Vol.11 Ch.096 Kyoko's in a Bad Mood Today

Vol.01 Ch.001 Densuke's Longest Day Vol.01 Ch.002 Densuke's Toughest Day Vol.01 Ch.003 Komoe's Best Vol.01 Ch.004 A Naughty Day with Lin? Vol.01 Ch.005 If You've Got the Guts! Go! Go! Go! Vol.01 Ch.006 Beauty and the Beast Vol.01 Ch.007 You Can Do It Densuke! Swim! Vol.02 Ch.008 How About Kirika Like This? Vol.02 Ch.009 Jogging Mojo Vol.02 Ch.010 It's Not Easy Being a Member ~ Part 1 Densuke's Fantasy Journey Vol.02 Ch.011 It's Not Easy Being a Member ~ Part 2 The Trip, the Teacher and Densuke Vol.02 Ch.012 It's Not Easy Being a Member ~ Part 3 Densuke's Youth Vol.02 Ch.013 It's Not Easy Being a Member ~ Part 4 Densuke's Bikini Paradise Vol.02 Ch.014 The Endurance Challenge Vol.02 Ch.015 Sortie! Densuke's House Visit Vol.02 Ch.016 Eiken Style Horror Story? Vol.03 Ch.017 Naughty Teacher? Vol.03 Ch.018 Densuke vs. the New Gustav Vol.03 Ch.019 Eiken Club's Sentimental Fall Season Vol.03 Ch.020 Toss It 'til You're NO.1 Vol.03 Ch.021 Densuke's Trial Vol.03 Ch.022 Densuke's Trial 2 Vol.03 Ch.023 The Undefeated East Vol.03 Ch.024 Densuke, Off to the Cultural Festival Vol.03 Ch.025 Mystery of the Misono Family? Vol.04 Ch.026 School Wars ~ Crybaby Teacher's One Day War Vol.04 Ch.027 Densuke's Sports Award Vol.04 Ch.028 You Can Do It Kazu, Go Go Futaba! Vol.04 Ch.029 Dinner-party Vol.04 Ch.030 Love Lesson ~ by Yuriko ~ Vol.04 Ch.031 Komoe Has the Flu? Vol.04 Ch.032 Attack! Densuke Mifune Visit! Xmas Version Vol.04 Ch.033 Eiken New Years Special?? Vol.04 Ch.034 I Dream of --!! Vol.05 Ch.035 Kyoko and Densuke's Ramen? Vol.05 Ch.036 Snow Snow Snow Vol.05 Ch.037 Goodbye Teacher? Vol.05 Ch.038 Lin-lin, Lan-lan Vol.05 Ch.039 Come All! Hot Spring Valentine ~ Vol.05 Ch.040 Attack! Densuke Mifune Visit! Study Version Vol.05 Ch.041 "The Mystery of the Misono Family?" Can I Get Seconds Please?! Vol.05 Ch.042 Densuke's Part-time Job Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.043 Chiharu Has a... Valley...? Vol.06 Ch.044 Chiharu Over Flowers Vol.06 Ch.045 Komoe Next Door Vol.06 Ch.046 It's Spring! Let's Go to the Pool? Eiken Club Bikini Fiesta Vol.06 Ch.047 A Close Call Date ~ Episode 1 Vol.06 Ch.048 A Close Call Date ~ Yuriko Attack Vol.06 Ch.049 A Close Call Date ~ Arcade Gamer Yuriko Vol.06 Ch.050 Chiharu's Jugs... I Mean, Bust Size? Vol.06 Ch.051 Here Comes Konoha ~ Konoha's Longest Day Vol.06 Ch.052 A Date with Miharu in a Room? Vol.07 Ch.053 It's Shinonome Family Time! Vol.07 Ch.054 Let's Sleep in Miharu Shinonome's Room at an All Girls Dorm Vol.07 Ch.055 Members! Members! Get to Work!! Vol.07 Ch.056 Dripping Wet Chiharu Vol.07 Ch.057 Let's Go Visit Densuke!! Vol.07 Ch.058 Lin's Happy Voyage Vol.07 Ch.059 Family Love, Student Love? Vol.07 Ch.060 Professor and the Ocean Vol.07 Ch.061 Hakata Feeling Vol.08 Ch.062 A Wet Beach Date with Chiharu Vol.08 Ch.063 Double Date and Kaboom Vol.08 Ch.064 Amazing Chiharu! Vol.08 Ch.065 Butterfly Kickers Vol.08 Ch.066 Off to School, Thanks to the Packed Train Vol.08 