81 Diver

Vol.13 Ch.127 New Aphorism

Vol.01 Ch.001 Ukeshi of Akiba Vol.01 Ch.002 This is Shinken Vol.01 Ch.003 Blind Shogi Vol.01 Ch.004 On Purpose Vol.01 Ch.005 I'm Going Vol.01 Ch.006 Hachi One Diver Vol.01 Ch.007 Goshujin-sama's Growth Vol.01 Ch.008 First Date. Vol.02 Ch.009 Rub Vol.02 Ch.010 Gangi Vol.02 Ch.011 Who is it?! Vol.02 Ch.012 Riiiiip Vol.02 Ch.013 Cannot Vol.02 Ch.014 Nakashizu Vol.02 Ch.015 Leading Role Vol.02 Ch.016 Talking Vol.03 Ch.017 Story Vol.03 Ch.018 Monjiyama Army Vol.03 Ch.019 I Love Vol.03 Ch.020 Check Vol.03 Ch.021 I Dunno Vol.03 Ch.022 Foundations of a Story Vol.03 Ch.023 Star Vol.03 Ch.024 Marshmallow Vol.03 Ch.025 Young Man Kirino Vol.03 Ch.026 Relationship Vol.03 Ch.027 Seven Moves Vol.03 Ch.027.5 Monjiyama's Counter-Attack Vol.04 Ch.028 Rival Vol.04 Ch.029 Half Vol.04 Ch.030 Pro Shogi Player Vol.04 Ch.031 Kishoukai Vol.04 Ch.032 My Sin Vol.04 Ch.033 Show me Vol.04 Ch.034 Fushuuh Vol.04 Ch.035 Disciple Vol.04 Ch.036 Stamina Vol.04 Ch.037 The Ponape Island Man Vol.04 Ch.038 I'm Gonna Sleep Vol.05 Ch.039 Revenge Sorta Thing Vol.05 Ch.040 Don't Worry Vol.05 Ch.041 Audience Vol.05 Ch.042 Win Vol.05 Ch.043 In the Storm Vol.05 Ch.044 Threatmate Vol.05 Ch.045 Munch Munch Vol.05 Ch.046 Meat Shogi Vol.05 Ch.047 Street Fight Vol.05 Ch.048 How Many Sticks of Sugar? Vol.05 Ch.049 Nose in the Air Vol.06 Ch.050 Elephant-san Vol.06 Ch.051 Ninomiya Kinjirou Vol.06 Ch.052 God Vol.06 Ch.053 Intense Gaze Vol.06 Ch.054 Brute Strength Vol.06 Ch.055 Group of Shinkenshi Vol.06 Ch.056 Origin Vol.06 Ch.057 Meaning of Play Vol.06 Ch.058 Quest Vol.06 Ch.059 Manual Mode Vol.06 Ch.060 Meaning of Play Vol.07 Ch.061 Somebody Somewhere Vol.07 Ch.062 The Person on the Other Side Vol.07 Ch.063 Deep Sea Vol.07 Ch.064 Resignation Diagram Vol.07 Ch.065 Rare Card Vol.07 Ch.066 Santa Vol.07 Ch.067 Going Vol.07 Ch.068 Baaya Vol.07 Ch.069 The Decider Vol.07 Ch.070 New York Vol.07 Ch.071 The Elderly Vol.08 Ch.072 That's Right Vol.08 Ch.073 Already Vol.08 Ch.074 Pressure Vol.08 Ch.075 Life Vol.08 Ch.076 Mystery of the Kishoukai Vol.08 Ch.077 Sorry Vol.08 Ch.078 Rescueman Vol.08 Ch.079 Fight Vol.08 Ch.080 Geronimo Vol.08 Ch.081 Snow is Falling Vol.09 Ch.083 With Me Vol.09 Ch.084 Synchronization Rate Vol.09 Ch.085 Anything Vol.09 Ch.086 Rather Good Vol.09 Ch.087 Shogi Lecture