Baby Steps

Vol.22 Ch.208 Winner and Loser

Vol.01 Ch.001 Baby Steps Vol.01 Ch.002 Perfect! Vol.01 Ch.003 Vol.01 Ch.003.1 I'll Become Stronger Vol.01 Ch.003.2 [continuation] Vol.01 Ch.004 Sudden Shot Vol.01 Ch.005 I Understand Vol.02 Ch.006 Can You See It? Vol.02 Ch.007 The Life-changing Natsu (Summer) Vol.02 Ch.008 Not the Usual Place Vol.02 Ch.009 What? Vol.02 Ch.010 A Change in Tactics Vol.02 Ch.011 More than Expected Vol.02 Ch.012 Just a Little Bit Vol.02 Ch.013 The Way Vol.03 Ch.014 To Victory Vol.03 Ch.015 To Giant Strides Vol.03 Ch.016 Break Time Vol.03 Ch.017 Summer Tempest Vol.03 Ch.018 Where Are You Looking? Vol.03 Ch.019 The Course of Progress Vol.03 Ch.020 Dangerous Territory Vol.03 Ch.021 Hypothesis Vol.03 Ch.022 Danger Vol.03 Ch.023 A Winning Chance Vol.04 Ch.024 Probability Vol.04 Ch.025 Victory or Defeat Vol.04 Ch.026 Foreboding Vol.04 Ch.027 Memory Vol.04 Ch.028 A Break Vol.04 Ch.029 A World of Its Own Vol.04 Ch.030 Not Adding Up, Not Taking Away Vol.04 Ch.031 Latent Energy Vol.04 Ch.032 A Piece of Smile Vol.04 Ch.033 An Emergent Situation Vol.05 Ch.034 A Whole New World Vol.05 Ch.035 The Battle Starts Now Vol.05 Ch.036 A File to Throw Down Araya Vol.05 Ch.037 Aggressive Meticulousness Vol.05 Ch.038 One Giant Step Vol.05 Ch.039 Compensation Vol.05 Ch.040 A Clue Vol.05 Ch.041 Progression Vol.05 Ch.042 One Breaker Vol.05 Ch.043 The Skill To Win Vol.06 Ch.044 Influence Vol.06 Ch.045 The Judgement Vol.06 Ch.046 The Strongest Vol.06 Ch.047 What Would You Do? Vol.06 Ch.048 A Dangerous Person Vol.06 Ch.049 The Clincher Vol.06 Ch.050 The Beginning Vol.06 Ch.051 An Asset Vol.06 Ch.052 16 Years Old Vol.07 Ch.053 The All-Japan Junior Vol.07 Ch.054 Grade A Vol.07 Ch.055 In Progress Vol.07 Ch.056 Just Getting Started Vol.07 Ch.057 Power to Transform Vol.07 Ch.058 First Game Vol.07 Ch.059 Accumulation Vol.07 Ch.060 Ideal Vol.07 Ch.061 Rationality to Fight Vol.07 Ch.062 Choices Vol.08 Ch.063 Shred of Doubt Vol.08 Ch.064 Control Vol.08 Ch.065 Accuracy Vol.08 Ch.066 Strategic Ability D Vol.08 Ch.067 To the Nationals Vol.08 Ch.068 Intruder Vol.08 Ch.069 What Should I Do? Vol.08 Ch.070 Without Thinking Vol.08 Ch.071 My Two Faces Vol.08 Ch.072 Different World Vol.08 Ch.073 In Florida Vol.09 Ch.074 Professional Vol.09 Ch.075 Common Sense Vol.09 Ch.076 Analysis Vol.09 Ch.077 Strategy Vol.09 Ch.078 Feeling and Outcome Vol.09 Ch.079 Wall Vol.09 Ch.080 Same Vol.09 Ch.081 Want to Know Vol.09 Ch.082 Result Vol.09 Ch.083 13 Days Vol.10 Ch.084 Decision of the 1st Set Vol.10 Ch.085 Surpass Vol.10 Ch.086 Awakening Vol.10 Ch.087 Self-Awareness Vol.10 Ch.088 Dream Vol.10 Ch.089 