Chihaya-san's Fine That Way

Ch.067 I Miss Him…

Ch.001 01kcal "Should I lose weight?" Ch.002 You can never trust what guys say is the average for a girl Ch.003 I can’t stop eating… Ch.004 Ch.005 Ch.006 Ch.007 Ch.008 Ch.009 Baths are awesome Ch.010 It's fine, we'll get to modernize Ch.011 I can't finish one by Myself Ch.012 Have you heard of the tomato diet? Ch.013 You didn't notice? That ramune Ch.014 Ya wrong Ch.015 I want some sukiyaki... Ch.016 Why do you know this? Ch.017 I...Hate you... Ch.018 It'll overflow! Ch.019 Here , ah~ng Ch.020 But, can I get changed? Ch.021 That's not that kind of sport... Ch.022 Can I eat now? Ch.023 There's cream on your cheek Ch.024 Isn't that honor? Ch.025 They are never bad Ch.026 It makes noise when you bite Ch.027 Aren't you only giving away the healthy stuff? Ch.028 Japan's loss Ch.029 This… is it really safe for human consumption? Ch.030 Isn't it because I like you? Ch.031 Shoot, time just stopped Ch.032 It's definitely not fine the way it is.. Ch.033 Hey... can I take these off? Ch.034 Ah! Look! It's her!! Ch.035 Shima hasn't changed... Ch.036 Ruining a fun meal is even more unaccept ... Ch.037 ...maybe... Ch.038 Did something happen? Ch.039 Sorry for being a bad daughter... Ch.040 I’ll save it for later... Vol.04 Ch.068  I Like you the Way you are [END] Vol.04 Ch.069 Epilogue... END Ch.041 Eh, then it’s a god’s drink... Ch.042 I took it whole... Ch.043 Chihaya-san, Chihaya-san. You’re gonna empty the ... Ch.044 So? What if it is... Ch.045 I’ll give you half. Ch.046 No Breath, No Water!! Ch.047 I want to lose weight... Ch.048 It’s fine. I’m taking this. Ch.049 Chihaya, did you know this? Ch.050 Saying that right there is cheating Ch.051 What’s love…! Ch.052 Don’t you have something more important to say? Ch.053 I have no time for that!! Ch.054 I AM INVINCIBLE!! Ch.055 Will it look okay even if I wear it? Ch.056 This isn’t my main objective today… Ch.057 Hey, look at the camera… Ch.058 But when is next? Ch.059 Yeah I’m blushing Ch.060 It’s too embarrassing, so no Ch.061 I wanna be honest… Ch.062 It’ll never end if you don’t say “yes” Ch.063 I genuinely wanna see it Ch.064 Yeah, I fell for you Ch.065 No school tomorrow Ch.066 Anytime now… Ch.067 I Miss Him…
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Caution to under-aged viewers: The series Chihaya-san's Fine That Way contain themes or scenes that may not be suitable for very young readers thus is blocked for their protection. If you are 18 and above, Please click here to continue reading.


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