Vol.10 Ch.065 The Edge of the City

Vol.01 Ch.001 The Net's Offspring Vol.01 Ch.002 Memories of Earth Vol.01 Ch.003 Techno Nomads Vol.01 Ch.003.5 Post-LOG Vol.01 Ch.004 The Authorities Vol.01 Ch.005 Escape Vol.01 Ch.006 Silicon Souls Vol.01 Ch.007 The Builders Vol.02 Ch.008.1 EX-LOG Nest-Ruine \ 8 The Capitol Vol.02 Ch.008.2 [continuation] Vol.02 Ch.008.3 The Capitol 3 Vol.02 Ch.009.1 The Corporation Vol.02 Ch.009.2 [continuation] Vol.02 Ch.009.3 [continuation] Vol.02 Ch.010 Net Sphere Vol.02 Ch.011 Safety Guard Vol.03 Ch.012.1 The Great Surf Vol.03 Ch.012.2 [continuation] Vol.03 Ch.013 Electrosilos Fishermen Vol.03 Ch.014 Planters Vol.03 Ch.015 Awakening Vol.03 Ch.016 Assault Vol.03 Ch.017 Basic Language Vol.03 Ch.018 The Massacre Vol.04 Ch.019 Backup Cyberspace Vol.04 Ch.020 Limit Cancel Vol.04 Ch.021 Hybrid Vol.04 Ch.022 Toha Heavy Industries Vol.04 Ch.023 Electronic Knight Vol.04 Ch.024 The Eighth Cave Vol.05 Ch.025 Hacking Vol.05 Ch.026 Scattered Space Vol.05 Ch.027 Gravity Furnace Vol.05 Ch.028 Version Vol.05 Ch.029 Cave 13 Vol.05 Ch.030 Cease Fire Vol.06 Ch.031 Sanakan and Cibo Vol.06 Ch.032 Vibration Vol.06 Ch.033 Collapse Vol.06 Ch.034 Dissolution Vol.06 Ch.035 Disappearance Vol.06 Ch.036 Beautiful Life Vol.06 Ch.037 Unofficial Megastructure Vol.07 Ch.038.1 Central Nexus Vol.07 Ch.038.2 [continuation] Vol.07 Ch.039 Class 1 Critical Effect Weapon Vol.07 Ch.040 Capture Vol.07 Ch.041 Anti-Intrusion Electron Space Vol.07 Ch.042 The Megastructure's Internal Fissure Vol.07 Ch.043 Special Safeguards Vol.08 Ch.044 Inside the Megastructure Vol.08 Ch.045 Multiple Dispersion Molecule Movement Vol.08 Ch.046 Provisional Connection Certification Vol.08 Ch.047 Raid Vol.08 Ch.048 Urge Vol.08 Ch.049 Level 9 Vol.08 Ch.050 Far-Off Vol.09 Ch.051 Parallel Electricity Storage Tank Cluster Vol.09 Ch.052 The Caller Vol.09 Ch.053 Lacking Escape Vol.09 Ch.054 The Captor Vol.09 Ch.055 Another Meeting Vol.09 Ch.056 People Vol.09 Ch.057 The Observer Vol.10 Ch.058 Unified Metal Beams Vol.10 Ch.059 Continuum Vol.10 Ch.060 Organic Vol.10 Ch.061 Burning Silicon Vol.10 Ch.062 Rescue of the Receptacle Vol.10 Ch.063 Exterminator, First Class Vol.10 Ch.064 Retrieved Consciousness Vol.10 Ch.065 The Edge of the City
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