Dumbass Vol.10 Ch.090 Return Home Vol.10 Ch.091 Advance Vol.10 Ch.092 Step Vol.10 Ch.093 Latent Power Vol.11 Ch.094 Hard Shot Vol.11 Ch.095 Strategy Vol.11 Ch.096 Prioritizing Reason Vol.11 Ch.097 Power of the Serve Vol.11 Ch.098 Analysis Ability Vol.11 Ch.099 Next Stage Vol.11 Ch.100 Overcome a Wall Vol.11 Ch.101 To the Spring of Battles Vol.11 Ch.102 Turning Point Vol.11 Ch.103 Amount of Change Vol.12 Ch.104 Critical Battle Vol.12 Ch.105 Be Myself Vol.12 Ch.106 Preparation Vol.12 Ch.107 Different Person Vol.12 Ch.108 Chance Vol.12 Ch.109 Beyond Vol.12 Ch.110 Joy and Tears Vol.12 Ch.111 Fear Vol.12 Ch.112 Match-Up? Vol.13 Ch.113 Sensation Vol.13 Ch.114 Araya Hiroshi Vol.13 Ch.115 Proof Vol.13 Ch.116 Default Vol.13 Ch.117 Imprinting Vol.13 Ch.118 Correction Vol.13 Ch.119 Advance Vol.13 Ch.120 Positive Plan Vol.13 Ch.121 Decision Vol.13 Ch.122 Inner Battle Vol.14 Ch.123 Spirit of Opposition Vol.14 Ch.124 True Nature Vol.14 Ch.125 Memory Vol.14 Ch.126 Decision Vol.14 Ch.127 Resolution Vol.14 Ch.128 Stop Vol.14 Ch.129 Winner Vol.14 Ch.130 Changing Mentality Vol.14 Ch.131 My Pace Vol.14 Ch.131.5 Read Online Vol.15 Ch.132 Prepping for Summer Vol.15 Ch.133 Rematch Vol.15 Ch.134 Expedition Vol.15 Ch.135 Neverending Moment Vol.15 Ch.136 Expectations on First Match Vol.15 Ch.137 Change of Pace Vol.15 Ch.138 Man Who Brings A Storm Vol.15 Ch.139 Ide Yoshiaki Vol.15 Ch.140 True Intention Vol.15 Ch.141 Concentrate Vol.16 Ch.142 Broad and Vague Vol.16 Ch.143 Tale of Invincibility Vol.16 Ch.144 Development Vol.16 Ch.145 Projection Vol.16 Ch.146 Supporting Vol.16 Ch.147 Invisible Enemy Vol.16 Ch.148 Recognizing the Current Situation Vol.16 Ch.149 Looking in the Eye Vol.16 Ch.150 Image Vol.16 Ch.151 Timing Vol.17 Ch.152 Opportunity Vol.17 Ch.153 Everything I Can Do Right Now Vol.17 Ch.154 Forward Vol.17 Ch.155 Zone Vol.17 Ch.156 A Friend's Friend Vol.17 Ch.157 Heretic Vol.17 Ch.158 Impulse Vol.17 Ch.159 Takagi Sakuya Vol.17 Ch.160 Cards on Hand Vol.17 Ch.161 Persistent Vol.18 Ch.162 Good and Evil Vol.18 Ch.163 Anger and Pressure Vol.18 Ch.164 How...? Vol.18 Ch.165 Power of Love Vol.18 Ch.166 Living Tool Vol.18 Ch.167 Compilation Vol.18 Ch.168 Valuable Data Vol.18 Ch.169 Subconscious Vol.18 Ch.170 The Current Me Vol.18 Ch.171 Last Minute Power Vol.19 Ch.172 Unthinkable Vol.19 Ch.173 Recklessness and Unpredictability Vol.19 Ch.174 Power Of Determination Vol.19 Ch.175 All-Out Battle Vol.19 Ch.176 High Point Vol.19 Ch.177 Unknown Factor Vol.19 Ch.178 Vision Vol.19 Ch.179 Full Attack, Full Defense Vol.19 Ch.180 Break 2 Vol.19 Ch.181 Acknowledgement Vol.20 Ch.182 Since When? Vol.20 Ch.183 