Dragon Quest: The Adventure of Dai

Ch.349 Farewell, Beloved Surface!!!

Vol.01 Ch.001 Derupa!! Iruiru!! Part 1 Vol.01 Ch.002 Derupa!! Iruiru!! Part 2 Vol.01 Ch.003 Dai Explodes!! Part 1 Vol.01 Ch.004 Dai Explodes!! Part 2 Vol.01 Ch.005 Dai Explodes!! Part 3 Vol.01 Ch.006 The Hero's Tutor!! Vol.01 Ch.007 Dai's Special Training!!! Vol.01 Ch.008 The Dragon Who Wore Glasses! Vol.01 Ch.009 The Demon King Reappears...!? Vol.02 Ch.010 Hadlar's Identity!! Vol.02 Ch.011 Battle!! Hadlar versus Avan Vol.02 Ch.012 Avan's Mark Vol.02 Ch.013 Dai's Rage!!! Vol.02 Ch.014 Explosion!! Slash Vol.02 Ch.015 The Journey to Epic Adventure!! Vol.02 Ch.016 Maam of The Magic Forest Vol.02 Ch.017 The Beast King!! Crocodine Vol.02 Ch.018 The Beast King's War Cry Vol.02 Ch.019 Gather the Disciples of Avan!! Vol.02 Ch.020 The Miracle Magic Bullet Gun Vol.02 Ch.021 Avan - We Are Teachers Vol.02 Ch.022 3 Companions!! Vol.02 Ch.023 Romos, Crisis Draws Near Vol.02 Ch.024 Attack of the Hundred Beast Army Vol.02 Ch.025 Dai's Weakness Vol.02 Ch.026 Foul Play! The Ghost Bishop Vol.02 Ch.027 A Fragment of Courage! Vol.02 Ch.028 Pop! Risk Your Life!! Vol.02 Ch.029 The Miracle of Friendship Vol.02 Ch.030 Dai, Creast of Anger!! Vol.02 Ch.031 Small Heroes Vol.03 Ch.032 Aim for Papunika! Vol.03 Ch.033 Gathering of the 6 Commanders...!? Vol.03 Ch.034 The Mysterious SwordMaster Vol.03 Ch.035 Mystic Swordsman Hyunkel!! Vol.03 Ch.036 His Father's Enemy... Avan!? Vol.03 Ch.037 The Strongest Black Sword!! Vol.03 Ch.038 Out of Options...!! Vol.03 Ch.039 The Beast King's Tears Vol.03 Ch.040 This is the Underground Demon Castle! Vol.03 Ch.041 Bet it on a Lightning Strike! Vol.03 Ch.042 Infiltrate! The Labyrinth of Death Vol.03 Ch.043 The Decisive Moment...!! Vol.03 Ch.044 Dai, to Die by the Magic Sword...!!? Vol.03 Ch.045 Father's Soul!! Vol.03 Ch.046 The Lightning Sword of Justice!! Vol.03 Ch.047 Farewell, Lonely Soldier Vol.04 Ch.048 The Signal Flare Vol.04 Ch.049 Where's Leona......!? Vol.04 Ch.050 Cruelty! Flazzard Vol.04 Ch.051 The Hero VS The Fire and Ice General!! Vol.04 Ch.052 Terrifying Magic Barrier!! Vol.04 Ch.053 Frozen Beauty, Leona! Vol.04 Ch.054 The Rumored Great Magician Vol.04 Ch.055 Matoriv's Special Training Vol.04 Ch.056 Set off for Baruji Island Vol.04 Ch.057 The Demon Army Wages a Full-Scale Attack!!! Vol.04 Ch.058 A Heated Struggle to the Death!! Vol.04 Ch.059 Immortal Saviour!!! Vol.04 Ch.060 Warrior Revived! Vol.04 Ch.061 Clash!! Hyunkel VS Hadlar Vol.05 Ch.062 Roaring Flames, Final Touki!! Vol.05 Ch.063 The Cross of Life and Death Vol.05 Ch.064 Infiltration!! Save Leona! Vol.05 Ch.065 Flazzard's Tenacity Vol.05 Ch.066 Hailstorm of Stones!!! Vol.05 Ch.067 The Final Secret of Avan-Ryuu Vol.05 Ch.068 The Kuuretsuzan Appears!! Vol.05 Ch.069 Giant Flame Man!!! Vol.05 Ch.070 Now... Slice Everything ...!!! Vol.05 Ch.071 Goodbye, Magic Bullet Gun Vol.05 Ch.072 Victory! And Now... Vol.05 Ch.073 Marm's Decision Vol.05 Ch.074 Shaking Kiganjou...!! Vol.05 Ch.075 Until The Day We Meet Again Vol.06 Ch.076 Let's Go to the Department Store! Vol.06 Ch.077 Super Dragon Army, Fierce Attack!!! Vol.06 Ch.078 