle Ch.060 The Bonds That Make People Fight Ch.061 Japan-US Showdown Ch.062 The Muscles Of The Americans Ch.063 Meteor 21 Ch.064 Why Warriors Look To The Strong Ch.065 Hiruma VS Apollo Ch.066 Sweeper Tactic Ch.067 If There Is Something You Want Ch.068 The Iron Grid Has Opened Ch.069 Natural Born Sprinter Ch.070 Nature Of The Beast Ch.071 USO! USA? Ch.072 Heaven Or Hell? The American Training Camp!! Ch.073 The All Star Devil Gunmen Ch.074 Strongest Pentagon Ch.075 Doburoku The Trainer Ch.076 Boundary Of Hell Ch.077 The Men Who Fell In Love With Hell Ch.078 The Distant Las Vegas Ch.079 Advance! DevilBat Troops! Ch.080 The Highest Point In Japan Ch.081 Shin Vs Panther Ch.082 3000 Leagues In Search Of Comrades Ch.083 Protector And The Protected Ch.084 Ghost Movement Ch.085 Raw Diamonds Ch.086 Is There A Loser In The House Ch.087 Las Vegas, City Of Lights Ch.088 Black Jack Is 21 Ch.089 Desicive Battle Is On Sunday Ch.090 The Athlete Who Was Too Late Ch.091 The Dream Of Being Top Class Ch.092 The Highest Pass In Japan Ch.093 Bonds Of Oath Ch.094 The Beginning Of A Great Battle Ch.095 Deimon, Day Of Great Misfortune Ch.096 Deciding Explosion Ch.097 Star Ch.098 Devilbat Ghost Ch.099 Victory, The Overture Of The Storm Ch.100 Halftime 4 - Koma Show Ch.101 99 Percent Idiot! Ch.102 Battle Royale Ch.103 Renewal Of The Kingdom Ch.104 Max DevilPower Ch.105 The Power Of 1 Percent Ch.106 Battle Of An Ant And An Elephant Ch.107 Who's The Real Deal? Ch.108 The Real Body Ch.109 Sting Ch.110 Regime Of Terror Ch.111 World Of The Quarter Finals Ch.112 Fantastic American Football Player Ch.113 Iron Fist Ch.114 Fight On! Sumo Tournament Ch.115 Like A Firework Ch.116 Devil Vs God Of The Sea Ch.117 Evolving Genius Ch.118 This Proud Blood Ch.119 Shorty Vs Giant Ch.120 High Wave Ch.121 Hidden Ace Ch.122 He Who Brings Down The Curtain Ch.123 And One Year Later Ch.124 Our Name Is Poseidon Ch.125 Final Showdown Ch.126 Last Flame Ch.127 Rookie Ace Ch.128 Master of Quickness Ch.129 Showdown!! Deimon High Field Day! Ch.130 Big Showdown! Handcuffed Cavalry Battle! Ch.131 Tokyo's Strongest Warriors Ch.132 Devilbats Genesis Ch.133 Miraculous Hope Ch.134 Jetcoaster Game Ch.135 The Lightning-Fast GunMan Ch.136 The Western Iron Horse Ch.137 The Solution is a Super Offense Ch.138 3 Showdown 3 Losses Ch.139 Rapid Fire Brain Ch.140 The Eyes Of One Who Waits Ch.141 The Dawn Of A Time Out Ch.142 The True Deimon Devilbats Ch.143 Devil Laser Bullet Ch.144 Devilbats' Big Cannon Ch.145 The Pursuer, The Pursued Ch.146 The Thirst To Be The Strongest Ch.147 Final Trap & Final Hunt Ch.148 Light Speed Rush Ch.149 A Primitive Battle Ch.150 A Too-Fast Down Ch.151 The Masked Man Ch.152 The Red-Eyed Ace Ch.153 The Naked Ablility Ch.154 Kobayakawa Sena Ch.155 The America Football Players Ch.156 The Strongest Kick Team Ch.157 The Spider's Web Ch.158 The Unbeatable Charge Ch.159 Hayato Akaba & Kotarō Sasaki Ch.160 A Challenge to the Real Thing Ch.161 Strong Winds Ch.162 Faster Than the Wind Ch.163 "Eyeshield 21" Ch.164 Against the Best Ch.165 Towards the Shining Light Ch.166 The Successor Ch.167 Tokyo Tournament Epilouge Ch.168 168 On to Nationals! / 169 The Body of God Ch.170 Interview 8 Ch.171 Pieces of a Dream Ch.172 The Lion and the Rabbit Ch.173 Devils vs. Gods Ch.174 Sky Dragon Ch.175 Dark Dragon Ch.176 Dragon Fly Ch.177 Godspeed Impulses Ch.178 Game Over Ch.179 To Trust Ch.180 The Twelfth Athlete Ch.181 The Power of Mediocrity Ch.182 Hiruma vs. Kongo Siblings Ch.183 Instinct Ch.184 There Are 11! Ch.185 Agon and Unsui Ch.186 Deciding Points Are 21 Ch.187 Ave Maria Ch.188 Momentary Arial Battle Ch.189 The Making Of Number 1 Ch.190 The Man That Can't Be Ignored Ch.191 Destroyer Ch.192 Timeout 0 Ch.193 Time Control Magician Ch.194 Ambush in Motion Ch.195 Grim