Eden no Ori

Vol.21 Ch.185 The HOPE

Vol.01 Ch.001 This Amazing World Vol.01 Ch.002 The Law of the Jungle Vol.01 Ch.003 Fever Vol.01 Ch.004 Freedom of the Brute Vol.01 Ch.004.5 [Extra] Vol.02 Ch.005 Lord of the Other Side Vol.02 Ch.006 The Underdog Vol.02 Ch.007 Duty for All Lives Vol.02 Ch.008 Light and Darkness Vol.02 Ch.009 Hell's Bosshead Vol.02 Ch.010 Brotherhood Vol.02 Ch.011 Dead End Vol.02 Ch.012 Cry Out Vol.02 Ch.013 Eloquent Lip Vol.02 Ch.013.5 [Extra] Vol.03 Ch.014 Presentiment Vol.03 Ch.015 Monkey Mate? Vol.03 Ch.016 Epidemic Vol.03 Ch.017 Amazing Grace Vol.03 Ch.018 Run Away from Fate Vol.03 Ch.019 Winner Vol.03 Ch.020 Stairway to Heaven Vol.03 Ch.021 Child of God Vol.03 Ch.022 Iron Maiden Vol.03 Ch.022.5 [Extra] Vol.04 Ch.023 Plan of Secret Vol.04 Ch.024 Riot Vol.04 Ch.025 Good Fellows Vol.04 Ch.026 Fibber Vol.04 Ch.027 Loss Brain 1 Vol.04 Ch.028 Loss Brain 2 Vol.04 Ch.029 Loss Brain 3 Vol.04 Ch.030 Loss Brain 4 Vol.04 Ch.031 Loss Brain 5 Vol.04 Ch.031.5 [Extra] Vol.05 Ch.032 Loss Brain 6 Vol.05 Ch.033 Loss Brain 7 Vol.05 Ch.034 Loss Brain 8 Vol.05 Ch.035 Loss Brain 9 Vol.05 Ch.036 Loss Brain 10 Vol.05 Ch.037 A Juvenile State Vol.05 Ch.038 A Flag of Our Future Vol.05 Ch.039 Enchanted Vol.05 Ch.040 Union Vol.05 Ch.040.5 [Extra] Vol.06 Ch.041 Blank Two Days Vol.06 Ch.042 The Start in End Vol.06 Ch.043 Hairline Crack Vol.06 Ch.044 Death Vol.06 Ch.045 Clear the Way Vol.06 Ch.046 Bridge over Troubled Water Vol.06 Ch.047 A Life or Death Vol.06 Ch.048 Judgment by Air Vol.06 Ch.049 Omen Vol.06 Ch.049.5 [Extra] Vol.07 Ch.050 A Long Shot Vol.07 Ch.051 Brave Heart Vol.07 Ch.052 Knockdown! Vol.07 Ch.053 Fire of Departure Vol.07 Ch.054 Come to Life Vol.07 Ch.055 A Misty Mountain Vol.07 Ch.056 Rise from the Dead Vol.07 Ch.057 Resurrection of Friendship Vol.07 Ch.058 Mountain of the Dead Vol.07 Ch.058.5 [Extra] Vol.08 Ch.059 Holy Mark Vol.08 Ch.060 Abandon the Past Vol.08 Ch.061 View in All Its Glory Vol.08 Ch.062 Fantastic Guy Vol.08 Ch.063 Fight or Flight Vol.08 Ch.064 Duel of the Brute Vol.08 Ch.065 Laplace's Demon Vol.08 Ch.066 Beginning W Vol.08 Ch.067 Re-awakening Vol.08 Ch.067.5 [Extra] Vol.09 Ch.068 Prognosis Vol.09 Ch.069 Fantasy or Reality Vol.09 Ch.070 And Then There Were None Vol.09 Ch.071 Upshot of the Prevision Vol.09 Ch.072 Love His Sweet-heart Vol.09 Ch.073 Confession? Vol.09 Ch.074 Visitor at the Dark Vol.09 Ch.075 Mr. Brain Vol.09 Ch.076 Beating Friends Vol.09 Ch.076.5 [Extra] Vol.10 Ch.077 Solitude Vol.10 Ch.078 The Tribe Vol.10 Ch.079 The End? Vol.10 Ch.080 Open the Way Vol.10 Ch.081 Sink or Swim! Vol.10 Ch.082 Long Good-by Vol.10 Ch.083 Smile Sweetly Vol.10 Ch.084 Relic Vol.10 Ch.085 Disappearance Vol.10 Ch.085.5 Extras Vol.11 Ch.086 Especial Place Vol.11 Ch.087 My Girl Vol.11 Ch.088 Forward, My Men! Vol.11 Ch.089 Mouth of the Earth Vol.11 Ch.090 Pitfall Vol.11 Ch.091 Place for Survival Vol.11 Ch.092 A Man-Made Mountain Vol.11 Ch.093 Guess Who's Coming to Dinner Vol.11 Ch.094 Strong Will Vol.11 Ch.094.5 Extra