Tales of Demons and Gods

Ch.114.5 Subduing the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword (2)

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Ch.068 Returning withe Treasure Ch.069 Green Hat Ch.070 Passing By Ch.071 Alchemist Association Ch.072 Primary Alchemist Master Exam Ch.073 Masters Ch.074 Four Hours Later... Ch.075 First Exam Passed!! Ch.076 Amazing Talent Ch.077 Five Elixirs Ch.078 The Yearly Examination Is Coming! Ch.079 The Encounter On The School Field Ch.080 Ning'Er's Fiance Ch.081 Shen Fei's Challenge Ch.082 Fighter Apprentice Class Ch.082.5 Fighter Apprentice Class (2) Ch.083 Soul Cyrstal Exploded (1) Ch.083.5 Soul Cyrstal Exploded (2) Ch.084 Results Ch.084.5 Results...(2) Ch.085 Homecoming Ch.085.5 Ch.086 Shadow Devil, Merge! Ch.086.5 Shadow Devil, Merge (2) Ch.087 Powers Ch.087.5 Powers (2) Ch.088 Nie Li vs Deacon Yun Hua Ch.088.5 Nie Li vs Deacon Yun Hua (2) Ch.089 The Enforcing Elder Ch.089.5 The Enforcing Elder (2) Ch.090 Director Yang's Visit Ch.090.5 Director Yang's Visit (2) Ch.091 Going to... Ch.091.5 Going to Hong Yue Family (2) Ch.092 A single person's auction Ch.092.5 A single person's auction (2) Ch.093 Sky High Price Elixir's Ch.093.5 Sky High Price Elixir's 2 Ch.094 The Last Treasure Ch.094.5 The Last Treasure (2) Ch.095 One Hundred and Twenty Ch.095.5 One Hundred and Twenty 2 Ch.096 The Use of the Nightmare Demon Pot Ch.096.5 The Use of the Nightmare Demon Pot 2 Ch.097 Fanged Panda Ch.097.5 Fanged Panda (2) Ch.098 Apology Ch.099 Family Treasure Ch.100 Wager (1) Ch.100.5 Wager (2) Ch.101 Lightning Strike Ch.102 Outcome Ch.102.5 Outcome (2) Ch.103 Predicament....? Ch.103.5 Predicament....? (2) Ch.104 ...Close Win Ch.104.5 ...Close Win (2) Ch.105 Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist Shen Xiao Ch.105.5 Gold Rank Demon Spiritualist Shen Xiao (2) Ch.106 Victory Ch.106.5 Victory 2 Ch.107 Four Hundred And Fifty Million Ch.107.5 Four Hundred And Fifty Million (2) Ch.108 City Lord Mansion Ch.108.5 City Lord Mansion (2) Ch.109 The City Lord Is Coming! Ch.109.5 The City Lord Is Coming! (2) Ch.110 Won't Stop Till I Die!! Ch.110.5 Won't Stop Till I Die!! (2) Ch.111 Inside the Heavenly Sacred Border... Ch.111.5 Inside the Heavenly Sacred Border... (2) Ch.112 Founder Ye Yan Ch.112.5 Founder Ye Yan (2) Ch.113 Deep into the Sacred Border...... Ch.113.5 Deep in the Secret Border (2) Ch.114 