Where Am I? Vol.20 Ch.184 Samadhi Vol.20 Ch.185 The Other Championship Vol.20 Ch.186 Kanada Hisashi Vol.20 Ch.187 Smash! Vol.20 Ch.188 Crown Of All-Japan Vol.20 Ch.189 Future Roadmap Vol.20 Ch.190 Appeal Vol.20 Ch.191 Head Out Vol.21 Ch.192 First Time Vol.21 Ch.193 Negative Vol.21 Ch.194 Power of Imagination Vol.21 Ch.195 Rising Flat Shot Vol.21 Ch.196 Expected Unexpectedness Vol.21 Ch.197 Temporary Outlook Vol.21 Ch.198 How to Use the Court Vol.21 Ch.199 Win by Strategy Vol.21 Ch.200 High Return Vol.21 Ch.201 Uneasiness Vol.22 Ch.202 My Tennis Vol.22 Ch.203 Vision Vol.22 Ch.204 First Move Vol.22 Ch.205 Solution for Everything Vol.22 Ch.206 One Who Has What It Takes Vol.22 Ch.207 Final Showdown Vol.22 Ch.208 Winner and Loser Vol.22 Ch.209 Attention Vol.22 Ch.210 Clash Vol.22 Ch.211 Miracle to Be the Pro Vol.23 Ch.212 Smile Vol.23 Ch.213 For Fun Vol.23 Ch.214 Turning Point Vol.23 Ch.215 Recursion Vol.23 Ch.216 One Point Breakthrough Vol.23 Ch.217 Acceptance Vol.23 Ch.218 Important Battle Vol.23 Ch.219 Point of Improvment Vol.23 Ch.220 Pinpoint Vol.23 Ch.221 Critical Point Vol.24 Ch.222 Scramble Vol.24 Ch.223 Mini Break Vol.24 Ch.224 Things You Believe In Vol.24 Ch.225 Weather Advantage Vol.24 Ch.226 Simulation Vol.24 Ch.227 Match Point Vol.24 Ch.228 Final Set Vol.24 Ch.229 Far Future Vol.24 Ch.230 Courage Vol.24 Ch.231 Complete Devotion Vol.25 Ch.232 Time to Challenge Vol.25 Ch.233 Value of Victory Vol.25 Ch.234 Read Online Vol.25 Ch.235 Disruption Vol.25 Ch.236 Battle of the Elites Vol.25 Ch.237 Escape Vol.25 Ch.238 A Straw to Cling On Vol.25 Ch.239 Retreat Vol.25 Ch.240 Position Vol.25 Ch.240.5 Special Chapter Vol.26 Ch.241 Inefficiency Vol.26 Ch.242 Efficiency Vol.26 Ch.243 What Is Lacking Vol.26 Ch.244 The Organization and the Individual Vol.26 Ch.245 Shield and Arms Vol.26 Ch.246 Grasping at Shadows Vol.26 Ch.247 Return Vol.26 Ch.248 Psychological Warfare Vol.26 Ch.249 Self-Reliance Vol.26 Ch.250 The Last Resort Vol.27 Ch.251 To The Top Vol.27 Ch.252 Emotions and Theory Vol.27 Ch.253 The Critical Moment Vol.27 Ch.254 To Myself Vol.27 Ch.255 The Present and The Future Vol.27 Ch.256 Final Set Vol.27 Ch.257 Power and Technique Vol.27 Ch.258 The Value of Resolve Vol.27 Ch.259 The End of The Stalemate Vol.27 Ch.260 Until Victory Vol.28 Ch.261 The Beginning of the End Vol.28 Ch.262 Self-Reliance Vol.28 Ch.263 Two Challenges Vol.28 Ch.264 Light and Shadow Vol.28 Ch.265 Prior to the Outcome Vol.28 Ch.266 Great Efforts Vol.28 Ch.267 Story of a Pro Vol.28 Ch.268 Notification Vol.28 Ch.269 Steady Progress Vol.28 Ch.270 Itinerary Vol.29 Ch.271 Target Vol.29 Ch.272 Hope