Vol.09 Ch.088 Honest Shogi Vol.09 Ch.089 Teasing Vol.09 Ch.090 Fishing Vol.09 Ch.091 Fire Vol.09 Ch.092 A Nap Vol.10 Ch.093 Comparison Vol.10 Ch.094 Chest Vol.10 Ch.095 This World Vol.10 Ch.096 With the Nikogami Style Vol.10 Ch.097 Kick Vol.10 Ch.098 Drawing Vol.10 Ch.099 The Ultimate Maid Vol.10 Ch.100 Die Vol.10 Ch.101 Millennium Vol.10 Ch.102 Coffee Legend Vol.10 Ch.103 Guts Power Vol.11 Ch.104 High Time Vol.11 Ch.105 Poisonous Insect Vol.11 Ch.106 Fatigue Vol.11 Ch.107 Fellow Former Shou Vol.11 Ch.108 Propose Vol.11 Ch.109 2 More Minutes Vol.11 Ch.110 You're An Idiot Vol.11 Ch.111 In My World Vol.11 Ch.112 Caught Between Vol.11 Ch.113 Fated Connection Vol.11 Ch.114 100 People Vol.12 Ch.115 100-Board Play Vol.12 Ch.116 Shogi Demon Vol.12 Ch.117 Dream Vol.12 Ch.118 It Happened Vol.12 Ch.119 Help Vol.12 Ch.120 Bare-Handed Fight Vol.12 Ch.121 Basement Explanation Vol.12 Ch.122 Confession Vol.12 Ch.123 Employer Vol.12 Ch.124 Grand Appearance Vol.12 Ch.125 Shower Vol.13 Ch.126 Baseball Manga Vol.13 Ch.127 New Aphorism Vol.13 Ch.128 Gattsu Gatsu Vol.13 Ch.129 Both Enemy and Friend Vol.13 Ch.130 Tabeko Vol.13 Ch.131 Cabaret Club Vol.13 Ch.132 Chicchi Vol.13 Ch.133 Scary Vol.13 Ch.134 Number One Among Women Vol.13 Ch.135 Shogi Serious Literature Vol.13 Ch.136 Fully Defend Vol.14 Ch.137 Naan Vol.14 Ch.138 No Reaction Vol.14 Ch.139 Single-Minded Policy Vol.14 Ch.140 Scope of Research Vol.14 Ch.141 9-4 Fu Vol.14 Ch.142 Big Family Vol.14 Ch.143 Contents Vol.14 Ch.144 Boxing Vol.14 Ch.145 Third Vol.14 Ch.146 Killing Each Other Vol.14 Ch.147 Coming Out Vol.15 Ch.148 Five Year Plan Vol.15 Ch.149 Please Replenish Vol.15 Ch.150 Hurry Up Vol.15 Ch.151 Black Version Vol.15 Ch.152 Study Time Vol.15 Ch.153 Man From the Neighboring Country Vol.15 Ch.154 Invisible Enemy Vol.15 Ch.155 The World's Largest Vol.15 Ch.156 "Yamato" Woman Vol.15 Ch.157 Girl Vol.15 Ch.158 To Hell Vol.16 Ch.159 Experiment Vol.16 Ch.160 The Oni and the Imp Vol.16 Ch.161 Help! Vol.16 Ch.162 Master and Servant Vol.16 Ch.163 The Man That Was Too Late Vol.16 Ch.164 Toy Vol.16 Ch.165 Right Now... Vol.16 Ch.166 Smile Vol.16 Ch.167 The Spectacle Above Vol.16 Ch.168 Rat Vol.17 Ch.169 Will Not Surrender Vol.17 Ch.170 Prepared Vol.17 Ch.171 7 Billion People Vol.17 Ch.172 Proxy War Vol.17 Ch.173 Declaration of Victory