Vol.08 Ch.066 Division Six Marches On [END]

Vol.01 Ch.001 Those People Vol.01 Ch.002 Encounter With The Unknown Vol.01 Ch.003 Unusual Usual Vol.01 Ch.004 Murderer’s Ball Vol.01 Ch.005 Coming in Contact, Then... Vol.01 Ch.006 It's a Beautiful World Vol.02 Ch.007 World Order Vol.02 Ch.008 The Meaning of Ability Vol.02 Ch.009 Undercover Investigation Vol.02 Ch.010 Sliver of Hope Vol.02 Ch.011 On the Night of the Decision Vol.02 Ch.012 Let's Live Together Vol.02 Ch.013 Even so, I'll... Vol.02 Ch.014 Protection Program Vol.03 Ch.015 Invisible Man Vol.03 Ch.016 Twin-faced monsters Vol.03 Ch.017 Declaration of War Vol.03 Ch.018 Nightmare Vol.03 Ch.019 Bloody party Vol.03 Ch.020 Dilemma Vol.03 Ch.021 Each one's fight Vol.03 Ch.022 The Real Goal Vol.04 Ch.023 Quickening Vol.04 Ch.024 Side Show Vol.04 Ch.025 Spider thread Vol.04 Ch.026 Awakening Vol.04 Ch.027 Prayer Vol.04 Ch.028 Picasso's scorn Vol.04 Ch.029 Idols and Bombs Vol.04 Ch.030 Dreaming Girls Vol.05 Ch.031 The Real Target Vol.05 Ch.032 Protect the Superintendent Vol.05 Ch.033 Fated Reunion Vol.05 Ch.034 Assault on the MPD Vol.05 Ch.035 A Girl's Choice Vol.05 Ch.036 Trap Vol.05 Ch.037 The Murder of the Kisaragi Family Vol.05 Ch.038 Revenge Unleashed Vol.06 Ch.039 Target Vol.06 Ch.040 Foe Vol.06 Ch.041 Strange event Vol.06 Ch.042 Crossroads Vol.06 Ch.043 Duty Vol.06 Ch.044 In the Dead of the Night Vol.06 Ch.045 True Identity Vol.06 Ch.046 Gathering the Troops Vol.07 Ch.047 Remains of a hellish fire Vol.07 Ch.048 To the other side of the curtain Vol.07 Ch.049 Revelation Time Vol.07 Ch.050 True Intention Vol.07 Ch.051 Maneuvering Vol.07 Ch.052 Encroachment Vol.07 Ch.053 Developments Vol.07 Ch.054 Further into the Darkness Vol.08 Ch.055 The Truth Clarified Vol.08 Ch.056 Time for Resolve Vol.08 Ch.057 Unexpected Vol.08 Ch.058 Distortion Vol.08 Ch.059 Sample Vol.08 Ch.060 Carrying out the plan in the next 24 hours Vol.08 Ch.061 Before the Bridal Night Vol.08 Ch.062 The Clear Winner Vol.08 Ch.063 Exchange Vol.08 Ch.064 Lamentation Vol.08 Ch.065 True Ability Vol.08 Ch.066 Division Six Marches On [END]
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