Vol.12 Ch.095 Captive Birds Vol.12 Ch.096 Tomorrow Hope Vol.12 Ch.097 Truth or Nonsense Vol.12 Ch.098 Her Words Were True Vol.12 Ch.099 Extermination Victory Vol.12 Ch.100 Excavation Discovery Vol.12 Ch.101 A Soliloquy Mumur Deep in Meaning Vol.12 Ch.102 Salvation Semui Vol.12 Ch.103 A Tower at the Shore Vol.13 Ch.104 A Mysterious Lady A Key Vol.13 Ch.105 A Map Vol.13 Ch.106 Jelly Beans Vol.13 Ch.107 Stranger Visitor Vol.13 Ch.108 Exchange Vol.13 Ch.109 Pyriamid Vol.13 Ch.110 Whom Should I Choose? Vol.13 Ch.111 A Brief Separation Vol.13 Ch.112 Coward Vol.14 Ch.113 The Tower of Terror Vol.14 Ch.114 Darkness and Death Vol.14 Ch.115 The Way to Go Vol.14 Ch.116 Underground Vol.14 Ch.117 A Sense of Sin Vol.14 Ch.118 B3 A New Discovery Vol.14 Ch.119 Too Large Overkill Vol.14 Ch.120 Deeply Deeply Vol.14 Ch.121 Strange Plants Vol.15 Ch.122 A Secret Garden Vol.15 Ch.123 Heroine This and That Vol.15 Ch.124 The Dark Room Vol.15 Ch.125 Sygdommen Til Doden The Deadly Disease Vol.15 Ch.126 The Room 1 The Place They Aimed For Vol.15 Ch.127 The Room 2 Where Things Are Cultivated Vol.15 Ch.128 The Room 3 Taboo Vol.15 Ch.129 Unnatural Life Vol.15 Ch.130 Insanity Vol.16 Ch.131 Time Limit Vol.16 Ch.132 Diagnosis Vol.16 Ch.133 Approaching Death Vol.16 Ch.134 Unbelievable Prediction Vol.16 Ch.135 Way Back Vol.16 Ch.136 Secret of the Tower Vol.16 Ch.137 High Play Vol.16 Ch.138 Decision Vol.16 Ch.139 Strong Bonds Vol.17 Ch.140 The Fourth Tower Vol.17 Ch.141 Kill the Friend Vol.17 Ch.142 The Past of a Mad Dog Vol.17 Ch.143 Weakness Vol.17 Ch.144 Awakening Monster Vol.17 Ch.145 Horrifying Failure Chimera Vol.17 Ch.146 Arrival of the Strongest Man Vol.17 Ch.147 Snake and Frog Vol.17 Ch.148 Swallowing Whole Vol.18 Ch.149 Dangerous Strategy Vol.18 Ch.150 Two Monsters Vol.18 Ch.151 Kouhei Arita The Man Underground Vol.18 Ch.152 Cross Fire Vol.18 Ch.153 Light and Shadow Vol.18 Ch.154 Good Teacher Vol.18 Ch.155 The Most Terrible Animal Vol.18 Ch.156 Sudden Assault Vol.18 Ch.157 New Strategy Vol.19 Ch.158 Battle of the Dark Night Vol.19 Ch.159 Hidden Message Miina's Message Vol.19 Ch.160 Wicked Vote Vol.19 Ch.161 The Result of Vote Execution Vol.19 Ch.162 Secret of the Devil Vol.19 Ch.163 Who is the Doctor? Vol.19 Ch.164 Dangerous Operation Vol.19 Ch.165 Desperate Persuasion Vol.19 Ch.166 The Thing Stars Show Vol.20 Ch.167 Two Pictures Vol.20 Ch.168 The Last Tower Vol.20 Ch.169 The Bonds of Friendship Vol.20 Ch.170 Invisible Observer Vol.20 Ch.171 Last Request Vol.20 Ch.172 God's Territory Vol.20 Ch.173 The Name of the Island Raika Vol.20 Ch.174 Timeworn Photographs Picture Vol.20 Ch.175 Figure of the Observer Vol.21 Ch.176 A Girl and Illustrated Book Vol.21 Ch.177 The Contents of the Bottle Vol.21 Ch.178 Great Confusion Vol.21 Ch.179 Inference Vol.21 Ch.180 Repellant Vol.21 Ch.181 23072307 Vol.21 Ch.182 That Which Shoudn't be There Vol.21 Ch.183 Sorrow of Mother Vol.21 Ch.184 The Eden Project Vol.21 Ch.185 The HOPE
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