Dengeki Daisy

Vol.16 Ch.075.9 Debut Work

Vol.01 Ch.001 Suspicious Guy Vol.01 Ch.002 Even For An Instant, He's A Hero! Vol.01 Ch.003 I'm Still Inexperienced Vol.01 Ch.004 That Person Is Near Yet Far Vol.01 Ch.004.5 Extra Vol.02 Ch.005 Because the Time to Make a Decision is Near Vol.02 Ch.006 We have a problem, Big Sis Vol.02 Ch.007 He Will Protect Me Vol.02 Ch.008 Best Friends Vol.02 Ch.009 The Hero Is At An Adolescent Age Vol.03 Ch.010 You Will Disappear Vol.03 Ch.011 Thanks for Everything Vol.03 Ch.012 Inside that Cell Phone Vol.03 Ch.013 When the Truth is Out Vol.03 Ch.014 Secret Vol.04 Ch.015 In Order to Become a Cruel Woman Vol.04 Ch.016 Which feelings are those? Vol.04 Ch.017 The Name of That Flower Vol.04 Ch.018 The Fourth Man Vol.04 Ch.019 The Things I Can Do For You Vol.05 Ch.020 To You, My Beloved Vol.05 Ch.021 The First... Vol.05 Ch.022 Each Person's Pain Vol.05 Ch.023 To Protect, And Lose Something Vol.05 Ch.024 Accompany Me Vol.06 Ch.025 Most in the world Vol.06 Ch.026 Kiss Vol.06 Ch.027 Decision Vol.06 Ch.028 The Possibility of a Happy End Vol.06 Ch.029 Not Suited for a Cute Girl Vol.06 Ch.029.5 Christmas Eve's Cosplay Legend Vol.06 Ch.029.6 Everyone's Let's-Become-Happy New Year Vol.07 Ch.030 Only I Know Vol.07 Ch.031 What Was Stolen Vol.07 Ch.032 Stray Heart Vol.07 Ch.033 So I Can Meet with You Vol.07 Ch.034 The Truth Comes Out Vol.08 Ch.035 Why did you disappear? Vol.08 Ch.036 Read Online Vol.08 Ch.037 Read Online Vol.08 Ch.038 Beginning of the Sin Vol.08 Ch.039 The Day "Daisy" Was Born Vol.09 Ch.040 Reunion Vol.09 Ch.041 Whereabouts of the "Sin" Vol.09 Ch.042 I Want to Feel You Vol.09 Ch.043 You've Got Mail Vol.09 Ch.044 A Demon Appears Vol.10 Ch.045 Tests and Trials Vol.10 Ch.046 I Cannot Resist Your Beautiful Self Vol.10 Ch.047 Daisy Bell Vol.10 Ch.048 Rena's Fiance Vol.10 Ch.049 Hide the Frustrations in Your Heart Vol.11 Ch.050 It's Still Too Early to be a Man Vol.11 Ch.051 Dangerous Love Game Vol.11 Ch.052 Testament, and Answer, and Friendship Vol.11 Ch.053 We Swear on Our Friendship Vol.11 Ch.054 A Child's Distinction, an Adult's Resolution Vol.12 Ch.055 Crush His Plan (First Part) Vol.12 Ch.056 Crush His Plan (Last Part) Vol.12 Ch.057 Footsteps from the Past... Vol.12 Ch.058 The Day I Get Closer Someday Vol.12 Ch.059 With Our Faith Vol.13 Ch.060 I'm Counting On You Vol.13 Ch.061 Attack Vol.13 Ch.062 Feelings and Pain Vol.13 Ch.063 Message From Soichiro Vol.13 Ch.064 Message From Soichiro (Part 2) Vol.14 Ch.065 The 'Testament' of Professor Midorikawa Vol.14 Ch.066 That Which Is Entrusted Vol.14 Ch.067 Because This Time It's Important Vol.14 Ch.068 I Decided To Be Happy Vol.14 Ch.069 Time To Move Vol.15 Ch.070 Unwavering Vol.15 Ch.071 Lucky Charm Vol.15 Ch.072 My Hero Will Come Vol.15 Ch.073 Mail 73 Our Future Vol.15 Ch.074 Let's Go Home Vol.16 Ch.075 Towards Our Future [End] Vol.16 Ch.075.1 Vol.16 Ch.075.3 Vol.16 Ch.075.4 Vol.16 Ch.075.5 Fingernails Vol.16 Ch.075.6 New Year Vol.16 Ch.075.7 Daisy Special Episode 1 Vol.16 Ch.075.8 Daisy Special Episode 2 Vol.16 Ch.075.9 Debut Work
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