To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

Vol.02 Ch.008 July 20th

Vol.01 Ch.001 July 16th Vol.01 Ch.002 July 17th Part 1 Vol.01 Ch.003 July 17th Part 2 Vol.01 Ch.004 July 18th Part 1 Vol.01 Ch.005 July 18th Part 2 Vol.01 Ch.006 July 19th Part 1 Vol.01 Ch.007 July 19th Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.008 July 20th Vol.02 Ch.008.5 [Special] Vol.02 Ch.009 July 21st Part 1 Vol.02 Ch.010 July 21st Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.011 July 24th Part 1 Vol.02 Ch.012 July 24th Part 2 Vol.02 Ch.013 July 24th Part 3 Vol.03 Ch.014 July 24th Part 4 Vol.03 Ch.015 July 24th Part 5 Vol.03 Ch.016 July 24th Part 6 Vol.03 Ch.016.5 A Certain Student's Epilogue / July 25th Vol.03 Ch.017.1 Special Chapter A Certain Two People's Training (1st Part) Vol.03 Ch.017.2 Special Chapter A Certain Two People's Training (2nd Part) Vol.03 Ch.017.5 Vol.04 Ch.018 August 10th Part 1 Vol.04 Ch.019 August 10th Part 2 Vol.04 Ch.020 August 11th/May 11th Vol.04 Ch.021 August 15th Part 1 Vol.04 Ch.022 August 15th Part 2 Vol.04 Ch.023 August 15th Part 3 Vol.05 Ch.024 August 15th Part 4 Vol.05 Ch.025 August 16th Vol.05 Ch.026 August 19th Part 1 Vol.05 Ch.026.5 [Special] Vol.05 Ch.027 August 19th Part 2 Vol.05 Ch.028 August 19th Part 3 Vol.05 Ch.029 August 19th Part 4 Vol.05 Ch.030 August 19th Part 5 Vol.05 Ch.030.5 Chiki Chiki Judgment Vol.06 Ch.031 August 20th Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.032 August 20th Part 2 Vol.06 Ch.033 August 21st Part 1 Vol.06 Ch.034 August 21st Part 2 Vol.06 Ch.035 August 21st Part 3 Vol.06 Ch.036 August 21st Part 4 Vol.06 Ch.037 August 21st Part 5 Vol.07 Ch.038 August 21st Part 6 Vol.07 Ch.039 August 22nd \ [Extra] Tetsuhashi's Sign of Love Vol.07 Ch.040 Clique Part 1 Vol.07 Ch.041 Clique Part 2 Vol.07 Ch.041.5 Biri Biri Days Vol.07 Ch.042 Rainbow's End Vol.07 Ch.043 Negotiation Vol.07 Ch.044 The Opening Vol.07 Ch.044.5 Opening 2 Vol.08 Ch.045 Ambush Vol.08 Ch.046 Quickening Vol.08 Ch.047 Encounter Vol.08 Ch.048 Erosion Vol.08 Ch.049 Trust Vol.08 Ch.050 The Battle Begins Vol.08 Ch.051 Analysis Vol.08 Ch.052 Dark Side Vol.09 Ch.053 Flaw Vol.09 Ch.054 Cooperation Vol.09 Ch.055 In the Same Boat Vol.09 Ch.056 Divide and Conquer Vol.09 Ch.056.5 The Miracle of Endymion - Special Movie Announcement Chapter Vol.09 Ch.057 Investigation Vol.09 Ch.058 Suspicion Vol.09 Ch.059 Reminiscence Vol.09 Ch.060 Friends Vol.09 Ch.061 SYSTEM Vol.10 Ch.062 Joining the Battle Vol.10 Ch.063 Chaos Vol.10 Ch.064 Resistance Vol.10 Ch.065 Surrounded Vol.10 Ch.066 Preparations Vol.10 Ch.067 Seeing The Truth Vol.10 Ch.068 Miscalculation Vol.10 Ch.069 Right Hand Vol.10 Ch.070 Dolly Vol.10 Ch.070.5 Promise Vol.10 Ch.071 Festival's End Vol.11 Ch.071.2 Indian Poker Vol.11 Ch.072 Blau Vol.11 Ch.073 Observation Vol.11 Ch.073.5 A Certain Boy's Episode Vol.11 Ch.074 Precognition Vol.11 Ch.075 Prevention Vol.11 Ch.076 Selfishness Vol.11 Ch.077 Dreams Vol.11 Ch.078 Breasts Vol.11 Ch.079 Revelation Vol.12 Ch.080 Strange Coincidence Vol.12 Ch.081 Attack Vol.12 Ch.082.1 The Hunt Vol.12 Ch.082.2 The Hunt Vol.12 Ch.082.3 The Hunt Vol.12 Ch.082.4 The Hunt Vol.12 Ch.082.5 The Hunt Vol.12 Ch.083.1 Fight To The Death Vol.12 Ch.083.2 Fight To The Death Vol.12 Ch.083.3 Fight To The Death Vol.12 Ch.083.5 Regret Vol.12 Ch.084 Games Vol.12 Ch.085 The Soul Vol.12 Ch.086 Farce Vol.12 Ch.087 Heading Out Vol.12 Ch.088 Punishing Blow Vol.13 Ch.089 Unlucky Day Vol.13 Ch.090 Deception Vol.13 Ch.091 Negotiation Vol.13 Ch.092 Colossus Vol.13 Ch.093 Sacrifice Vol.13 Ch.094 Guess Vol.13 Ch.095 Original Intent Vol.13 Ch.096 Rank Vol.13 Ch.097 Reunion Vol.13 Ch.097.5 Thoughtfulness Vol.14 Ch.098 Declaration Of War Vol.14 Ch.099 The Competition Begins Vol.14 Ch.100 Iron Wall Vol.14 Ch.101 Director Vol.14 Ch.102 Kodoku Vol.14 Ch.103 Spy Vol.14 Ch.104 Hidden Soldiers Vol.14 Ch.105 Dark Horse Vol.14 Ch.106 Release Vol.14 Ch.106.5 4Koma Bonus Vol.14 Ch.107 Monster Vol.14 Ch.108 Intention Vol.14 Ch.109 Insanity Vol.14 Ch.110 Evil Nature Vol.14 Ch.111 Vol.14 Ch.112 Vol.14 Ch.113 Vol.14 Ch.114 Vol.14 Ch.115 Vol.14 Ch.116 Trapped Rat Vol.14 Ch.117 Vol.14 Ch.118 Vol.14 Ch.119 Vol.14 Ch.120 Vol.14 Ch.121 Vol.14 Ch.122 Vol.15 Ch.122.5 Vol.15 Ch.123 Vol.15 Ch.124 Vol.15 Ch.125 Vol.16 Ch.126 Black Hole Vol.17 Ch.017 Vol.17 Ch.017.6 Vol.17 Ch.019.5 Vol.17 Ch.039.5 Vol.17 Ch.044.6 Vol.17 Ch.044.7 Vol.17 Ch.069.5 Vol.17 Ch.071.1 Vol.17 Ch.082 Vol.17 Ch.083 Vol.17 Ch.127 Upset Vol.17 Ch.128 Penitence Vol.17 Ch.129 Vol.17 Ch.130 Vol.17 Ch.131 Vol.17 Ch.132 Vol.17 Ch.132.5 Vol.17 Ch.132.7 Vol.17 Ch.133 Vol.17 Ch.133.2 Vol.17 Ch.134 Vol.17 Ch.135 Vol.17 Ch.136
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