Binbougami ga!

Vol.16 Ch.073.1 Come here

Vol.00 Ch.000 [Oneshot] Vol.01 Ch.001 You Might Be a God but Aren't You a Small Breasts God and Not a Misfortune God Vol.01 Ch.002 Getting Ordered Around by You Really Pisses Me Off!!! What's That Supposed to Mean!!? Vol.01 Ch.003 Now This Feels Like the True Start of the Fight Between the God and the Girl! Vol.02 Ch.004 He Got Smaller! Vol.02 Ch.005 Huh!!!? You Just Threw That Out There!? Vol.02 Ch.006 As Thanks She'll XXX You and XXX Your XXX as You Shiver in XXX You'll XXX Until Morning Vol.02 Ch.007 Who's the Small Breasted One? Huh? Huh? Huh!!? Vol.02 Ch.008 Vol.03 Ch.009 Retort!!! Vol.03 Ch.010 Vol.03 Ch.011 I won't forget today for the rest of my life!! Vol.03 Ch.012 Vol.03 Ch.013 Vol.04 Ch.014 Vol.04 Ch.015 Vol.04 Ch.016 Vol.04 Ch.017 Vol.04 Ch.018 Vol.05 Ch.019 There's No Way This Could Happen in Two Minutes!!!! Vol.05 Ch.020 Oh! Japanese Ninja ♥ Vol.05 Ch.021 AND ONCE THAT'S DONE,BREAK UP..LET'S GO!! Vol.05 Ch.022 Let Me Hear Your Answer Vol.06 Ch.023 Is it something I can't get without trading? Vol.06 Ch.023.5 "Binbougami Ga!" Is!? Vol.06 Ch.024 It’s like an “enlightenment through earthly desires” kind of thing! Vol.06 Ch.025 Swim ... All of You Vol.06 Ch.026 Even I Have Pride Vol.06 Ch.027 Stand Up Vol.06 Ch.027.5 You Binbougami! Vol.07 Ch.028 If You're Sick, Act Like It!! Vol.07 Ch.029 t is Quite Difficult to Call Her a Fortune God Vol.07 Ch.030 What a Low Life ♥ Vol.07 Ch.031 Your Master's Last Wish Vol.07 Ch.032 I Think I Really Vol.08 Ch.033 "How about we get this show started?" "Shall We?" Vol.08 Ch.034 That's why I said in the beginning Vol.08 Ch.035 You Were the Cool One Vol.08 Ch.036 All We Gotta Do is figure Out the Switch That Keeps You Transformed! Vol.08 Ch.037 "It's Definitely not Because I Want You in the Water with Me Y'Know!!" "I Guess..." Vol.09 Ch.038 Such Kind Words for Me...! Vol.09 Ch.039 I Don't Want It Vol.09 Ch.040 I Can't Forget It That Easily Vol.09 Ch.041 Something that was only directed at me Vol.09 Ch.042 It Will Tear Off His Brain Cells Vol.09 Ch.043 After 16 Years...! Vol.10 Ch.044 Is it Possible... Could that be Vol.10 Ch.045 Do You Know What I Realized When I First Saw You Su? Vol.10 Ch.046 I Am Ready... To Do What Is Necessary Vol.10 Ch.047 I, as Ichiko's Partner Vol.10 Ch.047.1 Extra Round You'll Put Them in the Most Delicious Place Of All Vol.10 Ch.047.5 You'll Put Them in the Most Delicious Place of All Vol.11 Ch.048 We're all fired up too, right! Vol.11 Ch.049 I really admire this boy Vol.11 Ch.050 That's where I'm supposed to be! Vol.11 Ch.051 It's no good if it's Ichiko su... Vol.11 Ch.051.1 It's Better to Grow Up Slowly Vol.11 Ch.051.2 Did Somebody Call fo a Prince!!!? Vol.12 Ch.052 Even though I tried so hard Vol.12 Ch.053 Just How Dense Are You? Vol.12 Ch.054 Our ultimate attack...! Vol.12 Ch.055 That's Mah Dream!! Vol.12 Ch.056 Ahh this is youth❤! Vol.12 Ch.057 I feel the same way Vol.13 Ch.058 That Goes Way Past S&M!! You Freakin Bitch!! Vol.13 Ch.059 Ichiko listen! Please!! Vol.13 Ch.060 That She's a Real Idiot Vol.13 Ch.060.1 I'm Glad the Three of Us Could Come Vol.13 Ch.060.2 A Pet's Misbehavior Is the Owners Responsibility You Know Vol.14 Ch.061 UUUNBELIEVAAABLEEE!!!!!!! Vol.14 Ch.062 I need your strength Vol.14 Ch.063 Teehee ♡ Vol.14 Ch.064 The two of us, together Vol.15 Ch.065 Listen up... because I'm only saying this once Vol.15 Ch.066 WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!? Vol.15 Ch.067 LET'S GET WILD!! Vol.15 Ch.068 Even Though They're Trivial, Even Though They're Things You Can Find Vol.16 Ch.069 DON'T TELL ME THAT NOW!! Vol.16 Ch.070 When idiots get serious, They're scary as hell!!!! They can be quite scary!!! Vol.16 Ch.071 They’ll be your strength Vol.16 Ch.072 I will return this fortune energy to you Vol.16 Ch.073 That's a wonderful answer Vol.16 Ch.073.1 Come here
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