Subduing the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword Ch.114.5 Subduing the Thunder God's Meteorite Sword (2) Ch.115 Ah! Soul Puppet Ch.115.5 Ah! Soul Puppet (2) Ch.116 Fierce Battle at the Corn Field Ch.116.5 Fierce Battle at the Corn Field (2) Ch.117 The Problem Ch.117.5 Cause - Part 2 Ch.118 Mysterious Book Ch.118.5 Mysterious Book(2) Ch.119 Ch.119.5 Not free (2) Ch.120 The Impassable Threshold Ch.120.5 The Impassable Threshold(fixed) Ch.121 121 Ch.121.5 City Lord Agreed! ( 2 ) Ch.122 Ch.122.5 Ch.123 Secretly Observing Ch.123.5 123.5 Ch.124 Ch.124.5 Ch.125 Ch.125.5 Ch.126 The Strength of the City Lord Ch.126.5 The Strength of the City Lord Part 2 Ch.127 The victor has been decided! Ch.127.5 The victor has been decided! Part 2 Ch.128 City Lord goes back on his word! Ch.128.5 City Lord goes back on his word! Part 2 Ch.129 Ch.129.5 Applying Medication Part 2 Ch.130 The City Lord's Mansion is Under Attack!? Ch.130.5 The City Lord's Mansion is Under Attack!? Part 2 Ch.131 The Black-Gold Demons Spiritualists Face Off Ch.131.5 The Black-Gold Demons Spiritualists Face Off Part 2 Ch.132 Luring The Enemy In Ch.132.5 Luring The Enemy In (2) Ch.133 A Decent Youth Ch.133.5 A Decent Youth Part 2 Ch.134 Reinforcements Arrive Ch.134.5 Reinforcements Arrive (2) Ch.135 Kill! Ch.135.5 Kill! Part 2 Ch.136 Nie Li's Unconscious! Ch.136.5 Nie Li's Unconscious! (2) Ch.137 Homecoming Banquet Ch.137.5 Homecoming Banquet Part 2 (Re-upload) Ch.138 Nie Li Arrives! Ch.138.5 Nie Li Arrives! Part 2 Ch.139 Confrontation Ch.139.5 Confrontation (2) Ch.140 The Arrogant Nie Li Ch.140.5 The Arrogant Nie Li (2) Ch.141 I'm All Ears Ch.141.5 I'm All Ears (2) Ch.142 Ye Han's Gold Armor Earth Dragon Ch.142.5 Ye Han's Gold Armor Earth Dragon (2) Ch.143 Over-the-top Sparring Ch.144 The Strongest Expert in The Holy Orchid Institute Ch.144.5 The Strongest Expert in The Holy Orchard Institute Ch.145 The Forest Behind The Institute... Ch.145.5 The Forest Behind The Institute...(2) Ch.146 The Universal Spatial Array Ch.146.5 The Universal Spatial Array [Part 2] Ch.147 So Many Scarlet Ghosts! Ch.147.5 So Many Scarlet Ghosts! [Part 2] Ch.148 Ch.148.5 Ch.149 Continue Onward! Ch.149.5 Continue Onward! [Part 2] Ch.150 The Secret of the Scarlet Ghosts Ch.150.5 Ch.151 Ten Words of Wisdom Ch.151.5 Ten Words of Wisdom [Part 2] Ch.152 The Village at the Foot of the Mountain... Ch.152.5 