Cyborg 009

Vol.16 Ch.095 Battle with the Gods (Part 8)

Vol.01 Ch.000 Prologue Vol.01 Ch.001 Merchants of Death Vol.01 Ch.002 The Cyborg Laboratory Vol.01 Ch.003 The Men in Black Vol.01 Ch.004 Number 00, the Guinea Pigs Vol.01 Ch.005 Birth of 009 Vol.01 Ch.006 Rebellion Vol.01 Ch.007 1000 vs. 10 Warriors Vol.01 Ch.008 Escape by Sea Vol.02 Ch.009 Escape by Sea Part II Vol.02 Ch.010 Prologue Vol.02 Ch.011 Assassins Vol.02 Ch.012 Man-Eating Mansion Vol.03 Ch.013 0013 Vol.03 Ch.014 Man and Machine Vol.03 Ch.015 The Journey Begins Vol.03 Ch.016 The Man with the Expensive Castle Vol.04 Ch.017 Empty War Vol.04 Ch.018 A New Type of Bomb (Thunder and Lightning) Vol.04 Ch.019 Deep Sea Wanderer Vol.04 Ch.020 Prologue Vol.04 Ch.021 Mud and Blood Vol.05 Ch.022 Mud and Blood Part II Vol.05 Ch.023 Cyborgman Vol.05 Ch.024 The Mole and the Moon Vol.05 Ch.025 Before the Dawn Vol.06 Ch.026 Prologue Vol.06 Ch.027 The Gods of Mount Olympus Vol.06 Ch.028 The Ocean Tunnel Vol.06 Ch.029 Achilles' Heel Vol.06 Ch.030 Helena and Apollo Vol.06 Ch.031 Atlas Invasion Part I Vol.07 Ch.032 Atlas Invasion Part II Vol.07 Ch.033 The Final Chapter Vol.07 Ch.034 Side Stories The Golden Lion Vol.07 Ch.035 Side Stories The Phantom Dog Vol.08 Ch.036 Prologue Vol.08 Ch.037 Hurricane Joe Vol.08 Ch.038 Reunion Vol.08 Ch.039 Gathering Vol.08 Ch.040 Defying Black Ghost Vol.08 Ch.041 Silence and Compromise Vol.09 Ch.042 Mistrust and Compromise Vol.09 Ch.043 Commence Attack Vol.09 Ch.044 Into the Underground Lair Vol.10 Ch.045 The Evil Underground Empire of Hades Vol.10 Ch.046 Decisive Battle Vol.10 Ch.047 From the Surface to Quick Freeze... Vol.11 Ch.048 Monster Island - Prologue Vol.11 Ch.049 Passing Day After Day Vol.11 Ch.050 The Giants Appear Vol.11 Ch.051 Shock Treatment Vol.11 Ch.052 The Mystery Men's Mansion Vol.11 Ch.053 The Counterattack Vol.11 Ch.054 To The Island! Vol.11 Ch.055 Landing Operations Vol.11 Ch.056 The End of Monster Island Vol.12 Ch.057 The Middle East War Vol.12 Ch.058 Raid Vol.12 Ch.059 Moses Vol.12 Ch.060 The Trap Vol.12 Ch.061 The Hell-Beast Vol.12 Ch.062 Absolute Zero Vol.12 Ch.063 Traffic Accident Vol.12 Ch.064 The Beautiful Demon Vol.12 Ch.065 Bonin Islands - North Iwo Jima Vol.12 Ch.066 In Pursuit Vol.13 Ch.067 Program E Vol.13 Ch.068 The Time Gun Vol.13 Ch.069 Questions and Answers Vol.13 Ch.070 Exchanging Hostages Vol.13 Ch.071 Lorelei's Song Vol.13 Ch.072 The Witch Vol.13 Ch.073 Farewell, Lorelei Vol.14 Ch.074 Whereabouts of Nuclear Submarine "Angelfish" Unknown! Vol.14 Ch.075 Joe's Crisis Vol.14 Ch.076 Undersea City Vol.14 Ch.077 Ancient Science Vol.14 Ch.078 Fish Dragon Vol.14 Ch.079 Submarine Battleship Vol.14 Ch.080 On the Sea Vol.15 Ch.081 Prologue To The Long Days of Battle Vol.15 Ch.082 God, Who Came Down From Heaven Vol.15 Ch.083 Us, Flock of Sheep Vol.15 Ch.084 Enemies or Allies? Vol.15 Ch.085 To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Question Vol.15 Ch.086 The Creator Has The Will To Live, Has The Right To Live, It's Free to Choose Death Vol.16 Ch.087 Battle with the Gods (Prologue) Vol.16 Ch.088 Battle with the Gods (Part 1) Vol.16 Ch.089 Battle with the Gods (Part 2) Vol.16 Ch.090 Battle with the Gods (Part 3) Vol.16 Ch.091 Battle with the Gods (Part 4) Vol.16 Ch.092 Battle with the Gods (Part 5) Vol.16 Ch.093 Battle with the Gods (Part 6) Vol.16 Ch.094 Battle with the Gods (Part 7) Vol.16 Ch.095 Battle with the Gods (Part 8) Vol.16 Ch.096 Battle with the Gods (Part 9) Vol.16 Ch.097 Battle with the Gods (Part 10) Vol.16 Ch.098 Battle with the Gods (Epilogue) Vol.17 Ch.099 City of Wind - Prologue Letter Vol.17 Ch.100 Night at Pukara, The City of Gold Vol.17 Ch.101 Princess Ishukik Vol.17 Ch.102 When the Wind Blows Fiercely Vol.17 Ch.103 Epilogue All in the Dust... Vol.17 Ch.104 Skuld (Future) Vol.17 Ch.105 Verdandi (Present) Vol.17 Ch.106 Urd (Past) Vol.18 Ch.107 Snow Carnival Vol.18 Ch.108 Deinonychus Vol.18 Ch.109 Ghost Island Vol.18 Ch.110 Green Hole Vol.18 Ch.111 Cyborg 009 vs the 300 Million Yen Criminal Vol.18 Ch.112 Cyborg Dinosaur Vol.19 Ch.113 Pandora Pyramid Vol.19 Ch.114 Sugar Pyramid
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