Cross Over

Vol.07 Ch.059 Lemon

Vol.01 Ch.001 Honey Lemon Vol.01 Ch.002 A New Beggining Vol.01 Ch.003 A New Member Vol.01 Ch.004 The Reason for Being No. 1 Vol.01 Ch.005 Basket Boys in Spa! Vol.02 Ch.006 Normal Weapon Vol.02 Ch.007 Misunderstanding Vol.02 Ch.008 Proof Vol.02 Ch.009 Idle Vol.02 Ch.010 Confession Vol.02 Ch.011 Revival Vol.02 Ch.012 Two Kinds of Future Vol.02 Ch.013 Taste of Lemon Vol.02 Ch.014 High School, Freshman Year Vol.03 Ch.015 Shell Vol.03 Ch.016 Excuses Vol.03 Ch.017 Bad Boy Vol.03 Ch.018 Just Enemies Vol.03 Ch.019 We Must Not Lose! Vol.03 Ch.020 Competing Thoughts Vol.03 Ch.021 We'll Take Back What Was Taken from Us! Vol.03 Ch.022 Cheer Up! Vol.03 Ch.023 I'm Not Alone! Vol.04 Ch.024 A Few Minutes Vol.04 Ch.025 Disappearing Fire Vol.04 Ch.026 Conclusion Vol.04 Ch.027 Starting Over Vol.04 Ch.028 The Mayor's Present Vol.04 Ch.029 Sanada's Strategy Vol.04 Ch.030 Ancient Martial Arts Training?! Vol.04 Ch.031 Natsuki and Ancient Martial Arts Vol.04 Ch.032 An Opportunity Vol.05 Ch.033 Shoulder Blade Vol.05 Ch.034 The Price of a Practical Joke Vol.05 Ch.035 The Wounds of Two People Vol.05 Ch.036 One Person and Two Others Vol.05 Ch.037 The Taste of First Love Vol.05 Ch.038 This Is Basketball! Vol.05 Ch.039 Christopher Knight Vol.05 Ch.040 Debut Vol.05 Ch.041 Ain't Nothing Much Vol.06 Ch.042 True Strength Vol.06 Ch.043 Seriousness Vol.06 Ch.044 Blurry Eyes Vol.06 Ch.045 Target Vol.06 Ch.046 Pressure Vol.06 Ch.047 Cain Vol.06 Ch.048 Cain and Chris Vol.06 Ch.049 Hero Vol.06 Ch.050 Fleeting Emotions Vol.07 Ch.051 The Genius Guard Vol.07 Ch.052 Deception Vol.07 Ch.053 Jouoku Chutei Vol.07 Ch.054 The Goal of a Genius Vol.07 Ch.055 Return to the Team Vol.07 Ch.056 The Arrival of The Hero Vol.07 Ch.057 The Greatest Rookie Vol.07 Ch.058 Fly, Natsuki! Vol.07 Ch.059 Lemon
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