Blades of the Guardians

Ch.038 A Long Night

Ch.001.1 Ch.001.2 Ch.002 Ch.002.1 Ch.002.2 Ch.003 Ch.003.1 Ch.003.2 Ch.004 Ch.004.1 Ch.004.2 Ch.004.3 Ch.004.5 Ch.005.1 Ch.005.2 Ch.005.3 Ch.005.4 Ch.005.5 Ch.005.6 Ch.006 Ch.006.1 Ch.006.2 Ch.006.3 Ch.007 Ch.007.1 Ch.007.2 Ch.007.3 Ch.007.5 Ch.008 Ch.008.1 Ch.008.2 Ch.009 Ch.009.1 Stranger Ch.009.2 Stranger Ch.009.3 Stranger Ch.010 Ch.010.1 Ch.010.2 Ch.011 Trade Ch.012 The Wolf's Children Ch.013 Lao Mo Ch.014 Engagement Ch.015 Father and Daughter Ch.016 Beast Ch.017 Family/Tribe Ch.018 The Door That Traps Beasts Ch.019 Zhi Shi Lang Ch.020 The One That Doesn't Exists Ch.021 Massacre Ch.022 Blood Relative Ch.023 Rise of The Families Ch.024 Predators Ch.025  Escape Ch.026 Kill Our Way Out Ch.027 Huge Sandstorm Ch.028 Girl Ch.029 Ahula Ch.030 Hunt Ch.031 Young Lady Ch.032 Prayers Ch.033 Ani Ch.034 After the Sandstorm Ch.035 The Human's Way/Law Ch.036 The Human's Way/Law Part 2 Ch.037 Pei Xing Yan Ch.038 A Long Night Ch.039 A Very Long Night Ch.040 A Very Long Night [Part 2] Ch.041 A Very Long Night [Part 3] Ch.042 A Very Long Night [Part 4] Ch.043 The Long Dark (1) Ch.044 The Long Dark (2) Ch.045 The Long Dark (3) Ch.046 The Long Dark (4) Ch.047 He Yi Xuan Ch.048 Daughter of the Great Desert Ch.049 Revenge Ch.050 Home Ch.050.2 Home (2) Ch.050.3 Home (3) Ch.050.4 The Great Desert Ch.051 The Jade-faced Ghost Ch.051.2 The Jade-faced Ghost (2) Ch.052 The Ma Kuai Ch.053 Little Stammer Ch.055 Godfather Ch.056 Yu Wen Family Ch.057 Empire Ch.058 Left Cavalry Guards Ch.059 Return Ch.060 Cave Ch.061 Capricious Ch.062 Blacksmith Ch.063 The Swords of the Eight Pillars of the State Ch.064.1 The Sword that Kills Kings Ch.064.2 The Sword that Kills Kings (2) Ch.065.1 Bing Zi Jiao Lin Ch.065.2 Bing Zi Jiao Lin (Part 2) Ch.066.1 Di Ting and Kui Zhi (Part 1) Ch.066.2 Di Ting and Kui Zhi (Part 2) Ch.067 Repent Ch.068 Misfortune Ch.069 Shu Bao Ch.070 Shu Bao (Part 2) Ch.071 Boss Ch.072 A Nobody Ch.073 Exile Ch.074 The Borderer Ch.075 The Tiele People Ch.076 Ambush Ch.077 Qibi Tribe's Suggestions Ch.078 Whistling Arrow Ch.079 Burn Ch.080 Nighttime Ch.081 The Night of Renshou Palace Ch.082 Sacrificial Rites Ch.083 Yang Guang Ch.084 Ch.085 Ch.086 Ch.087 Ch.088 Ch.089 Ch.090 Ch.091 Ch.092 Ch.093 Ch.094 Ch.095 Ch.096 Ch.097 Ch.098 Ch.099.1 Ch.099.5 Ch.100
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