B Gata H Kei

Vol.03 Ch.093 Lion's Heart

Vol.01 Ch.001 This Girl, Yamada Vol.01 Ch.002 Your Name Is... Vol.01 Ch.003 Passionate Glance Vol.01 Ch.004 I Like You Unnaturally Vol.01 Ch.005 I'm at a Loss Vol.01 Ch.006 Everything Goes Well When I'm Alone Vol.01 Ch.007 Infinite Provocation Vol.01 Ch.008 Natural Color Vol.01 Ch.009 A Girl Is a Girl Vol.01 Ch.010 This Is Important Vol.01 Ch.011 The Song of Studying Vol.01 Ch.012 I Don't Have an Umbrella Vol.01 Ch.013 A Dangerous Pair Vol.01 Ch.014 Virgin Attack! Vol.01 Ch.015 Door to the Summer Vol.01 Ch.016 Ah, Summer Vacation Vol.01 Ch.017 You Are 1000% Vol.01 Ch.018 Jet Coaster Romance Vol.01 Ch.019 Young Bloods Vol.01 Ch.020 One Day, Suddenly Vol.01 Ch.021 Delicate Girl Vol.01 Ch.022 I'll Devote Myself to You Vol.01 Ch.023 The Girl's Secrets Vol.01 Ch.024 Don't Stop Love Vol.01 Ch.025 Oh No! Rouge Magic! Vol.01 Ch.026 The Memories Are Too Beautiful Vol.01 Ch.027 Pale Photographer Vol.01 Ch.028 Hold Out Your Hand from the Darkness Vol.01 Ch.029 Idol, After All Vol.01 Ch.030 Last Dance with Me Vol.01 Ch.031 Nothing Can Stop Me Vol.01 Ch.032 I Entrust this Night to You Vol.01 Ch.033 Tonight, I Will Decide Vol.01 Ch.034 Love = Do! Vol.01 Ch.035 The Heart Vol.01 Ch.036 Dream Theater Vol.02 Ch.037 I Want to Protect You Vol.02 Ch.038 What Would You Do? Vol.02 Ch.039 Chocotto Love Vol.02 Ch.040 Missing Each Other Vol.02 Ch.041 Selfish Juliet Vol.02 Ch.042 Don't Say "I Love You"! Vol.02 Ch.043 Treating as a Stranger Vol.02 Ch.044 Stop the Time Vol.02 Ch.045 Displeasing New Face Vol.02 Ch.046 The Come Back Vol.02 Ch.047 I'll Accept Anyone Vol.02 Ch.048 Before the Twilight Vol.02 Ch.049 Touch Vol.02 Ch.050 Throbbing in Your Heart Vol.02 Ch.051 Ovation Vol.02 Ch.052 I Hate that Girl Vol.02 Ch.053 I've Always Been Serious Vol.02 Ch.054 I Can't Blame Your Uselessness Vol.02 Ch.055 Different Strokes for Different Folks Vol.02 Ch.056 Funk Fujiyama Vol.02 Ch.057 Twisted Heart Vol.02 Ch.058 Softness of Your Hand Vol.02 Ch.059 Summer Lady Vol.02 Ch.060 Eternal Breast Vol.02 Ch.061 A Girl Can't Bear It Vol.02 Ch.062 Azusa No. 2 Vol.02 Ch.063 Shoot the Machine Gun Vol.02 Ch.064 Scolded! Vol.02 Ch.065 Fantasy Kiss Vol.02 Ch.066 A Woman's Path Vol.02 Ch.067 No, Not Like That Vol.02 Ch.068 Kiss Me Now Vol.02 Ch.069 Happy, Fun, Loveable Vol.02 Ch.070 Gorgeous Isolation Vol.02 Ch.071 Blushing Girl Vol.03 Ch.072 A Scenario of Corruption Vol.03 Ch.073 I Want Them to Gossip About Me! Vol.03 Ch.074 I'll