Reaper Ch.196 The Miracle Is Within the Hand Ch.197 0.1 Second Ch.198 A Huddle With No Answer Ch.199 Gambler Ch.200 Real Monster Ch.201 The Ancient Civilization vs. the Ancient Creatures Ch.202 Tyrannosaurus Ch.203 Trident Tackle Ch.204 And Towards the Decisive Game Ch.205 The Player's Sabbath Ch.206 The Kingdom's New Era Ch.207 The One Who Aims to be #1 Ch.208 Storm Ch.209 The Last Ceremony Ch.210 The Fanfare Outbreak of the War Ch.211 Presentation of Anger Ch.212 100% Risk Ch.213 The Unbeatable Fortress Ch.214 The World of 3 People Ch.215 Ballista Ch.216 The Highest peak Everest Ch.217 Perfect Player Ch.218 shin seijuurou Ch.219 One Trump Card Ch.220 mud-covered land war Ch.221 versus the matchless knights Ch.222 20 minutes Ch.223 clenching fist Ch.224 crazy crusher Ch.225 The Third Eye Ch.226 Fire Starter Ch.227 Tag Match Ch.228 The Two Aces Ch.229 Hand-to-Hand Ball Game Ch.230 What This Hand Grasps Ch.231 Death Card Ch.232 Death Game Ch.233 Limit Break Ch.234 Match in the Middle of the Fog Ch.235 The Two Wings of the Devil Ch.236 First in Tenacity Ch.237 Holy War Ch.238 Instantaneous Monologue Ch.239 Shin Seijūrō vs Kobayakawa Sena Ch.240 Rainy Day, Sunny Day Ch.241 Flowers for all the Opponents Ch.242 The Beasts Feeding on Victory Ch.243 A Truly Splendid Monster Ch.244 Hungry Ch.245 Petal of a Dream Ch.246 Honored Name on a Gravestone Ch.247 Tokyo Dome of the Decisive Battle Ch.248 Hiruma Yoichi (beginning) Ch.249 Hiruma Yoichi (middle) Ch.250 Hiruma Yoichi (last) Ch.251 Rules of the Battlefield Ch.252 The Final Ch.253 The Lone Warrior on the Battlefield Ch.254 Right Arm and Left Arm Ch.255 Flying Dinosaur, Pteranodon Ch.256 Cunning Hunter Ch.257 Hiruma vs. Marco Ch.258 The Light of a Dream Ch.259 The Second Quarterback Ch.260 Rookie Ch.261 The Ones with Blind Faith Ch.262 This Is American Football Ch.263 Undead Ch.264 Dead Man Ch.265 Gargoyle Ch.266 The Long Pass of One's Life Ch.267 Hammer Ch.268 The Man Who is Only Looking at the Top Ch.269 The Strongest Guardian Ch.270 Devil Dragon Ch.271 Runner's Soul Ch.272 Winning Ch.273 And The Winner is.... Ch.274 MVP Ch.275 The Quarterback of the Strongest Empire Ch.276 Field trip at teikoku Gakuen! Ch.277 All-star Ch.278 The Strongest Personal Coach Ch.279 The Best Glove in the World Ch.280 Natural Genius Ch.281 Christmas Bowl Ch.282 Allstar Spirits Ch.283 Absolute Prediction Ch.284 Bloodline of sky riders Ch.285 Koizumi Karin Ch.286 Run vs Run Ch.287 Caesar's Charge Ch.288 Chris Cross Ch.289 Aerial Battles Are Staring Contests Ch.290 Darrell Royal's Letter Ch.291 The Last Huddle Ch.292 Card NO.21 Ch.293 x8 Ch.294 The Ball Still Lives Ch.295 The Devil's Mistake Ch.296 The Path of a New Dimesion Ch.297 Back to Back, Deimon Ch.298 Brains to Idiots Ch.299 The Weakest Teammate Ch.300 The Empire's Triumphal Return Parade Ch.301 Run Ch.302 Listening To The Breath Of The Ball Ch.303 The Last of Deimon Devilbats Ch.304 Finale Ch.305 I Am An American Footballer Ch.306 World Cup Ch.307 Great Gathering Ch.308 Team Japan Ch.309 The World Is Mine Ch.310 Japan vs Russia Ch.311 Burn, Rookie Ch.312 Towards a New Generation Ch.313 Ambition Ch.314 I Love American Football Ch.315 Pentagram Ch.316 Emperor Road Ch.317 The Cards That Were Dealt Ch.318 Countdown 13 Ch.319 United States Of America Ch.320 The Country of Merit Ch.321 I am No.1 Ch.322 Sena vs Panter Ch.323 Double Ace Runners Ch.324 Poem Of Resurrection Ch.325 Double Devil Ch.326 Lecture on How to Handle Cards by Hiruma Youichi and Clifford D. Lewis Ch.327 As Long As There Is A Path Ch.328 Tag Match Ch.329 One Of The Trash Stars Ch.330 The Eyes Of A Male Ch.331 My Dream Ch.332 Do you want to kiss your sister? Ch.333 FINAL DOWN The Tracks They Ran On...!! (END)
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