A Journey to The Past

Ch.054 The Count's Request

Ch.001 Ch.002 Ch.003 Ch.004 Ch.005 The man on the horse Ch.006 Ch.007 Ch.008 Ch.009 Ch.010 the way of the mountain fist Ch.011 Lake Tour Ch.012 A surprise Ch.013 A Change of the Wind and Rain Ch.014 A Worried Heart Ch.015 Ride the Horse Ch.016 Take Me Away? Ch.017 The Qin King Ying Zheng Ch.018 An Invitation Ch.019 Appointment in Xian Yang Palace Ch.020 A Banquet For Two Ch.021 The Clolor Red Ch.022 Farewell, Xiao Zheng Ch.023 Summon a wind Ch.024 Shi Xiong Fei Niao Ch.025 The Cursed Family Ch.026 Onto Kyoto Ch.027 Okita Soji Ch.028 A different him Ch.029 Shinsengumi Ch.030 The Battle of Red and White Ch.031 The Devil Deputy Ch.032 Ch.033 The devil's son Ch.034 Ch.035 Protecting them Ch.036 Shimbara house Ch.037 The foolish warrior Ch.038 Attack by night Ch.039 New Year Preparations Ch.040 Kyoto Fireworks Ch.041 An Accident Ch.042 For Revenge? Ch.043 The Danger of the Mission Ch.044 A Favor Ch.045 Ch.046 Ch.047 Xioa Yin's 3rd Mission Ch.048 Elizabeth Bathory Ch.049 The boy with purple eyes Ch.050 Countess Bathory Ch.051 Night Expedition Ch.052 Vampire King Ch.053 Andrew's Secret Ch.054 The Count's Request Ch.055 A Night of Screams Ch.056 Finding Zelda Ch.057 A Vampire's Night Visit Ch.058 Saving Zelda Ch.059 Farewell Ch.060 Vampire Bride (Part 1) Ch.061 Vampire Bride (Part 2) Ch.062 The Feast (Part 1) Ch.063 The feast (Part 2) Ch.064 Moon Rose Ch.065 The Hunters Ch.065.5 Ch.066 Ch.066.5 Ch.067 Ch.067.5 Ch.068 Ch.068.5 Ch.069 Ch.069.5 Ch.070 Ch.070.5 Ch.071 Ch.071.5 Ch.072 Ch.072.5 Ch.073 Ch.073.5 Ch.074 Ch.074.5 Ch.075.1 Ch.075.2 Ch.075.3 Ch.076 A Question Ch.077 Xiao Yin's Past Life Ch.078 Ancient Egypt Ch.079 Memphis City Ch.080 The Vizier, Nehi Ch.081 Entering the King's Court Ch.082 Ramesses Ch.083 The Bewitched King's Mother Ch.084 Queen Nefertari Ch.085 Life in Ancient Egypt Ch.086 Kill the Enemy Ch.087 Messenger of the Cat Goddess Ch.088 Enter the Court Ch.089 Eight Lions Ch.090 Banquet Ch.091 Sula's Demand Ch.092 The Unexpected Wedding Ch.093 A Shocking Event Ch.094 The Smell of Pod Juice Ch.095 Careless Ch.096 False Alarm Ch.097 War Ch.098 The One Who Cares Ch.099 A Turn of Events Ch.100 Hurrying to Kadesh Ch.101 A Surprising Gift Ch.102 The Queen of Egypt Ch.103 The Water of the Nile River Ch.104 Dark Schemes Ch.105 Heartache Ch.106 Goodbye, Ramesses Ch.107 Why Ch.108 The Past Life of Fei Niao Ch.109 Cesare and Duilian Ch.110 A Replacement Ch.111 Destroying a Plan Ch.112 Marriage Ch.113 Poison in Hand Ch.114 Sealed Soul Ch.115 Switching Identities Ch.116 Failed Magic Ch.117 A Familiar Silhouette Ch.118 Returning of a Spirit Ch.119 A Momentary Farewell Ch.120 Red Spider Lily Ch.121 Huguruma-Youbi Ch.122 Shaluo Ch.123 Reaching Heian-Kyo Ch.124 The Onmyouji Ch.125 Young Seimei Ch.126 Learning Etiquette Ch.127 Relax Ch.128 The Night of 100 Demons Ch.129 Doji Ch.130 Entering the Court Ch.131 Haunted Ch.132 Oshiroi Baba Ch.133 The Udaijin's Aim Ch.134 The arrival of Yatsunori and Seimei Ch.135 Night of the Fireflies Ch.136 The Red Haired Demon Ch.137 Youji-sama’s Revenge Ch.138 Vermilion Bird
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