Battle in Bengarna City Vol.06 Ch.079 Defeat the Hydra!! Vol.06 Ch.080 Roaring Dai...!!! Vol.06 Ch.081 Dragon Knight Vol.06 Ch.082 Crashing Baran!!! Vol.06 Ch.083 The Dragon Tamer's True Form Vol.06 Ch.084 The Laughing Demon Lord Vol.06 Ch.085 The Battle Between Father and Son!!! Vol.06 Ch.086 Trembling with Fear! Dragonic Aura!! Vol.06 Ch.087 Risk Your Life...!! Vol.06 Ch.088 Flash of Terror Vol.06 Ch.089 Dai, Level 1...!!? Vol.07 Ch.090 The Gather of The Strongest Army!! Vol.07 Ch.091 The Encounter with The Dragon Rider!!! Vol.07 Ch.092 Breakdown...!!? Vol.07 Ch.093 Pop, In The Face Of Death!! Vol.07 Ch.094 Fury!! Galdandy Vol.07 Ch.095 Fiece Counterattack!! Avan's Disciples Vol.07 Ch.096 The Last Dragon Rider Vol.07 Ch.097 Amudo VS Amudo!! Vol.07 Ch.098 The Knife Of Memories Vol.07 Ch.099 Dai, the Secret of Your Birth...!! Vol.07 Ch.100 From the Brink of Death Vol.07 Ch.101 Mutual Sacrifice...!! Vol.07 Ch.102 I'll Use My Body as a Shield!! Vol.07 Ch.103 The Man Who Threw Away His Heart!! Vol.07 Ch.104 The Ryuumajin Awakens!!! Vol.08 Ch.105 Our Dai...!!! Ch.106 Pop's Final Moment Ch.107 Cry!! Rage!!! Ch.108 The Hero Dai's Revival!!! Ch.109 The World's Ultimate Offense And Defense!! Ch.110 Super Spell, Life Or Death...!!? Ch.111 The One Dragon Blade!! Ch.112 An Attack That Surpasses Death!!! Ch.113 A Father's Farewell Ch.114 The Final Notice Ch.115 Marm's Back...!!? Ch.116 Fierce Battle!!! Ultimate Spell Ch.117 Individual Missions Ch.118 AVAN, The Hero Ch.119 Where's The Strongest Blade? Ch.120 The Romos Arts Tournament Ch.121 REUNITED!! Fighter MARM Ch.122 The Blade Of Champions Ch.123 Disaster in The Finals!! Ch.124 Zaboera's Son Ch.125 The Fearsome Hyper Demon Ch.126 Dai is Devoured!!! Ch.127 Will It Happen!!? Dai's Rescue Ch.128 Roar, DEADLY FIST!!! Ch.129 FLASHING COUNTERATTACK!!! Ch.130 The Cherished Item Ch.131 In This Moment, Everything...!!! Ch.132 Zamza, Fade Into The Setting Sun... Ch.133 A NEW ADVENTURE!!! Ch.134 The Minion of Shadow Moves...!! Ch.135 Ch.136 Ch.137 Ch.138 Ch.139 Ch.140 Ch.141 Ch.142 Ch.143 Ch.144 Ch.145 Ch.146 Ch.147 Ch.148 Ch.149 Ch.150 Ch.151 Ch.152 Ch.153 Ch.154 Ch.155 Ch.156 Ch.157 Ch.158 Ch.159 Ch.160 Ch.161 Ch.162 Ch.163 Ch.164 Ch.165 Ch.166 Ch.167 Ch.168 Ch.169 Ch.170 Ch.171 Ch.172 Ch.173 Ch.174 Ch.175 Ch.176 Ch.177 Ch.178 Ch.179 Ch.180 Ch.181 Ch.182 Ch.183 Ch.184 Ch.185 Ch.186 Ch.187 Ch.188 Ch.189 Ch.190 Ch.191 Ch.192 Ch.193 Ch.194 Ch.195 Ch.196 Ch.197 Ch.198 Ch.199 Ch.200 Ch.201 Ch.202 Ch.203 Ch.204 Ch.205 Ch.206 Ch.207 Ch.208 Ch.209 Ch.210 Ch.211 Ch.212 Ch.213 Ch.214 Ch.215 Ch.216 Ch.217 Ch.218 Ch.219 Ch.220 Ch.221 Ch.222 Ch.223 Ch.224 Ch.225 Ch.226 Ch.227 Ch.228 Ch.229 Ch.230 Ch.231 Ch.232 Ch.233 Ch.234 Ch.235 Now ! Minakatoru Ch.236 The Light of Five Colors...!! Ch.237 The Makai Army Blockade!!! Ch.238 Minakatorou Crisis...!!! Ch.239 Deadly Poisoned Fang Ch.240 Her Name Is...!! Ch.241 Tearful Attack!! Ch.242 Hadlar's Last Challenge Ch.243 Queen!! the secret decision Ch.244 Swing Your Fist, Marm!!! Ch.245 Ultimate Clash of Love!!! Ch.246 A Come Back!! The Queen's Blindspot Ch.247 Let Go of Your Feelings... Ch.248 Formidable