Vol.17 Ch.174 Street Fight Vol.17 Ch.175 Live or Die Vol.17 Ch.176 100 Million Ways Vol.17 Ch.177 The Ultimate Feat of Strength Vol.17 Ch.178 Destruction Vol.18 Ch.179 Climactic Smile Vol.18 Ch.180 Counterattack Vol.18 Ch.181 Goodbye Vol.18 Ch.182 Kick Vol.18 Ch.183 Sworn Friend Vol.18 Ch.184 Candle Vol.18 Ch.185 Single Bug Vol.18 Ch.186 Wonderful Memories Vol.18 Ch.187 Life is Full of Goodbyes Vol.18 Ch.188 The God of Shogi Vol.18 Ch.189 Shogi Despair Vol.19 Ch.190 In the Oni Room Vol.19 Ch.191 Shogi and Violence Vol.19 Ch.192 Pro Players Vol.19 Ch.193 Target Vol.19 Ch.194 Life Span Vol.19 Ch.195 Tanio's Replicas Vol.19 Ch.196 Fight Festival Vol.19 Ch.197 Can't Stop Now Vol.19 Ch.198 A Nice Moron Vol.19 Ch.199 Intruder Vol.19 Ch.200 Magic or a Dream? Vol.20 Ch.201 Poochie Vol.20 Ch.202 On Loan Vol.20 Ch.203 Himiko Vol.20 Ch.204 100 Million Yen Equivalent Vol.20 Ch.205 I'm Begging You Vol.20 Ch.206 Find Mother Vol.20 Ch.207 World Sinking Vol.20 Ch.208 Candy House Vol.20 Ch.209 Battle of Sisters Vol.20 Ch.210 Sudden Big Battle Vol.20 Ch.211 Fantastic Vol.21 Ch.212 Vol.21 Part 1 Ch212~216 Vol.21 Ch.213 Vol.21 Part 2 Ch217~222, Extra Vol.21 Ch.223 Vol.21 Ch.224 Faraway Vol.21 Ch.225 Vol.21 Ch.226 Force Through Vol.21 Ch.227 Secret Weapon Vol.21 Ch.228 A Granny and a Kid Vol.21 Ch.229 Suck the Life Vol.21 Ch.230 Devil Chicchi Vol.21 Ch.231 Bomb Disposal Vol.21 Ch.232 The Reason for Shaving Life Away Vol.21 Ch.233 Vol.23 Ch.234 Final Accuracy Vol.23 Ch.235 Loved One Vol.23 Ch.236 Miracle Vol.23 Ch.237 Happiness Vol.23 Ch.238 All Life Bets Vol.23 Ch.239 Marriage Proposal! Vol.23 Ch.240 The Man That Builds Bridges Vol.23 Ch.241 Absolute Disadvantage Vol.23 Ch.242 Break Through Point! Vol.23 Ch.243 Beacon Vol.23 Ch.244 Vol.24 Ch.245 Marriage Proposal!! Vol.24 Ch.246 A Flash of Lightning Vol.24 Ch.247 Frontal Breakthrough Vol.24 Ch.248 Complete Victory Drama Vol.24 Ch.249 Trump Card Vol.24 Ch.250 Secret Weapon Vol.24 Ch.251 Time Vol.24 Ch.252 Mach---!! Vol.24 Ch.253 Mating Each Other Vol.24 Ch.254 The Pro Goes All Out Vol.25 Ch.255 Cross-Examination Vol.25 Ch.256 Ultra-Unique Battle!! Vol.25 Ch.257 Owari Ninja Vol.25 Ch.258 Gangi of the Soul!! Vol.25 Ch.259 Stained Move Vol.25 Ch.260 Point Vol.25 Ch.261 Final Match!! Vol.25 Ch.262 Expression of Determination Vol.25 Ch.263 Savage