and Despair Vol.29 Ch.273 Ocean Vol.29 Ch.274 High Five Vol.29 Ch.275 Love Vol.29 Ch.276 Grand Slam Vol.29 Ch.277 Step Vol.29 Ch.278 Futures Vol.29 Ch.279 The Ninth Challenge Vol.30 Ch.280 When to Shoot Vol.30 Ch.281 You Own Arena Vol.30 Ch.282 Head Start Vol.30 Ch.283 Everything Vol.30 Ch.284 Original Form Vol.30 Ch.285 Smile Vol.30 Ch.286 Wipeout Vol.30 Ch.287 Belligerence Vol.30 Ch.288 Power Techniques Vol.31 Ch.289 Forwards Vol.31 Ch.290 Transformation Vol.31 Ch.291 A Fair Match Vol.31 Ch.292 Unfamiliar Territory Vol.31 Ch.293 Out of Sight Vol.31 Ch.294 Rivals Vol.31 Ch.295 Escort Vol.31 Ch.296 Resolution Vol.31 Ch.297 Resonance Vol.31 Ch.297.5 Extra Ch.314 Interview Vol.32 Ch.298 How To Fight Vol.32 Ch.299 The Unknown Vol.32 Ch.300 Rule Of Thumb Vol.32 Ch.301 Once in a Lifetime Vol.32 Ch.302 Basis Vol.32 Ch.303 Technique Vol.32 Ch.304 A Person's History Vol.32 Ch.305 Return Techniques Vol.32 Ch.306 Vol.32 Ch.307 Vol.32 Ch.308 Vol.32 Ch.309 Vol.32 Ch.310 Vol.32 Ch.311 Vol.32 Ch.312 Vol.32 Ch.313 Vol.33 Ch.314 Interview Vol.33 Ch.315 Vol.33 Ch.316 Vol.33 Ch.317 Vol.33 Ch.318 Vol.33 Ch.319 Vol.33 Ch.320 Vol.33 Ch.321 Vol.33 Ch.322 Vol.33 Ch.323 Laying Low Vol.33 Ch.324 Pride Vol.33 Ch.325 Vol.33 Ch.326 Vol.33 Ch.327 Vol.33 Ch.328 Vol.33 Ch.329 Vol.33 Ch.330 Vol.33 Ch.331 Vol.33 Ch.332 Vol.33 Ch.333 Vol.33 Ch.334 Vol.33 Ch.335 Vol.33 Ch.336 Vol.33 Ch.337 Vol.35 Ch.336.5 Vol.36 Ch.002.1 Vol.36 Ch.338 Bewildering Vol.36 Ch.339 Vol.36 Ch.340 Expectation Vol.36 Ch.341 Vol.36 Ch.342 Vol.36 Ch.343 Vol.36 Ch.344 Vol.36 Ch.345 Vol.36 Ch.345.5 Vol.36 Ch.346 Vol.36 Ch.347 Vol.36 Ch.348 Vol.36 Ch.349 Vol.36 Ch.350 Vol.36 Ch.351 Vol.36 Ch.352 Vol.36 Ch.353 Vol.36 Ch.354 Vol.36 Ch.355 Vol.36 Ch.356 Vol.36 Ch.357 Vol.36 Ch.358 Vol.36 Ch.359 Vol.36 Ch.360 Vol.36 Ch.361 Vol.36 Ch.362 Vol.36 Ch.363 Vol.36 Ch.364 Vol.36 Ch.365 Vol.36 Ch.366 Vol.36 Ch.367 Vol.36 Ch.368 Vol.36 Ch.369 Vol.36 Ch.370 Vol.36 Ch.371 Vol.36 Ch.372 Vol.36 Ch.373 Vol.36 Ch.374 Vol.36 Ch.375 Vol.36 Ch.376 Vol.36 Ch.377 Vol.36 Ch.378 Vol.36 Ch.379 Vol.36 Ch.380 Vol.36 Ch.381 Vol.36 Ch.382 Vol.36 Ch.383 Vol.36 Ch.384 Vol.36 Ch.385 Vol.36 Ch.386 Vol.36 Ch.387 Vol.36 Ch.388 Vol.36 Ch.389 Vol.36 Ch.390 Vol.36 Ch.391 Vol.36 Ch.392 Vol.36 Ch.393 Vol.36 Ch.394 Vol.36 Ch.395 Vol.36 Ch.396 Vol.36 Ch.397 Vol.36 Ch.398 Vol.36 Ch.399 Vol.36 Ch.400 Vol.36 Ch.401 Vol.36 Ch.402 Vol.36 Ch.403 Vol.36 Ch.404 Vol.36 Ch.405 Vol.36 Ch.406 Vol.36 Ch.407 Vol.36 Ch.408 Vol.36 Ch.409 Vol.36 Ch.410 Vol.36 Ch.411 Vol.36 Ch.412 Vol.36 Ch.413 Vol.36 Ch.414 Vol.36 Ch.415 Vol.36 Ch.416
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