Dead Tube

Vol.10 Ch.046 Shooting Murder

Vol.01 Ch.000 Take.000 Prologue Vol.01 Ch.001 Take.001 Action Vol.01 Ch.002 Take.002 Winner and Payment Vol.01 Ch.003 Take.003 Document The Director Vol.01 Ch.004 Take.004 Kill or to be Killed Vol.01 Ch.005 Take.005 Movie Of The Dead Vol.02 Ch.006 v2 Vol.02 Ch.007 Take.007 The rules of the game Vol.02 Ch.008 Take.008 Betsuki-sensei Vol.02 Ch.009 Take.009 Escalation Vol.02 Ch.010 Take.010 Live Broadcast Start! Vol.03 Ch.011 Take.011 The Hidden Face Of Betsuki Eri Vol.03 Ch.012 Take.012 The Perfect Suicide Vol.03 Ch.013 Take.013 Furui Zazuo Vol.03 Ch.014 Take.014 Ch.036 Vol.04 Ch.015 Take.015 Come Here Rascal Vol.04 Ch.016 Take.016 Here Rascal!! Vol.04 Ch.017 Take.017 A Night For Two Vol.04 Ch.018 Take.018 Who's The Murderer Vol.05 Ch.019 Take.019 Vol.05 Ch.020 Take.020 Vol.05 Ch.021 Take.021 Suspecting Vol.05 Ch.022 Take.022 Little Soldiers Vol.06 Ch.023 Take.023 Vol.06 Ch.024 Take.024 Your Name... Vol.06 Ch.025 Take.025 Mashiro Mai's Case Vol.06 Ch.026 Take.026 The Beautiful And The Ugly Vol.07 Ch.027 Take.027 The Price To Pay Vol.07 Ch.028 Take.028 DEAD Tubers Vol.07 Ch.029 Take.029 Breaking Kana - The Movie Vol.07 Ch.030 Take.030 Tragedy Vol.07 Ch.031 Take.031 Counterattack Vol.08 Ch.032 Take.032 They Face an Enemy They Want to Kill, No Matter What! Vol.08 Ch.033 Take.033 Retribution Vol.08 Ch.034 Take.034 Enforcing Justice! Vol.09 Ch.035 Take.035 The Origin of Justice Vol.09 Ch.036 Vol.09 Ch.037 Vol.09 Ch.038 Vol.09 Ch.039 Vol.09 Ch.040 Let's Talk About Justice Vol.09 Ch.041 Vol.09 Ch.042 Vol.09 Ch.043 Vol.09 Ch.044 Vol.10 Ch.045 Virtual Deadtuber Vol.10 Ch.046 Shooting Murder Vol.10 Ch.047 Vol.10 Ch.048 Vol.12 Ch.049 Vol.12 Ch.050
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