Knight, Sigma!! Ch.249 Victory or Destruction?!! Ch.250 Marm's Reply!! Ch.251 The Duel of the True Dragons!!! Ch.252 Here it Comes!! The Ultimate Special Attack Ch.253 Burning Life Ch.254 The Final Blow!! Ch.255 The End of the Battle...!? Ch.256 Shinigami!! Kill Trap Ch.257 Hope Within the Flame!!! Ch.258 Will it Work!? The Miraculous Escape Ch.259 Pop, Death By Fire...!!! Ch.260 Resurrection!! The Great Hero Ch.261 The Mystery of Avan's Return..!! Ch.262 Showdown With the Shinigami!! Ch.263 Rebellous Hyunkel!!! Ch.264 Revelations Ch.265 Shine!! The secret of Anti-Evil... Ch.266 Vearn Palace Trembles...!!! Ch.267 Justice Marches On!! Ch.268 The Confirmation...!!? Ch.269 Zaboera's Ultimate Transformation!!! Ch.270 The Other Hero!! Ch.271 Arrival of the Super Weapon!!! Ch.272 Unfinished Ultimate Sword...! Ch.273 Final Confrontation!! Ch.274 Return From Hell Ch.275 Silver-haired beast. Hym!!! Ch.276 Pawn's Promotion Ch.277 Clash!! Fists of Two Men Ch.278 In the End! Ch.279 Burning the Last Energy!! Ch.280 Checkmate!!! Ch.281 The Arrival of a Super Warrior! Ch.282 Farewell to Warring Days Ch.283 Battle in White Garden!! Ch.284 Erasure of Avan Complete Ch.285 The Successor of Justice!! Ch.286 Resolution for Victory...!!! Ch.287 Standing Firm!! Myst-Vearn Ch.288 New Ties Ch.289 The Will of Father Baran Ch.290 Unexpected Challenge...!? Ch.291 The Heart of the Palace Ch.292 Rise! Fated Knight Ch.293 Number Two Awakens!!! Ch.294 Roar!! Double Dragon Crest Ch.295 Summit of Vearn Palace!!! Ch.296 Terrifying Hesitation...! Ch.297 Genetic Battle Memory!! Ch.298 Victory For Whom? Ch.299 Blood-Stained Conclusion...!!! Ch.300 A Worrisome Advantage Ch.301 The Final Battle of Myst Ch.302 Silver's Fury!! Ch.303 Dark Veil Ch.304 Gamble For Victory!!! Ch.305 Be Gone, Demon Lord...!! Ch.306 I am the Strongest!!! Ch.307 The Secret of Immortality!!! Ch.308 Frozen Time...! Ch.309 Great Forerunners Ch.310 Direct Hit!! Medoroa Ch.311 Terrifying Truth...!!! Ch.312 Myst and Kill Ch.313 The Battle that Surpassed Death Ch.314 Passing Judgement...! Ch.315 Vearn's Greatest Mystery Ch.316 Advent of the True Demon Lord!!! Ch.317 Dark Marm! Ch.318 The Fated Demise Ch.319 Support the Hero! Ch.320 Facade Fighting!!! Ch.321 The Motionless Stance Ch.322 Invitation to Makai Ch.323 Eyes that won't Shut!! Ch.324 Sieze Victory!!! Ch.325 The Tenchimatou's Blind Spot...!!? Ch.326 Strike with Your Life!!! Ch.327 Last Attack!!! Ch.328 Strengthened by Bonds...! Ch.329 With All Your Might!!! Ch.330 One Moment!!! Ch.331 The Last Great Twist Ch.332 Annihilation of the Surface Ch.333 The Voice that Echoes in the Darkness Ch.334 Stand Up!!! Ch.335 Flash of Light Ch.336 Miracle Inside The Hitomi Ch.337 The Tear of God Ch.338 The Last Wish Ch.339 Our Hearts As One!! Ch.340 When The World Shines Ch.341 Dai's Decision Ch.342 Boiling Dragon Blood!!! Ch.343 Roar!!! Ch.344 Escape From Vearn Palace Ch.345 Death Battle Above The Clouds Ch.346 With This, Victory Will Be Mine Ch.347 Farewell, My Friends! Ch.348 Farewell, Demon Lord!! Ch.349 Farewell, Beloved Surface!!!
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