Captain Tsubasa - Kaigai Kekidou-Hen - En La Liga

Vol.06 Ch.058 Conclusion Angel's Impact

Vol.01 Ch.001 Premises of a Fierce Fight Vol.01 Ch.002 A Man Showing Miracles Vol.01 Ch.003 Completely Away Vol.01 Ch.004 White Terror Vol.01 Ch.005 Lightning Speed!! Vol.01 Ch.006 Relentless Attack Defense Vol.01 Ch.007 Unpredictable Shot!! Vol.01 Ch.008 Third Time Lucky!! Vol.01 Ch.009 Double Volante!! Vol.01 Ch.010 Presentiment Vol.01 Ch.011 Inner Voice Vol.01 Ch.012 Ideal Soccer Vol.01 Ch.013 Prologue to a Counterattack!! Vol.01 Ch.013.1 Captain Tsubasa Live Together 2010 [Special Story] Vol.01 Ch.014 Amazing Physical Abilities Vol.01 Ch.015 Progress of Each Rival Vol.01 Ch.016 Decided to Not Step Back!! Vol.01 Ch.017 The Highest 2 on 1 Vol.01 Ch.018 Fragrance of Danger Vol.01 Ch.019 The Stage for 2 People Vol.01 Ch.020 Men Leading Each Other Vol.01 Ch.021 Those Possessed by Soccer Vol.01 Ch.022 Submarine Assault!! Vol.01 Ch.023 Resilient Captainship Vol.01 Ch.024 The Critical Offense Defense Vol.01 Ch.025 Desire Towards Soccer Vol.01 Ch.026 Increasing Team Strength!! Vol.01 Ch.027 Getting Closer to an Ideal Form Vol.01 Ch.028 King of Soccer Vol.01 Ch.029 Raging Wave of Attack Vol.01 Ch.030 Foreseeing Each Other Vol.01 Ch.031 Goal to Goal Vol.01 Ch.032 Miraculous Riposte Vol.01 Ch.033 The Passion That Didn't Disappear Vol.01 Ch.034 Don't Lose to the Heavy Pressure Vol.01 Ch.035 Entrusting Hopes Vol.01 Ch.036 Impact and Fantasy Vol.01 Ch.037 Critical Offense Defense Vol.01 Ch.038 Tenacity for Victory Vol.01 Ch.039 Long Distance Counter!! Vol.01 Ch.040 The First Effort Vol.01 Ch.041 Getting Over the Wall Vol.01 Ch.042 Don't Feel Depressed Vol.01 Ch.043 To a Best in the World's Match Vol.01 Ch.044 The Light to Reversal Vol.01 Ch.045 Growing Impatient Vol.01 Ch.046 Tenacity For Victory Vol.01 Ch.047 The Last Attack Vol.01 Ch.048 The Set-up Was Ready Vol.01 Ch.049 2 Falcons Vol.01 Ch.050 Tenacious Shot Vol.01 Ch.051 Former Self Vol.01 Ch.052 Last Play!! Vol.01 Ch.053 Innocent Blow!! Vol.01 Ch.054 Aftertaste of the Fierce Fight Vol.05 Ch.055 Way to Victory Vol.06 Ch.056 Teacher and Student Confrontation!! Vol.06 Ch.057 Leaders Battle Line Vol.06 Ch.058 Conclusion Angel's Impact
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