Vol.11 Ch.011 Twenty-Three Centuries Passed

Vol.01 Ch.001 Kakuri Crosses the Ekisui River Vol.01 Ch.002 Kakuri's Promise Vol.01 Ch.003 Kakuri Repairs the Walls Vol.01 Ch.004 Kakuri Breaches the Enemy Vol.01 Ch.005 Kakuri Seeks a Brave Man Vol.01 Ch.006 Kakuri Manufactures the Weapons Vol.01 Ch.007 The Arrival of the Messenger Vol.01 Ch.008 The Simulated Combat Vol.01 Ch.009 The First Attack Vol.01 Ch.010 Saikyu Gets Rectified Vol.02 Ch.001 The Kite Vol.02 Ch.002 Deadly Duel Vol.02 Ch.003 Kakuri Collapses Vol.02 Ch.004 The Visitor Vol.02 Ch.005 The Answer Vol.02 Ch.006 The Dragon Under the Ground Vol.02 Ch.007 The Underground Enemy Vol.02 Ch.008 Under the Full Moon Vol.02 Ch.009 The Massacre Vol.02 Ch.010 An Old Scar Vol.03 Ch.001 The Assassin Vol.03 Ch.002 The Messenger from Sei Vol.03 Ch.003 The Flag of Koentchu Vol.03 Ch.004 Imprudence Vol.03 Ch.005 The Provocation Vol.03 Ch.006 The Massacre (2) Vol.03 Ch.007 The Last Moments of Ryokai Vol.03 Ch.008 The Smile Vol.03 Ch.009 The Current Vol.03 Ch.010 Kakuri Leaves the City Vol.04 Ch.001 The City Without Kakuri Vol.04 Ch.002 Saikyu's Trial Vol.04 Ch.003 The People Feel Relief Vol.04 Ch.004 Message of Death Vol.04 Ch.005 The Rush Vol.04 Ch.006 The Secret Weapon Vol.04 Ch.007 The Capture of the Southern Gate Vol.04 Ch.008 Conquering Ryo Vol.04 Ch.009 The Secret Plan Vol.04 Ch.010 The End Vol.05 Ch.001 Kakuri Enters the Base Vol.05 Ch.002 The Four Critics Vol.05 Ch.003 Isolation Vol.05 Ch.004 The Escape Vol.05 Ch.005 The Lunar Eclipse Vol.05 Ch.006 The False Track Vol.05 Ch.007 The Locusts Vol.05 Ch.008 The Swarm of Grasshoppers Vol.06 Ch.001 The Insect Division Vol.06 Ch.002 A Friend Vol.06 Ch.003 The Rats Vol.06 Ch.004 Hunting Down the Doubles Vol.06 Ch.005 The Eruption Vol.06 Ch.006 Who Are the Rats? Vol.06 Ch.007 The Burning Water Vol.06 Ch.008 The Torture Vol.06 Ch.009 The Rescue Vol.07 Ch.001 The Ambush Vol.07 Ch.002 The King of Shin's Head Vol.07 Ch.003 The Gift Vol.07 Ch.004 The Invisible Stalker Vol.07 Ch.005 The Path to Sei Vol.07 Ch.006 Buried Alive Vol.07 Ch.007 The Execution Vol.07 Ch.008 Kakuri's Circle Vol.07 Ch.009 The Challenge in the Circle Vol.07 Ch.010 The Road to Shin Vol.08 Ch.001 A Reunion Vol.08 Ch.002 The Closed Gate Vol.08 Ch.003 The Spy with a Sad Face Vol.08 Ch.004 The Fury Vol.08 Ch.005 The Opening Vol.08 Ch.006 Border Battle Vol.08 Ch.007 The Rare Bird Vol.08 Ch.008 A Mysterious Birth Vol.08 Ch.009 The Oath to the Ground Vol.09 Ch.001 An Explosive Situation Vol.09 Ch.002 Strange Incidents on the Border Vol.09 Ch.003 The Gunner Vol.09 Ch.004 The Calling Vol.09 Ch.005 The Test Vol.09 Ch.006 The Secret Weapon Vol.09 Ch.007 The Moult Vol.09 Ch.008 Destruction Vol.09 Ch.009 The Unrecognizable Shanu Vol.09 Ch.010 The Border Cracks Vol.10 Ch.001 Eastern Region of the City Vol.10 Ch.002 The Plot Vol.10 Ch.003 Fuzen the Spy Vol.10 Ch.004 The Disguise Vol.10 Ch.005 The Shadow of Fuzen Vol.10 Ch.006 Taking Care of the Weapons Vol.10 Ch.007 The Smoke Screen Vol.10 Ch.008 The Volcanic Cloud Vol.10 Ch.009 The Death of Kobu Vol.10 Ch.010 A Lost Opportunity Vol.11 Ch.001 Kakuri Against Griffon Vol.11 Ch.002 A Burial Without a Ceremony Vol.11 Ch.003 Leeches Vol.11 Ch.004 Noise Vol.11 Ch.005 Kakuri and Nimae Vol.11 Ch.006 The Hell of the Leeches Vol.11 Ch.007 A Sad Outcome Vol.11 Ch.008 Shirou Vol.11 Ch.009 The Collapse Vol.11 Ch.010 Heading East Vol.11 Ch.011 Twenty-Three Centuries Passed
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