Ch.067 The Danger at Hand Vol.08 Ch.068 Chou Ginten Is Here! Vol.08 Ch.069 Densuke's Reeeaaally Not So Scary Tale Vol.08 Ch.070 Naked Man of La Mancha Vol.09 Ch.071 Yuri-chan Smile Vol.09 Ch.072 The Last Assassins, Double Time Vol.09 Ch.073 Power Tough Girls Vol.09 Ch.074 Full Power Chou Ginten Vol.09 Ch.075 Climb to the Heavens!!! Vol.09 Ch.076 Objection!! Bang!! Bang!! Vol.09 Ch.077 Alone Together? Vol.09 Ch.078 Stealth Mission Vol.09 Ch.079 If She Changed Her Outfit to XYZ Vol.10 Ch.080 Naughty Grandma? Vol.10 Ch.081 New Manager to 81(C).51.78 Vol.10 Ch.082 Second Semester Hangout Vol.10 Ch.083 Densuke's Part-Time Job Part 2 Vol.10 Ch.084 Hot Hot with Chiharu? Hot Spring?? Vol.10 Ch.085 Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Ba-bump Vol.10 Ch.086 Chiharu's Breasts & Yuriko's Butt Vol.10 Ch.087 99 CM Is 99 Degrees? Vol.10 Ch.088 Valentine at Night Vol.11 Ch.089 Together with Miharu-chan Part 1 Vol.11 Ch.090 Together with Miharu-chan Part 2 Vol.11 Ch.091 Bust Match Vol.11 Ch.092 Flying Yuriko Shinonome Vol.11 Ch.093 First Kiss / Caution Vol.11 Ch.094 Densuke Over Flowers Vol.11 Ch.095 Kidnap! Danger! Vol.11 Ch.096 Kyoko's in a Bad Mood Today Vol.11 Ch.097 Room, Shirt and Chiharu Vol.12 Ch.098 The Real Outdoors?? Vol.12 Ch.099 You Again!? Densuke!! Vol.12 Ch.100 Dancing Major Cross Walk Vol.12 Ch.101 Dancing Major Cross Walk the Boobies Vol.12 Ch.102 Afterglow... Buzz... Whine... Wine!! Vol.12 Ch.103 Miharu Shinonome's Secret XYZ Vol.12 Ch.104 A World Hikaru Doesnt Know Vol.12 Ch.105 Last Name Is Ginten, First Name Is Chou Vol.12 Ch.106 Power Tough Girls Reloaded Vol.13 Ch.107 Tanabata with Commotions Vol.13 Ch.108 Those Days of Hot Kisses Vol.13 Ch.109 First Time Sensei? Vol.13 Ch.110 Hawaii Paradise Vol.13 Ch.111 Breast Cinema Paradise Vol.13 Ch.112 Densuke in Private Vol.13 Ch.113 Totally Worn-Out Vol.13 Ch.114 A Middle School Student’s Journal Vol.13 Ch.115 Earthquake, Thunder, Fire, Chiharu Vol.13 Ch.115.5 Omake Vol.14 Ch.116 Maid-In-Nadeshiko-Young Maiden Vol.14 Ch.117 Mama has 123.45cm!! Vol.14 Ch.118 The mystery of Misonoke Vol.14 Ch.119.1 Until morning... Vol.14 Ch.120 Densuke's festival hardships Vol.14 Ch.121 Dance on the large intersection lines ‘The boobie 2’; the Zasho... Vol.14 Ch.122 Chiharu and Chestnuts? Vol.14 Ch.123 Rain, Miharu, and Then... Vol.14 Ch.124 Miharu is giving a sleepless night! Vol.15 Ch.125 School uniforms and... Vol.15 Ch.126 111cm Miracle - Komoe Harumachi Vol.15 Ch.127 Period of Silience Vol.15 Ch.128 The star princess is coming to Zasshon campus...? Vol.15 Ch.129 The Christmas Eve of the Remaining Ten Vol.15 Ch.130 Densuke’s delusional New Year festival Vol.15 Ch.131 Unjustified Homework Vol.15 Ch.132 Your current self... I want to shine for you. Vol.15 Ch.133 Earnest teenager is very bad + Omake Vol.15 Ch.137 Vol.16 Ch.134 A little melody of love Vol.16 Ch.135 What mother says!!! Vol.16 Ch.136 The great fury Vol.16 Ch.137 Silver ramen
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