090 ~Eko to Issho~

Vol.04 Ch.060.5 [Extra] President to Issho

Vol.01 Ch.001 I Bought a Cell Phone Vol.01 Ch.002 Should Be Picky About the Design Vol.01 Ch.003 Want to Carry Around a Phone and Be Carried Vol.01 Ch.004 Beware the Boundaries of a Phone Call Vol.01 Ch.005 If You Get a Phone, Brag to Your Friends Vol.01 Ch.006 Let's Choose the Ring Tone Carefully Vol.01 Ch.007 Let's Send Eko a Message! Vol.01 Ch.008 Payment Swindler Prevention Vol.01 Ch.009 The Number of People That Use Their Phone for Photography Is Increasing Vol.01 Ch.010 Try Not to Show Off Your Cell Too Much in Public Vol.01 Ch.011 If Your Phone Is Taken, Try to Get It Back Vol.01 Ch.012 Beware of the Service Charges! Vol.01 Ch.013 And This Is How Spam Mail Comes Vol.01 Ch.014 Cellphones Are Afraid of Being Illegally Modified Vol.02 Ch.015 A Cellphone Is Surprisingly Sturdy Vol.02 Ch.016 Vol.02 Ch.017 Keep Your Cell Always with You Vol.02 Ch.018 Showercap Is Bad for a Cell Vol.02 Ch.019 Vol.02 Ch.020 Test Your Cell Occasionally Vol.02 Ch.021 Good Cellphones, Bad Cellphones Vol.02 Ch.022 Don't Forget to Bring Your Cell When You Travel Vol.02 Ch.023 First in the World! This Is What Happens When You Dip a Cell in the Hot Springs! Vol.02 Ch.024 It's Not Always Good to Have a Small Cell Vol.02 Ch.025 Know the Sex of Your Cell Vol.02 Ch.026 Decisive Battle Vol.02 Ch.027 Loved Over the Cellular Call Vol.02 Ch.028 Turn Your Cell Off Before You Tell Someone You Love Them Vol.02 Ch.029 Vol.03 Ch.030 Please Do Not Allow Your Cell Phone to Jump Out of Line Vol.03 Ch.031 Please Do Not Bring Your Cell Phone with You to a Waterfall Vol.03 Ch.032 Please Bring Cell Phones for Your Important Family Members Vol.03 Ch.033 Please Refrain from Feeding Your Cell Phones Vol.03 Ch.034 Perhaps This Is the Way to Buy a Cell Phone Vol.03 Ch.035 This Is Not a Cell Phone Vol.03 Ch.036 Does a Cell Phone Need a Name? Vol.03 Ch.037 Please Take Notice When Using a PHS Vol.03 Ch.038 No Matter How Cute the PHS Is, You Must Teach It Properly Vol.03 Ch.039 If a Cell Phone and PHS Start to Fight, Something Amazing Will Happen Vol.03 Ch.040 No Matter How Many Times You Change it, the Pain is Not Eraseable Vol.03 Ch.041 Please Note! Cell Phones and Bodies Shouldn't Be Overused Vol.03 Ch.042 Ring Tones and Sudden Realizations All Come Suddenly. Vol.03 Ch.043 The Heart Is More Complex Than Even the Most Sophisticated Robot Vol.03 Ch.044 Full Reception of Misfortunes Vol.03 Ch.045 The Path to Cell Phone Happiness Vol.03 Ch.045.5 Nano to Issho 070 Vol.04 Ch.046 Destiny, Message Ninja Vol.04 Ch.047 Cell Phone Grades, First Report! Vol.04 Ch.048 Are There Cell Phone Delinquents Too? Vol.04 Ch.049 Don't Think, Feeeeeeeeel Vol.04 Ch.050 Everyone's White Christmas Vol.04 Ch.051 The World's First! A Cellphone That Changes Personality? Vol.04 Ch.052 Pushing It to the Other Person Vol.04 Ch.053 It's Not a New Model... It's a Baby Model? Vol.04 Ch.054 A Chaotic New Year Vol.04 Ch.055 Cell Phone Baby, Cell Phone Adult Vol.04 Ch.056 Yesterday's Secret Vol.04 Ch.057 Successor and Successing Phone Vol.04 Ch.058 Something Even the Newest Model Doesn't Know Vol.04 Ch.059 Sorry, Thank You... Vol.04 Ch.060 Last call Forever 090 Eko to Issho Vol.04 Ch.060.5 [Extra] President to Issho
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