Give Them to You Vol.03 Ch.075 I Have Something to Tell you Vol.03 Ch.076 I'll Take It All! Vol.03 Ch.077 Draw the Line Vol.03 Ch.078 Starting off on a Nice Day Vol.03 Ch.079 Before & After! Vol.03 Ch.080 "Down There" Vol.03 Ch.081 Forget About It Vol.03 Ch.082 Just a Little More Vol.03 Ch.083 Love Train Vol.03 Ch.084 Understand Me, Please! Vol.03 Ch.085 Carrot Girl Vol.03 Ch.086 The Sadness Won't Stop Vol.03 Ch.087 Lost Vol.03 Ch.088 Not Only ★ But Also Vol.03 Ch.089 A Scandal Involving that Girl Vol.03 Ch.090 There's so Much Silence Vol.03 Ch.091 Zero Vol.03 Ch.092 Ambush Vol.03 Ch.093 Lion's Heart Vol.03 Ch.094 Let's Do It! Vol.03 Ch.095 Wait & See ~Risk~ Vol.03 Ch.096 The Girl Can't Be Dreaming Forever Vol.03 Ch.097 The Scorpio Girl Vol.03 Ch.098 Take Care When Talking About Sex Vol.03 Ch.099 Miss Mystery Lady Vol.03 Ch.100 School Paradise Vol.03 Ch.101 You Are the Only One Vol.03 Ch.102 In-Ten-Se! Vol.03 Ch.103 Screaming the Refrain Vol.03 Ch.104 I'm About to Cry You Know Vol.03 Ch.105 An Honest 'I'm Sorry' Vol.03 Ch.105.1 [Special Chapter 1] Help Me, Sex God! Vol.03 Ch.105.2 [Special Chapter 2] Memories Abounding Vol.04 Ch.106 I Can't Say It Vol.04 Ch.107 A Man's Devotion Vol.04 Ch.108 No Matter When Vol.04 Ch.109 A Man's Award Vol.04 Ch.110 Impatient Lips Vol.04 Ch.111 Let Me Hear Your Voice Vol.04 Ch.112 Freezing Point Vol.04 Ch.113 My Lips Are Hot When I'm Talking to You Vol.04 Ch.114 Feeling of Backlights Vol.04 Ch.115 Younger Sister Vol.04 Ch.116 Something that You Shouldn't Do? Vol.04 Ch.117 You're Just You Vol.04 Ch.118 Please Stop It, Teacher! Vol.04 Ch.119 Predictions for the Future Vol.04 Ch.120 100% Courage Vol.04 Ch.121 Close Your Eyes Vol.04 Ch.122 Cheers, Young Lady! Vol.04 Ch.123 Angel with Folded Wings Vol.04 Ch.124 I Think About You Vol.04 Ch.125 First Love Vol.04 Ch.126 Make-up Shadow Vol.04 Ch.127 Go, Girls, Go! Vol.04 Ch.128 Slowly Starting to Notice Vol.04 Ch.129 If I Were a Star Vol.04 Ch.130 The Last Excuse Vol.04 Ch.131 Heart Thief Vol.04 Ch.132 I Want to Know You Vol.04 Ch.133 Seesaw Game Vol.04 Ch.134 I Can't Dance Well Vol.04 Ch.135 Uncontrollable Emotions Vol.04 Ch.136 Dreamin' Vol.04 Ch.137 The Crossroad Where Lovers Meet Vol.04 Ch.138 Bestowed Man Vol.04 Ch.139 Charm Point Vol.04 Ch.140 You Are Not Alone Vol.04 Ch.141 If It's Only a Dream Vol.04 Ch.141.5 Extra Chapter It's Okay if We're Just Friends Vol.05 Ch.142 A Boy Younger than Me Vol.05 Ch.143 A Storm of "Why?" Vol.05 Ch.144 I Can Only