Ch.037 Earning a Reward

Ch.001.1 Refinement Technique (1) Ch.001.2 Refinement Technique (2) Ch.002.1 Clan Training Day (1) Ch.002.2 Clan Training Day (2) Ch.003 Xuan Tier Weapon Body Ch.004 Departure Ch.005 Qing Yun Sect’s Trial Ch.006 Meeting Luo Pei Ran Again Ch.007 Come to My Drizzle Peak Ch.008 Choosing Skills Ch.009 Sheng Tier Technique Ch.010 Cultivation Technique Ch.011 Provocation Ch.012 Luo Yan Ch.013 Blade Insects’ Invasion and the Blade Insect Queen Ch.014 Ling Tier Weapon Body Ch.015 Let’s Get into This Mess Ch.016 Ch.017 Ch.018 Onward to Purgatory Mountain Ch.019 A Sweet Smile Ch.020 Bumping At a Narrow Road Ch.021 Celestial Realm Ch.022 The Price of Underestimating Ch.023 Demonic God Fist Ch.024 Meeting Ch.025 Tian Lu Auction House Ch.026 Ch.027 A Yokai Slaying Trial Ch.028 Slaying A Yokai General Ch.029 First Encounter with Hua Tianming Ch.031 Godly Needle Zhu Family Ch.032 Zhuge Qingyun Ch.033 The Slaughter Maiden Ch.034 The Four Demon Kings Ch.035 Sky Demon Saint Fire Ch.036 Turning the Tables Ch.037 Earning a Reward Ch.038 Heartbeat Ch.039 Accidentally Entering Jade Dragon Valley Ch.040 Entering the Immortal Manor Ch.041 Battle to the Death Ch.042 The Trials Left Behind By An Immortal Ch.043 Luo Zheng’s True Heart and Spirit Ch.044 Ultimate Map of the Cosmos Ch.045 Armored Immortal Warrior Ch.046 Grudges Ch.047 Heavenly Order Ch.048 Divine Trial Ch.049 Conflict at the Mystical Fish Pool Ch.050 Revealing of True Power Ch.051 Ch.052 7-Star Sword Light Platform Ch.053 Inner Sect Competition Ch.054 All Peaks Competition Ch.055 Taking The Lead Ch.056 The Agreement Ch.057 Holy Meteor Flame Ch.058 Sword Steps Ch.059 Imitation Ch.060 Ch.061 Ch.062 Ch.063 Ch.064 Hidden Killing Intent Ch.065 The Patriarch's Fury Ch.066 Buddhist's Reincarnation Ch.067 Blood of The Green Phoenix Ch.068 Dragon Spear! Ch.069 Dragon’s Roar Ch.070 The Swords Ch.071 The Stubbornness of Martial Arts Ch.072 Ch.073 Ch.074 Ch.075 Ch.076
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