The Village at the Foot of the Mountain... part 2 Ch.153 The Silverwing Family Ch.153.5 The Silverwing Family [Part 2] Ch.154 Banquet invite Ch.154.5 Banquet invite [Part 2] Ch.155 Duan Jian Ch.155.5 Duan Jian [Part 2] Ch.156 Gold Rank Ch.156.5 Gold Rank [Part 2] Ch.157 The Seal is Released! Ch.157.5 Ch.158 Ch.158.5 Ch.159 Ch.159.5 Preparations Complete [Part 002] Ch.160 Ch.160.5 Ch.161 Ch.161.5 Amazing Physique [Part 002] Ch.162 Ch.162.5 Steamrolling [Part 002] Ch.163 Black Dragon's Flames of Fury Ch.163.5 Black Dragon's Flames of Fury [Part 002] Ch.164 Ch.164.5 Townsquare [Part 2] Ch.165 Ch.165.5 Black Flame Sword [Part 2] Ch.166 Ch.166.5 Flying Knives [Part 2] Ch.167 Ch.167.5 Ch.168 Ch.168.5 Ch.169 Ch.170 Ch.170.5 Ch.171 A Cruel and Savage Woman Ch.172 Ch.173 Ch.173.5 Wherefore is This Home? Ch.174 Ch.174.5 Ch.175 Ch.175.5 Ch.176 Ch.176.5 Peal of the Alarm Bell [Part 2] Ch.177 Ch.177.5 Ch.178 Ch.178.5 Roasting the Snow-Wind Demon Beasts (Part 2) Ch.179 Ch.179.5 Ch.180 Ch.180.5 Ch.181 Ch.181.5 Ch.182 Ch.182.5 Break in the attack? (Part 2) Ch.183 Ch.183.5 Long Range Strikes (Part 2) Ch.184 Ch.184.5 Ch.185 Ch.185.5 Ch.186 Ch.186.5 Ch.187 The Night After The Great Battle Ch.187.5 The Night After The Great Battle (Part 2) Ch.188 Ch.188.5 Leaving The City Lord's Mansion (Part 2) Ch.189 Ch.189.5 Ch.190 Ch.190.5 Ch.191 Ch.191.5 The Death of Ye Zong (Part 2) Ch.192 Ch.192.5 Miracle Healer (Part 2) Ch.193 Ch.193.5 DanDan(Part 2) Ch.194 Ch.194.5 Information (Part 2) Ch.195 Ch.195.5 Sleeping Together (Part 2) Ch.196 Ch.196.5 The Scarlet Flame Black Tiger Appears (Part 2) Ch.197 Ch.197.5 Seriously Injured (Part 2) Ch.198 Ch.198.5 Ch.199 Ch.199.5 Looking for Trouble 2 Ch.200 Trading Blows Ch.200.5 Trading Blows (Part 2) Ch.201 Ch.201.5 Shen Hong's Premonition (Part 2) Ch.202 Ch.202.5 Where Did the City Lord Go? (Part 2) Ch.203 Ch.203.5 Ch.204 Ch.204.5 Ch.205 Ch.205.5 True Intentions Finally Revealed (Part 2) Ch.206 Ch.206.5 Ch.207 Ch.207.5 Divine Fire Roc (Part 2) Ch.208 The Snow-Wind Spirit Deity Ch.208.5 The Snow-Wind Spirit Deity (Part 2) Ch.209 Ch.209.5 Ch.210 Ch.210.5 Ch.211 Ch.211.5 Ch.212 Ch.212.5 Long Sha (Part 2) Ch.213 Ch.213.5 Ch.214 Ch.214.5 Ch.215 Ch.215.5 Ch.216 Purple Smoke Stone Ch.216.5 Purple Smoke Stone (part 2) Ch.217 Ch.217.5 From Glory City (Part 2) Ch.218 Ch.218.5 Ch.219 Ch.219.5 Ch.220 Ch.220.5 Ch.221 Ch.221.5 After