Captain Tsubasa - Rising Sun

Vol.08 Ch.063 Devil of the Field

Vol.01 Ch.001 Liga's Glory Vol.01 Ch.002 23/33 Vol.01 Ch.003 Champion's True Worth Vol.01 Ch.004 Rousing Spirits Vol.01 Ch.005 The Decision of The Oversea Group Vol.01 Ch.006 In Waves! Oversea Group Vol.01 Ch.007 The Chosen Ones Vol.02 Ch.008 The Fated Drawing of Lots Vol.02 Ch.009 The Rest of A Soldier Vol.02 Ch.010 The Madrid Olympics Are Beginning Vol.02 Ch.011 Michael's Miracle Vol.02 Ch.012 Camp Nou, The Dream Stage Vol.02 Ch.013 Opening Art Vol.02 Ch.014 Swirling! The "Eye of The Storm" Vol.02 Ch.015 The Other Genius Vol.03 Ch.016 Contest of Geniuses Vol.03 Ch.017 One More Golden Combi Vol.03 Ch.018 Proof of Progress Vol.03 Ch.019 Netherlands' Prestige Vol.03 Ch.020 Stijn and Bryan Vol.03 Ch.021 The Lions' Trap Vol.03 Ch.022 SGGK's Bet Vol.03 Ch.023 Continuous Attack Vol.03 Ch.024 Strong Argentina Vol.04 Ch.025 Glorious Festival Vol.04 Ch.026 A Man Named Diaz Vol.04 Ch.027 Miraculous Overhead 1 Vol.04 Ch.028 Miraculous Overhead 2 Vol.04 Ch.029 Argentina's Artillery Vol.04 Ch.030 Special Corner Kick Vol.04 Ch.031 End To End Vol.04 Ch.032 Japan's Treasure Vol.04 Ch.033 Diaz's Trap Vol.05 Ch.034 The Hand of God Vol.05 Ch.035 Betting on "Reversal" Vol.05 Ch.036 Surrounded Vol.05 Ch.037 Mount Fuji and Lavender Vol.05 Ch.038 The Divine Surpassing the Miracle 1 Vol.05 Ch.039 The Divine Surpassing the Miracle 2 Vol.05 Ch.040 Adios Vol.05 Ch.041 Warriors' Celebration Vol.05 Ch.042 The Emperor's Humiliation Vol.06 Ch.043 Bullet of Fire Vol.06 Ch.044 The Proud Challenge Vol.06 Ch.045 Wall of Steel Vol.06 Ch.046 The Brazilian Ambush Vol.06 Ch.047 Submarine vs Hedgehog Vol.06 Ch.048 Full Metal Phantom Vol.06 Ch.049 German Hot Bloodedness Vol.06 Ch.050 Rainbow in the Riazor Vol.07 Ch.051 Burning Right Leg Vol.07 Ch.052 Matchless Workmen Vol.07 Ch.053 Brazilian Golden Trio Vol.07 Ch.054 High Speed Dribble & Shot Vol.07 Ch.055 Joan's Signal Vol.07 Ch.056 Devil's Left Leg Vol.07 Ch.057 Right? Left? Vol.07 Ch.058 The End of the Great Battle Vol.08 Ch.059 Vow of Fierce Battle Vol.08 Ch.060 Mexico - Aztec vs Spain Vol.08 Ch.061 Michael's Prophecies Vol.08 Ch.062 Surprise in San Mames Vol.08 Ch.063 Devil of the Field Vol.08 Ch.064 Engine Vol.08 Ch.065 Opening Play Vol.08 Ch.066 The Man Holding the Key Vol.09 Ch.067 15 and Page 76 Vol.09 Ch.068 Coach Kira's Objective Vol.09 Ch.069 Game Intuition Vol.09 Ch.070 Mutual Defense Vol.09 Ch.071 South American Training Vol.09 Ch.072 Vol.09 Ch.073 First Half's Last… Vol.09 Ch.073.5 Special story Memories Vol.09 Ch.074 Half Time Vol.09 Ch.075 Coach Schneider's Tactic Vol.09 Ch.076 Penalty Area Vol.09 Ch.077 Once in a Lifetime Vol.09 Ch.078 Miracle of Riazor Vol.09 Ch.079 Serious Germany Vol.09 Ch.080 Wakabayashi's pride Vol.09 Ch.081 Strong Defense Swift Attack Vol.09 Ch.082 The Best Chance Vol.09 Ch.083 Safety or Risky Vol.09 Ch.084 Obstinacy vs Persistence Vol.09 Ch.085 Obstinacy vs Persistence 2 Vol.09 Ch.086 Muller's Roar Vol.10 Ch.087 Because of Furiousness... Vol.10 Ch.088 Emergency Vol.10 Ch.089 Fierce Attack Vol.10 Ch.090 Momentum Vol.10 Ch.091 Critical Offense and Defense Vol.10 Ch.092 Trick Play Vol.10 Ch.093 Vol.10 Ch.094 Vol.10 Ch.095 Vol.10 Ch.096 Vol.12 Ch.097 Full Strength Attack Vol.12 Ch.098 German Wall Vol.13 Ch.099 The German Hold On Tactic Vol.13 Ch.100 Until the Very End...!! Vol.13 Ch.101 Vol.13 Ch.102 The Very... Last Shot Vol.13 Ch.103 Vol.13 Ch.104 Vol.13 Ch.105 Vol.13 Ch.106 Vol.13 Ch.107 Vol.13 Ch.108 Vol.13 Ch.109 Vol.13 Ch.110 Vol.13 Ch.111 Vol.13 Ch.112 Vol.13 Ch.113 Vol.13 Ch.114 Vol.13 Ch.115 Vol.13 Ch.116 Vol.13 Ch.117
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