Dragon Half

Ch.058 Showdown! The Demon King's Castle II

Ch.001 King Siva's Scheme Ch.002 The Adorable Knight, Dick Saucer Ch.003 Enter Vena, The Perfect Princess! Ch.004 The Legendary Pido Potion Ch.005 Mink's Quest Ch.006 Here Come The Hardline Forces Lieutenant Damaramu Ch.007 Dick Saucer is After Mink?! Ch.008 Vena's Secret Ch.009 The Threat of Archdemon Azatodeth Ch.010 Damaramu's Blunder of a Lifetime Ch.011 Kidnapped Siren's Songs Ch.012 The Search for the Three Artifacts Ch.013 The Deadly Metal Golem of Horror! Ch.014 The Malice-Slay Martial Arts Championship Trap is Sprung Ch.015 Damaramu Resurrected?!? Ch.016 Enter Azatodeth's Son, Dug! Ch.017 The Final Battle Mink Versus Dug! Ch.018 The Love of Naga the Spider Ch.019 The Treasure of the Castle in the Sky Ch.020 The Pair's 100-Day War-Love and It's Direction Ch.021 Mink's Worst Pinch Ch.022 Audience Rating 120% Saucers's Hidden Past Ch.023 Mink on Glass Slippers (pt.1) Ch.024 Mink on Glass Slippers (pt.2) Ch.025 Rescue Mink! Pia's Feat. Ch.026 Heavy-Damaramu Strikes Back? Ch.027 The New Enemy High Emperor Dead Lie Ch.028 Dragon Half Awakening Ch.029 The Secret of the Holy Garlic Cross Sword Ch.030 Threat of Earth, One of the Four Generals of the Dead Lie Troops Ch.031 Mink vs. General Earth in Charge of Earth Ch.032 Mink's Look-alike Apprears? Ch.033 Dream Angel Magical Yone Ch.034 Showdown! Undead Emperor's Labyrinth Ch.035 Showdown! Undead Emperor's Labyrinth II Ch.036 Migu Strikes Hard! Ch.037 Legend of the Holy Gourd Ch.038 Vena Strikes Back Ch.039 Dad is a Good Liar Ch.040 Shuddering! Great Demon King Azatodeth Ch.041 The Demon King Strikes! Ch.042 Dragon Half - Tragic Destiny!? Ch.043 Super Damaramu I Ch.044 Super Damaramu II Ch.045 Saucer, Prince of the Neptunes? Ch.046 Neptune Castle Full of Love and Hate Ch.047 The Most Secret Trick, Sword of Dreamy Meteor (Sonic Special) Ch.048 Super-destructive Beast-Man Mig-guirras Ch.049 Paul's Miracle Adventures Ch.050 How Do You Do? My Name is Suzuki! Ch.051 The Beautiful Assassin Ch.052 Farewell, Mappy Ch.053 The Secret of the Demon-King's Island!? Ch.054 Strike Back! Three Machine-Head Soldiers (Sisters) Ch.055 His Name is Titan Ch.056 Great Demon King's Royal Conference On Air (via sattelite) Ch.057 Showdown! The Demon King's Castle I Ch.058 Showdown! The Demon King's Castle II Ch.059 Booby trap Ch.060 Crash! Saucer vs. Titan Ch.061 Saucer Burnt Out Ch.062 Showdown Azatodeth Ch.063 A Drop of Secret Potion Ch.064 Final Choices Ch.065 See You Later! Ch.066
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Dragon Half contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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