Sing the Beginning Vol.05 Ch.145 What Should I Do? Vol.05 Ch.146 Awarded Words Vol.05 Ch.147 Don't Mind Vol.05 Ch.148 A Story from Another Dimension Vol.05 Ch.149 Lonely Tropical Fish Vol.05 Ch.150 Silent Jealousy Vol.05 Ch.151 Sailor-fuku and a Machine Gun Vol.05 Ch.152 Blizzard Vol.05 Ch.153 No Side Vol.05 Ch.154 I'm Not Running Away Vol.05 Ch.155 Excuse Vol.05 Ch.156 Self Control Vol.05 Ch.157 S-T-R-I-P-P-E-R Vol.05 Ch.158 Body Special II Vol.05 Ch.159 I Want to Go Back to That Day Vol.05 Ch.160 Jingi Loves Me Vol.05 Ch.161 Difference of the Two Vol.05 Ch.162 Dance in the Darkness Vol.05 Ch.163 Step Up Vol.05 Ch.164 A Chance Arrives Vol.05 Ch.165 Boogie Back Tonight Vol.05 Ch.166 Inside a Dream Vol.05 Ch.167 My Eyes Are Fixed on You Vol.05 Ch.168 I've Been Watching You Vol.05 Ch.169 Make Love to Me Gently Vol.05 Ch.170 Who Is Knocking at the Door? Vol.05 Ch.171 Cat's Eye Vol.05 Ch.172 Don't Give Up on Your Dream Vol.05 Ch.173 Vague Tension Vol.05 Ch.174 Just Because You Are Here Vol.05 Ch.174.1 [Extra Chapter 1] The Time Is Flowing Vol.05 Ch.174.2 [Extra Chapter 2] Everybody Is Nice Vol.06 Ch.175 The Night the Gods Fell Vol.06 Ch.176 50/50 Vol.06 Ch.177 Hello from the Road Vol.06 Ch.178 Our Planet of Love Vol.06 Ch.179 Replay Vol.06 Ch.180 Peach-colored Sigh Vol.06 Ch.181 The Actress in the Mirror Vol.06 Ch.182 An A for Effort! Vol.06 Ch.183 The Cylindrical Door Vol.06 Ch.184 Heartbreak Vol.06 Ch.185 The Girl Who Blossoms Late Vol.06 Ch.186 Her and My Circumstances Vol.06 Ch.187 This Isn't Anime Vol.06 Ch.188 It Was Snowing Vol.06 Ch.189 God, I Beg You Vol.06 Ch.190 A Long Night Vol.06 Ch.191 In the Name of Love Vol.06 Ch.192 Between the Evening and the Morning Vol.06 Ch.193 Love Late at Night Vol.06 Ch.194 The Opposite Vol.06 Ch.195 Fascinated Vol.06 Ch.196 I'll Say It Vol.06 Ch.197 A Wish Vol.06 Ch.198 Get Wild Vol.06 Ch.199 Advice Heaven Vol.06 Ch.200 Give Me a Shake Vol.06 Ch.201 A Long Time Vol.06 Ch.202 Hot Love Vol.06 Ch.202.2 Draft 1 Vol.06 Ch.202.4 Draft 2 Vol.06 Ch.202.6 Draft 3 Vol.06 Ch.202.8 Draft 4 Vol.07 Ch.203 Angel's Wink Vol.07 Ch.204 Instinct Vol.07 Ch.205 Don't Lose Vol.07 Ch.206 Remedy for Love Shock Vol.07 Ch.207 Friends Vol.07 Ch.208 If It Were a Dream Vol.07 Ch.209 Emerald Weakness Vol.07 Ch.210 Infamy Vol.07 Ch.211 Wawering Feeling Vol.07 Ch.212 Can't Stop Fallin' in Love Vol.07 Ch.213 Love and Be Love Vol.07 Ch.214 Stylish Vol.07 Ch.215 Image Poetry Vol.07 Ch.216 Lover Vol.07 Ch.217 Valentine