Billy Bat

Vol.09 Ch.070 Opposing Billies

Vol.01 Ch.001 Dreary Night Murders Vol.01 Ch.002 A Sincere Night Vol.01 Ch.003 Bat Search Vol.01 Ch.004 The Bat & the Ancient Text Vol.01 Ch.005 A Run Over Corpse Vol.01 Ch.006 Black or White? Vol.01 Ch.007 The Beginning of a Labyrinth Vol.01 Ch.008 Signs Vol.01 Ch.009 Bat Boy's Great Adventure (Part 1) Vol.02 Ch.010 A Continuation of the End Vol.02 Ch.011 A Continuation of the Beginning Vol.02 Ch.012 A Myriad of Suspects Vol.02 Ch.013 A Forced Destiny Vol.02 Ch.014 Shape of the Lord Vol.02 Ch.015 Father, Son, or Holy Ghost? Vol.02 Ch.016 Before the Chapel Vol.02 Ch.017 After the Church Vol.02 Ch.018 The Scroll of Momochi [1] Vol.03 Ch.019 The Scroll of Momochi [2] Vol.03 Ch.020 The Scroll of Momochi [3] Vol.03 Ch.021 The Scroll of Momochi [4] Vol.03 Ch.022 The Scroll of Momochi [5] Vol.03 Ch.023 The Scroll of Momochi [6] Vol.03 Ch.024 The Scroll of Momochi [7] Vol.03 Ch.025 The Scroll of Momochi [8] Vol.03 Ch.026 The Scroll of Momochi [9] Vol.03 Ch.027 The Scroll of Momochi [10] Vol.04 Ch.028 The Bat's Innards Vol.04 Ch.029 Lee's Innards Vol.04 Ch.030 Thus Spoke Oswald Vol.04 Ch.031 To the West, to the East Vol.04 Ch.032 The Japanese Impression Vol.04 Ch.033 The Japanese Authentication Vol.04 Ch.034 A Continuation of a Continuation Vol.04 Ch.035 An Oswald Dose of Joy Vol.04 Ch.036 An Annunciation to the 'Simpleton' Vol.04 Ch.037 The Decision at 2010 Vol.05 Ch.038 The Return of the Real One Vol.05 Ch.039 Fire in the Deep South Vol.05 Ch.040 Heat of the Night Vol.05 Ch.041 Deep South Dreams Vol.05 Ch.042 Dallas Three Years Later... Vol.05 Ch.043 A Hero's Decision Vol.05 Ch.044 Sacrifice Vol.05 Ch.045 Replica Vol.06 Ch.046 One in Body and Soul Vol.06 Ch.047 The Two Chucks Vol.06 Ch.048 Hands Off Oswald Vol.06 Ch.049 The Sought One Vol.06 Ch.050 The Administrator of the Human Race Vol.06 Ch.051 The Earth… Vol.06 Ch.052 Something There Is About You… Vol.06 Ch.053 The Continuation of a Dream… Vol.07 Ch.054 Something on the Moon Vol.07 Ch.055 Go Your Own Way Vol.07 Ch.056 The Final Rabbit Vol.07 Ch.057 The President's Parade Vol.07 Ch.058 A Hot Autumn Day in Dallas Vol.07 Ch.059 Successor Vol.07 Ch.060 Half In A Dream Vol.07 Ch.061 The Real Truth Vol.08 Ch.062 Kevin And Kevin Vol.08 Ch.063 Coincidence Vol.08 Ch.064 Cartoon's Destination Vol.08 Ch.065 Devivie Vol.08 Ch.066 Japan Travel Diary Vol.08 Ch.067 Beyond Point and Line Vol.08 Ch.068 I Am 8 Man Vol.08 Ch.069 Two Simpletons Vol.09 Ch.070 Opposing Billies Vol.09 Ch.071 Time Travel and Infinite Earths Vol.09 Ch.072 Various Lives Vol.09 Ch.073 Everything Continues Vol.09 Ch.074 Doodle Vol.09 Ch.075 Abnormalities on a Moonlit Night Vol.09 Ch.076 All Holes Vol.09 Ch.077 Demon on the Moon Vol.10 Ch.078 Serial Murder Case [1/8] Vol.10 Ch.079 Rule [2/8] Vol.10 Ch.080 Late Night Confession [3/8] Vol.10 Ch.081 Connecticut Lullaby [4/8] Vol.10 Ch.082 From the Past to the Future [5/8] Vol.10 Ch.083 From The Future