the Swamp… (Part 2) Ch.222 Ch.222.5 Ch.223 Ch.223.5 Fire Spiritual Goddess (Part 2) Ch.224 Ch.224.5 Ch.225 Ch.225.5 Ch.226 Ch.226.5 Ch.227 Ch.227.5 Ch.228 Ch.228.5 Ch.229 Ch.229.5 Ch.230 Ch.230.5 Ch.231 Ch.231.5 Ch.232 Ch.232.5 Ch.233 Ch.233.5 Ch.234 Ch.234.5 A Crisis For Glory City? (part 2) Ch.235 Ch.235.5 Ye Mo (part 2) Ch.236 Ch.236.5 Father And Son (part 2) Ch.237 Ch.237.5 Preparing For Battle (part 2) Ch.238 Ch.238.5 Ch.239 Ch.239.5 Ch.240 Ch.240.5 Ch.241 Ch.241.5 Ch.242 Ch.242.5 Ch.243 Ch.243.5 Ch.244 Ch.244.5 Ch.245 Ch.245.5 Ch.246 Ch.246.5 Ch.247 Ch.247.5 Ch.248 Ch.248.5 Ch.249 Ch.249.5 Ch.250 Ch.250.5 Ch.251 Ch.251.5 Ch.252 Ch.252.5 Ch.253 Ch.253.2 Ch.254 Ch.254.5 Ch.255 Ch.255.5 Ch.256 Ch.256.5 Ch.257 Ch.257.5 Ch.258 Ch.258.5 Ch.259 Ch.259.5 Ch.260 Ch.260.5 Ch.261 Ch.261.5 Ch.262 Ch.262.5 Ch.263 Ch.263.5 Ch.264 Ch.264.5 Ch.265 Ch.265.5 Ch.266 Ch.266.5 Ch.267 Ch.267.5 Ch.268 Ch.268.5 Ch.269 Ch.269.5 Ch.270 Ch.270.5 Ch.271 Ch.271.5 Ch.272 Ch.272.5 Ch.273 Ch.273.5 Ch.274 Ch.274.5 Ch.275 Ch.275.5 Ch.276 Ch.276.5 Ch.277 Ch.277.5 Ch.278 Ch.278.5 Ch.279 Ch.279.5 Ch.280 Ch.280.5 Ch.281 Ch.281.5 Ch.282 Ch.282.5 Ch.283 Ch.283.5 Ch.284 Ch.284.5 Ch.285 Ch.285.5 Ch.286.1 Ch.286.5 Ch.287 Ch.287.5 Ch.288 Ch.288.5 Ch.289 Ch.289.5 Ch.290.1 Ch.290.5 Ch.291 Ch.291.5 Ch.292 Ch.292.5 Ch.293 Ch.293.5 Ch.294 Ch.294.5 Ch.295 Ch.295.5 Ch.296 Ch.296.5 Ch.297 Ch.297.5 Ch.298.1 Ch.298.5 Ch.299 Ch.299.5 Ch.300.1 Ch.300.5 Ch.301 Ch.301.5 Ch.302 Ch.302.5 Ch.303 Ch.303.5 Ch.304.1 Ch.304.5 Ch.305 Ch.305.5 Ch.306 Ch.306.5 Ch.307 Ch.307.5 Ch.308 Ch.308.5 Ch.309 Ch.309.5 Ch.310.1 Ch.310.5 Ch.311 Ch.311.5 Ch.312 Ch.312.5 Ch.313 Ch.313.5 Ch.314 Ch.314.5 Ch.315 Ch.315.5 Ch.316 Ch.316.5 Ch.317 Ch.317.5 Ch.318 Ch.318.5 Ch.319 Ch.319.5 Ch.320 Ch.320.5 Ch.321 Ch.321.5 Ch.322 Ch.322.5 Ch.323 Ch.323.5 Ch.324 Ch.324.5 Ch.325 Ch.325.5 Ch.326 Ch.326.5 Ch.327 Ch.327.5 Ch.328 Ch.328.5 Ch.329 Ch.329.5 Ch.330 Ch.330.5 Ch.331 Ch.331.5 Ch.332 Ch.332.5 Ch.333 Ch.333.5 Ch.334 Ch.334.5 Ch.335 Ch.335.5 Ch.336 Ch.336.5 Ch.337 Ch.337.5 Ch.338 Ch.338.5 Ch.339 Ch.339.5 Ch.340 Ch.340.5 Ch.341 Ch.341.5 Ch.342 Ch.342.5 Ch.343 Ch.343.5 Ch.344 Ch.344.5 Ch.345 Ch.345.5 Ch.346 Ch.346.5 Ch.347 Ch.347.5 Ch.348 Ch.348.5 Ch.349 Ch.349.5 Ch.350 Ch.350.5 Ch.351 Ch.351.5 Ch.352 Ch.352.5 Ch.353 Ch.353.5 Ch.354 Ch.354.5 Ch.355 Ch.355.5 Ch.356 Ch.356.5
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