Kiss Vol.07 Ch.218 Into a Dream Vol.07 Ch.219 Sparkling Vol.07 Ch.220 Love Jack-Knife Vol.07 Ch.221 Sudden Love Story Vol.07 Ch.222 A Great Trouble Vol.07 Ch.223 The Last Leaf Vol.07 Ch.224 Enjoy Your Bath Vol.07 Ch.225 Passion Vol.07 Ch.226 Lovely Friendship Vol.07 Ch.227 Don't Look at the Sky Vol.07 Ch.228 Teenage Dreamer Vol.07 Ch.229 Cheering Vol.07 Ch.230 Youth Survival Game Vol.07 Ch.231 Heart Pounding After School Time Vol.07 Ch.232 I'll Wait for You Vol.08 Ch.233 Between You and the Sky Vol.08 Ch.234 I Want to Be With You Vol.08 Ch.235 Kind Song Vol.08 Ch.236 Peach Time Vol.08 Ch.237 Royal Announcement Vol.08 Ch.238 Infectious Crying Vol.08 Ch.239 I Want to Love More Than to be Loved Vol.08 Ch.240 Say That You Love Him! Vol.08 Ch.241 Cinderella Can't Sleep Vol.08 Ch.242 Let's Go Home Vol.08 Ch.243 Love Machine Vol.08 Ch.244 Let's Throw a Party! Vol.08 Ch.245 Boy and Girl Vol.08 Ch.246 Crying Vol.08 Ch.247 Don't Grow Up Vol.08 Ch.248 Somehow Vol.08 Ch.249 Cuttie Honey Vol.08 Ch.250 Anniversary Vol.08 Ch.251 Boyfriend Vol.08 Ch.252 Vertigo Vol.08 Ch.253 Sad Broken Boy Vol.08 Ch.254 Teacher Vol.08 Ch.255 Selfish Vol.08 Ch.256 Hungry Vol.08 Ch.257 Rejected Goods Vol.08 Ch.258 Love! Vol.08 Ch.259 When Someone's Dream Comes True Vol.08 Ch.260 Jealousy Vol.08 Ch.261 Fighting Pose Vol.08 Ch.262 Crying Hoodlum Vol.08 Ch.263 Loud Diamond Vol.08 Ch.264 Garnet Vol.08 Ch.265 Sakura Vol.09 Ch.266 Forbidden Games Vol.09 Ch.267 Weird Love Song Vol.09 Ch.268 Yes - No Vol.09 Ch.269 Teach Me from A to Z Vol.09 Ch.270 BH~ B-Type H-Style Vol.09 Ch.271 All Right Vol.09 Ch.272 Fail Girl Vol.09 Ch.273 Flash Girl Vol.09 Ch.274 Men of the Irresponsible Age Vol.09 Ch.275 Don't You Know? Vol.09 Ch.276 He-ro-i-ne Vol.09 Ch.277 Let's Go in for Sports! Vol.09 Ch.278 Nonononon Vol.09 Ch.279 Winter Song Vol.09 Ch.280 Girlfriends Vol.09 Ch.281 Start Line Vol.09 Ch.282 Second Love Vol.09 Ch.283 Yuuji Vol.09 Ch.284 Choo Choo Train Vol.09 Ch.285 Virgin Rock'n'Roll Vol.09 Ch.286 Summer Experience Vol.09 Ch.287 Love Wins Vol.09 Ch.288 Best Friend Vol.09 Ch.289 Our Failure Vol.09 Ch.290 Human Nature Vol.09 Ch.290.5 Orange Vol.09 Ch.291 Triangle Vol.09 Ch.292 Wandervogel Vol.09 Ch.293 99% Liberty Vol.09 Ch.294 Let's Love Each Other More! Vol.09 Ch.295 Remains of Snow Vol.09 Ch.296 Because of Love Vol.09 Ch.297 Sazae-san's House Vol.09 Ch.298 Spring Breath Vol.09 Ch.299 Future Proposal Vol.09 Ch.300 Bye-Bye
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