to The Past [6/8] Vol.10 Ch.084 The Truth About Gary [7/8] Vol.10 Ch.085 Emperor of The New Country [8/8] Vol.11 Ch.086 Serialization Suspended [1/8] Vol.11 Ch.087 Posthumous Work of The Future [2/8] Vol.11 Ch.088 Wish to The Bat [3/8] Vol.11 Ch.089 I am a Mangaka [4/8] Vol.11 Ch.090 Incantation [5/8] Vol.11 Ch.091 Scroll [6/8] Vol.11 Ch.092 The Scroll's Code [7/8] Vol.11 Ch.093 A New Journey [8/8] Vol.12 Ch.094 Golden Bat (1/8) Vol.12 Ch.095 The Whole Story [2/8] Vol.12 Ch.096 Partner [3/8] Vol.12 Ch.097 Top Secret [4/8] Vol.12 Ch.098 Second Hands Good [5/8] Vol.12 Ch.099 One Of The Three Great Urban Legends [6/8] Vol.12 Ch.100 Unfulfilled Dream [7/8] Vol.12 Ch.101 Moon Walking [8/8] Vol.13 Ch.102 Adolf and Albert Vol.13 Ch.103 Spotlight Vol.13 Ch.104 Fake Vol.13 Ch.105 Real and Fake, New and Old Vol.13 Ch.106 Talking Thing Vol.13 Ch.107 Stop Vol.13 Ch.108 Depends on You Vol.13 Ch.109 Final Chapter? [8/8] Vol.13 Ch.110 Prologue Vol.14 Ch.111 The Truth of the Beginning Vol.14 Ch.112 The Bat's Guidepost Vol.14 Ch.113 Too Late Vol.14 Ch.114 Ivan Vol.14 Ch.115 Come In, Ivan Vol.14 Ch.116 The Fate Of The World [7/8] Vol.14 Ch.117 Last Scene [8/8] Vol.15 Ch.118 Golden Boy [1/8] Vol.15 Ch.119 Re-Energence [2/8] Vol.15 Ch.120 Last Numbers [3/8] Vol.15 Ch.121 Prediction of Run [4/8] Vol.15 Ch.122 Redo [5/8] Vol.15 Ch.123 Kiyoshi's Life [6/8] Vol.15 Ch.124 Escape [7/8] Vol.15 Ch.125 Must Not Touch [8/8] Vol.16 Ch.126 The next artist [18] Vol.16 Ch.127 Conditions for genuinity [2/8] Vol.16 Ch.128 Heart of Justice [3/8] Vol.16 Ch.129 America's Enemy [4/8] Vol.16 Ch.130 Joint Work [5/8] Vol.16 Ch.131 Destination [6/8] Vol.16 Ch.132 Fantasy's Demise [7/8] Vol.16 Ch.133 A Certain Procedure[8/8] Vol.17 Ch.134 The Person I Wanted To Meet [1/8] Vol.17 Ch.135 Spotlight [2/8] Vol.17 Ch.136 Coming and going Vol.17 Ch.137 The Day He Met The Brt[4/8] Vol.17 Ch.138 The Liar's Truth Vol.17 Ch.139 The Fated Day[6/8] Vol.17 Ch.140 Sympathizers[7/8] Vol.17 Ch.141 A Teacher of the Heart [8/8] Vol.17 Ch.142 Final Wish [1/8] Vol.17 Ch.143 Castles Built of Sands [2/8] Vol.17 Ch.144 Seaside House [3/8] Vol.17 Ch.145 Slow and Steady Wins the Race [4/8] Vol.17 Ch.146 If I could Change My Life...[5/8] Vol.17 Ch.147 Farewell,Billy Bat[6/8] Vol.17 Ch.148 Paper Billy [7/8] Vol.17 Ch.149 Kevin and Kevin on the Sands (8/8) Vol.17 Ch.150 A Fabricated Future Vol.17 Ch.151 The Black Bat (2/8) Vol.17 Ch.152 The Black Bat of Tibet (3/8) Vol.17 Ch.153 The Man They've Called For Vol.17 Ch.154 Let's Shoot the Real Thing Vol.17 Ch.155 The Mouth of Heresy (6/8) Vol.17 Ch.156 Seeing is Seeing (7/8) Vol.17 Ch.157 The Time Has Come (8/8) Vol.17 Ch.158 A Ray of Light Vol.17 Ch.159 Extra Super Moon Vol.17 Ch.160 The Final Word Vol.17 Ch.161 Take Up Your Pen Vol.17 Ch.162 Welcome to the Oasis Vol.17 Ch.163 No Response From Survivors Vol.17 Ch.164 Decision Time Vol.17 Ch.165 The Very Last Final Wish
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