Joy Vol.25 Ch.264 Martial Art Shogi!! Vol.25 Ch.265 Street Shogi Vol.26 Ch.266 Vol.26 Ch.267 Vol.26 Ch.268 Vol.26 Ch.269 Vol.26 Ch.270 Vol.26 Ch.271 Vol.26 Ch.272 Vol.26 Ch.273 Vol.26 Ch.274 Vol.26 Ch.275 Vol.26 Ch.276 Vol.26 Ch.277 Vol.27 Ch.277 Vol.27 Ch.278 Vol.27 Ch.279 Vol.27 Ch.280 Vol.27 Ch.281 Vol.27 Ch.282 Vol.27 Ch.283 Vol.27 Ch.284 Vol.27 Ch.285 Vol.27 Ch.286 Vol.27 Ch.287 Vol.27 Ch.288 Vol.28 Ch.289 First Ever Vol.28 Ch.290 Maiden in Love!! Vol.28 Ch.291 The Princess's Specialty Vol.28 Ch.292 The Dignity of a Pro Vol.28 Ch.293 Different Levels Vol.28 Ch.294 Fear of Shogi Vol.28 Ch.295 The Dignity of a Weakling Vol.28 Ch.296 Sister Showdown Vol.28 Ch.297 The One You Love Vol.28 Ch.298 Determination x100!! Vol.29 Ch.299 Dive Into Life Vol.29 Ch.300 Demon's Daughter Vol.29 Ch.301 Clench Vol.29 Ch.302 Parting With the Past Vol.29 Ch.303 The Battle Between Master and Student Begins!! Vol.29 Ch.304 Dead-End Street Vol.29 Ch.305 Do-or-Die Resistance Vol.29 Ch.306 All-Out Desperate Struggle!! Vol.29 Ch.307 Not Yet!! Vol.29 Ch.308 Who is the Strongest?! Vol.29 Ch.309 Heated Battle!! Vol.30 Ch.310 Vol.30 Ch.311 The Barrier of the Master Vol.30 Ch.312 The Master, Serious Vol.30 Ch.313 Vol.30 Ch.314 Vol.30 Ch.315 Vol.30 Ch.316 Vol.30 Ch.317 Vol.30 Ch.318 Vol.30 Ch.319 Vol.30 Ch.320 Vol.31 Ch.321 Vol.31 Ch.322 Vol.31 Ch.323 Vol.31 Ch.324 Vol.31 Ch.325 Vol.31 Ch.326 Vol.31 Ch.327 Vol.31 Ch.328 Vol.31 Ch.329 Vol.31 Ch.330 The Ultimate Shogi Player Vol.31 Ch.331 Vol.31 Ch.332 Welcome Explosion Vol.31 Ch.333 Two Sides Face Off!! Vol.31 Ch.334 Big Explosion in the Basement Vol.31 Ch.335 Vol.31 Ch.336 Vol.31 Ch.337 Vol.31 Ch.338 Vol.31 Ch.339 Vol.31 Ch.340 Vol.31 Ch.341 Vol.31 Ch.342 Vol.31 Ch.343 Vol.31 Ch.344 Vol.31 Ch.345 Vol.31 Ch.346 Vol.31 Ch.347 Vol.31 Ch.348 Vol.31 Ch.349 Vol.31 Ch.350 Vol.31 Ch.351 Vol.31 Ch.352 Vol.31 Ch.353 Vol.34 Ch.354 Vol.34 Ch.355 Vol.34 Ch.356 Vol.34 Ch.357 Vol.34 Ch.358 Vol.34 Ch.359 Vol.34 Ch.360 Vol.34 Ch.361 Vol.34 Ch.362 Vol.34 Ch.363 Vol.34 Ch.364 Vol.35 Ch.365 Vol.35 Ch.366 Vol.35 Ch.367 Vol.35 Ch.368 Vol.35 Ch.369 Vol.35 Ch.370 The One Waited For Vol.35 Ch.371 That Face Vol.35 Ch.372 Unbeautiful Shogi Vol.35 Ch.373 Conclusion Vol.35 Ch.374 Future Vol.35 Ch.375 I Love Shogi END
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