Vol.09 Ch.074 I Should've Opened It...

Vol.01 Ch.001 It's the Kazama Gang! Vol.01 Ch.002 Pleased to Make Your Acquaintance Vol.01 Ch.003 One Is Plenty Vol.01 Ch.004 I Don't Entirely Matter Vol.01 Ch.005 Still Thinking About It Vol.01 Ch.006 You Have More Fun over There? Vol.01 Ch.007 Let the Game Begins! Vol.02 Ch.008 You Are This, Too... Do You Want to Do It? Vol.02 Ch.009 I Think We Should Start the Meeting Vol.02 Ch.010 That's Me Vol.02 Ch.011 I Bet on It Vol.02 Ch.012 I Have Confidence Vol.02 Ch.013 You're Not Giving Up!? Vol.02 Ch.014 I Must Do It!! Vol.02 Ch.014.5 Takabondo Extra Vol.03 Ch.015 What's That!? Vol.03 Ch.016 So Dandy!! Vol.03 Ch.017 Enemy Is Approaching!! Vol.03 Ch.018 Let's Have a Match Vol.03 Ch.019 I Don't Want You to Become the Winner! Vol.03 Ch.020 Which One Would You Chose? Vol.03 Ch.021 If Not, I Won't Forgive You Vol.03 Ch.022 The Growing Problem Vol.03 Ch.023 I'm So Pathetic Vol.03 Ch.024 Amazing Vol.03 Ch.025 It's Better!! Vol.03 Ch.026 Water!! Vol.03 Ch.027 Pissing Me Off Vol.03 Ch.028 Real Sibling Is the Best After All Vol.04 Ch.029 The Legendary Amazing Takao-senpai Vol.04 Ch.030 Swaying and Floating Vol.04 Ch.031 You're Simply Weak Vol.04 Ch.032 I Want to Dismiss Your Game Creator Club (Temp) Vol.04 Ch.033 Diamonds Are Unbreakable Vol.04 Ch.034 He Came Up with an Amazing Thing!! Vol.04 Ch.035 Playing by Herself Vol.04 Ch.036 And the Finishing Blow Is... Vol.04 Ch.037 Damn You, Shawn Conecone!! Vol.04 Ch.038 TOWEL!! Vol.04 Ch.039 It's Auntie Vol.04 Ch.040 So Many Things Happened... Vol.05 Ch.041 You Too Takao Senpai. Join Us Vol.05 Ch.042 Stood Up!! Vol.05 Ch.043 Patarinko Vol.06 Ch.044 You're Tricking My Older Sister!! Vol.06 Ch.045 Let's Have a Hundred Youths!! Vol.06 Ch.046 What Are You Inhaling Vol.06 Ch.047 What the Hell with This Plot Development!? Vol.07 Ch.048 Life's Most Dangerous Heights Vol.07 Ch.049 Finally Achieved Full Mastery Vol.07 Ch.050 Waste...ful! Vol.07 Ch.051 This Is Just Too Good!! Vol.08 Ch.052 Sorry! Vol.08 Ch.053 I...It's a Conspiracy---!! Vol.08 Ch.054 We'll Suuuuuck Our Luck Back! Vol.08 Ch.055 How Can You Be so Gullible!? Vol.08 Ch.056 What shall we do? Vol.08 Ch.057 Who... Who's he!? Vol.08 Ch.058 This, too, is the Destiny of a Gamer... Vol.08 Ch.058.5 Vol. 8.5 Extra Chapters Vol.08 Ch.059 Here's a Towel Vol.08 Ch.060 So It's Her After All!? Vol.08 Ch.061 And Whose Fault is That!? Vol.08 Ch.062 Wait, I'm Not a Club Member Vol.08 Ch.063 Shibasaki-san's Here! Vol.08 Ch.064 I Feel Sick! Vol.08 Ch.065 What Happened to Your Identity!? Vol.09 Ch.065.5 Extra Vol.09 Ch.066 Eh... Is.... Is That So? Vol.09 Ch.067 Future Vol.09 Ch.068 It's a Mystery! Vol.09 Ch.069 We're Sorry~ Vol.09 Ch.070 That's Where You're Wrong Vol.09 Ch.071 Actually, It Was Also for That Reason That I... Vol.09 Ch.072 The Baldies' Openings Vol.09 Ch.073 Alive is Almighty!! Vol.09 Ch.074 I Should've Opened It... Vol.09 Ch.075 That's the End of the Flashback?! Vol.09 Ch.076 This Backstory is Just Plain Fishy Vol.09 Ch.077 ...Sure, Harigane's Fine Vol.09 Ch.078 He Says it's on the House... Vol.09 Ch.079 Won't the Game End if You Roll Over a Seven?! Vol.09 Ch.080 Don't Cause a Racket in My House Vol.09 Ch.081 Your Father... Vol.09 Ch.082 Why Do You Look a Li'l Happy?! Vol.09 Ch.083 Ah, I'm Sitting Down Again Vol.09 Ch.084 I Really Enjoyed That Trip! Vol.09 Ch.085 Steep as a Cliff Side Vol.09 Ch.086 Do You Want the Miso Soup? Vol.09 Ch.087 Help WIth Making New Memories Vol.09 Ch.088 That May Not Be True Vol.09 Ch.089 I'll Give You 40,000 Yen! Vol.09 Ch.090 I Would LIke a Low-Fat Crepe Vol.09 Ch.091 We Won't Let You Take This Alone! Vol.09 Ch.092 "This... is Genuine!" Vol.09 Ch.093 We Just Gotta Get All The Stamps, Right? Vol.09 Ch.094 This School Sucks!! Vol.09 Ch.095 It's Even Got A Cherry Tomato On Top... Vol.09 Ch.096 Well, It's Her Own Fault... Vol.09 Ch.097 Would You Like A Part-Time Job? Vol.09 Ch.098 Make Something Up Vol.09 Ch.099 Ice Cold Vol.09 Ch.100 Vol.09 Ch.101 Vol.09 Ch.102 Vol.09 Ch.103 Vol.09 Ch.104 Vol.09 Ch.105 With Lots of Meat Vol.09 Ch.106 Vol.09 Ch.107 Vol.09 Ch.108 What's Your Problem? Vol.09 Ch.109 Vol.09 Ch.110 Vol.09 Ch.111 Vol.09 Ch.112 Vol.09 Ch.113 Vol.09 Ch.114 Vol.09 Ch.115 Vol.09 Ch.116 Vol.09 Ch.117 Vol.09 Ch.118 Vol.09 Ch.119 Vol.09 Ch.120 Vol.09 Ch.121
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