Death Note

Vol.TBD Ch.109 Oneshot

Vol.00 Ch.000 Pilot Vol.01 Ch.001 Boredom Vol.01 Ch.001.1 Boredom (Official color scans) Vol.01 Ch.002 L Vol.01 Ch.003 Family Vol.01 Ch.004 Current Vol.01 Ch.005 Eyeballs Vol.01 Ch.006 Manipulation Vol.01 Ch.007 Target Vol.02 Ch.008 Woman Vol.02 Ch.009 Slots Vol.02 Ch.010 Confluence Vol.02 Ch.011 One Vol.02 Ch.012 God Vol.02 Ch.013 Countdown Vol.02 Ch.014 Temptation Vol.02 Ch.015 Phone Call Vol.02 Ch.016 Handstand Vol.03 Ch.017 Trash Vol.03 Ch.018 Gaze Vol.03 Ch.019 Humiliation Vol.03 Ch.020 First Move Vol.03 Ch.021 Duplicity Vol.03 Ch.022 Misfortune Vol.03 Ch.023 Hard Run Vol.03 Ch.024 Shield Vol.03 Ch.025 Fool Vol.04 Ch.026 Reversal Vol.04 Ch.027 Love Vol.04 Ch.028 Judgement Vol.04 Ch.029 Weapon Vol.04 Ch.030 Bomb Vol.04 Ch.031 Easy Vol.04 Ch.032 Gamble Vol.04 Ch.033 Removal Vol.04 Ch.034 Imprisonment Vol.05 Ch.035 Whiteout Vol.05 Ch.036 Father And Son Vol.05 Ch.037 Eight Vol.05 Ch.038 Strike Vol.05 Ch.039 Separation Vol.05 Ch.040 Allies Vol.05 Ch.041 Matsuda Vol.05 Ch.042 Heaven Vol.05 Ch.043 Black Vol.06 Ch.044 Successor Vol.06 Ch.045 Crazy Vol.06 Ch.046 Ill-Suited Vol.06 Ch.047 Impertinence Vol.06 Ch.048 Give And Take Vol.06 Ch.049 Potted Plant Vol.06 Ch.050 Yotsuba Vol.06 Ch.051 Misunderstanding Vol.06 Ch.052 Split-Second Vol.07 Ch.053 Scream Vol.07 Ch.054 Inside Vol.07 Ch.055 Creation Vol.07 Ch.056 Embrace Vol.07 Ch.057 Two Choices Vol.07 Ch.058 Feelings Within Vol.07 Ch.059 Zero Vol.07 Ch.060 Kidnapping Vol.07 Ch.061 Number Two Vol.08 Ch.062 The Decision Vol.08 Ch.063 Target Vol.08 Ch.064 Right Angle Vol.08 Ch.065 Responsibility Vol.08 Ch.066 Death Vol.08 Ch.067 Button Vol.08 Ch.068 Discovery Vol.08 Ch.069 Flight Vol.08 Ch.070 Tremble Vol.09 Ch.071 Contact Vol.09 Ch.072 Verification Vol.09 Ch.073 Cornered Vol.09 Ch.074 A Fine Performance Vol.09 Ch.075 Acknowledgement Vol.09 Ch.076 Greeting Vol.09 Ch.077 Use Vol.09 Ch.078 Prediction Vol.09 Ch.079 Feigned Vol.10 Ch.080 Clean-Up Vol.10 Ch.081 Warning Vol.10 Ch.082 Himself Vol.10 Ch.083 Delete Vol.10 Ch.084 Coincidence Vol.10 Ch.085 Election Vol.10 Ch.086 Japan Vol.10 Ch.087 Tomorrow Vol.10 Ch.088 Conversation Vol.11 Ch.089 Kindred Spirits Vol.11 Ch.090 Preview Vol.11 Ch.091 Standstill Vol.11 Ch.092 Night Vol.11 Ch.093 Decision Vol.11 Ch.094 Outside Vol.11 Ch.095 Convinced Vol.11 Ch.096 Meanwhile Vol.11 Ch.097 Miscellaneous Vol.11 Ch.098 Everybody Vol.12 Ch.099 The Two Vol.12 Ch.100 Face to Face Vol.12 Ch.101 Inducement Vol.12 Ch.102 Patience Vol.12 Ch.103 Declaration Vol.12 Ch.104 Answer Vol.12 Ch.105 Impossible Vol.12 Ch.106 Intent To Kill Vol.12 Ch.107 Curtain Vol.12 Ch.108 Finis Vol.TBD Ch.109 Oneshot Vol.TBD Ch.110 How To Read Vol.TBD Ch.110.5 Omake
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