Ch.134 Becoming a Champion

Ch.001 Take Isamu and Kaname Moka Ch.002 Pride and Courage Ch.003 Perhaps!! Ch.004 The First Time! Ch.005 The "Friend's" True Colours Ch.006 Threats Ch.007 For Other's Sake Ch.008 Gloves of Pride Ch.009 The Meaning Behind Exchanging Blows Ch.010 A Tag Game!? Ch.011 A New Comrade!? Ch.012 The First Battle Ends Ch.013 The Reason Behind Her Anger Ch.014 Overestimated!? Ch.015 Hoshi vs. Moka Ch.016 Enrolment in Gym!? Ch.017 Forged Admission Ch.018 Passionate Mitt Work Ch.019 Watari vs Moka Ch.020 A Hope for Participation Ch.021 Fastball Test Ch.022 Watching a match for the first time Ch.023 A beautiful Scene Ch.024 The Nervousness of the first Spar Ch.025 THAT WAS ONLY A FLUKE Ch.026 THE OPPONENTS IN THE COMPETITION ARE DECIDED! Ch.027 Opening!!! Ch.028 The One who gets knock down Ch.029 The Conclusion of the Match Ch.030 The Key for Victory Ch.031 The Legendary Champion Ch.032 The Proof of Growth Ch.033 Are You Ok with That? Ch.034 You Cannot Do That!! Ch.035 For Someone's Sake Ch.036 That's Right Ch.037 My Master Ch.038 A Fierce Battle Premonition Ch.039 I Don't Care Ch.040 Verdict Ch.041 The Reason to Stand Ch.042 Last Chance Ch.043 World Champion Ch.044 Strictness and Kindness Ch.045 Just one thing Ch.046 Time For Farewell Ch.047 For What Sake Ch.048 Reaching Fists Ch.049 I will be Waiting Ch.050 After Three Years... Ch.051 Blank Space Ch.052 Naked Fists Fight Ch.053 Rejection! Ch.054 The Reason Why I Cannot Meet You Ch.055 Welcome Back, Moka Ch.056 It's Different Ch.057 She Probably Will Not Come Ch.058 Masked Falcon Ch.059 10,000 yen... If you win Ch.060 The True Difference in Skills Ch.061 I'm Not Trash Ch.062 If you are Interested, then Ch.063 Seidoukan Ch.064 Real Battle Experience Ch.065 Skill Up Ch.066 Isamu's Determination Ch.067 Dad Ch.068 Turning Point Ch.069 Recruiting Ch.070 Delinquent Ch.071 Watari's Change Ch.072 The Cause of the Nightmare Ch.073 It doesn't have anything to do with You Ch.074 Isamu Vs. Watari Ch.075 The Boss's Feelings Ch.076 Let's Gather the Members! Ch.077 Advisor Recruiting! Ch.078 Azuma and Mito-Sensei Ch.079 I beg You, Teacher! Ch.080 The Club President's Choice Ch.081 Balloon Burst Ch.082 Kure's Will Ch.083 We Got the Club Room! Ch.084 You Can Use Your Fists Only in the Ring Ch.085 In Search of the Culprits Ch.086 The Real Strength of Miyako, The Club Captain Ch.087 Miyako Vs Watari Ch.088 The Inter-School Match Begins! Ch.089 I Have to Fight Ch.090 Fighting Instinct Ch.091 Isamu's Style Ch.092 The Eye of the Typhoon Ch.093 What the Hell is Boxing? Ch.094 The Reason Why I Enter the Ring Ch.095 Can I Join the Club? Ch.096 Depressed Moka Ch.097 Popular guys have it so harsh!? Ch.098 About Take-kun Ch.099 Training Camp, Here We Come! Ch.100 Only the Champions Can Use It! Ch.101 Seidoukan's Real Strength Ch.102 Challenge Sparring Tournament Ch.103 Zero Range Jab Ch.104 The Height of the Mountain Ch.105 The Conditions To Fight With Tsurugi Ch.106 Blocking Before He Hits...! Ch.107 He was Starving Ch.108 Submarine Hook Ch.109 Strategy Ch.110 A Little Crack Ch.111 The Genius High School Student Ch.112 The Announcement of the Tournament's Brackets Ch.113 Competitive Team Tournament Ch.114 The Armored Tank Ch.115 The range taken for a moment Ch.116 All-rounder Ch.117 Azuma's Willpower Ch.118 The Fight Against Seidoukan Ch.119 Watari vs Sumi Ch.120 The Basis Ch.121 Spasm Ch.122 A Fight That Cannot Be Lost Ch.123 Kamaitachi Ch.124 Until Now Ch.125 Switch Ch.126 Second Out Ch.127 Stand Up! Ch.128 The Conclusion Ch.129 What a Friend Is Ch.130 Hyoma's Real Strength Ch.131 The Difference in Talent Ch.132 Come at Me for Real Ch.133 Toward the Nationals Ch.134 Becoming a Champion
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